Rebecca Loves All Wig Lengths And All Wig Colors (Official Godiva'S Secret Wigs Videos)


Rochelle w/ Roots Wig in Champagne-R-

Cristi w/ Roots Wig in Champagne-R-

Cristi Wig in Almond Roca-

Nina w/ Roots Wig in Champagne-R-

Freedom w/ Roots Wig in Nutmeg-F-

Alana Wig in Frosted Taupe-

Tiffany Wig in Silver Stone-

Harmony Wig in Maple Sugar-

Diana LF Wig in Silver Mink-

Diana LF Wig in Red Spice-

In this video, Rochelle is joined by Rebecca, an avid wig wearer and Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant!  Rebecca already owns and loves wearing wigs, but she is always open to trying new wig styles and colors.  Rochelle and Rebecca talk about the psychology of wearing wigs and introducing wigs to your spouse, family and friends.  Then, Rochelle surprises her with lots of new styles and colors she has never tried before.  She tries short wigs, medium wigs and long length wigs, in every color from blond, to red, brown and grey.  It's so fun to see yourself in new and unexpected wig styles and colors and Rebecca loves them all!   

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Hi everyone, i'm rochelle, the mother of the mother-daughter team of godiva's secret, wigs and i'm so happy to have my dear friend wig and with consultant rebecca, say, hi, hello, everyone good to be here. So we are going to do a really fun video. If you cannotice we're both kind of dressed up, and so we are doing sexy, sassy rebecca - and i want to show you some grays some cool tones and a couple surprises that you don't know about and but we're pretending we're going to have a dinner party with Our guys we are dressing up because hey you can dress up at home. You actually have to go out absolutely little candlelight, some good music, some good lighting and, of course, some rhinestones, some bling. So let's get started and all of these wigs have been untouched, not trimmed altered, styled anything at all, just like all of our other videos. Okay, ready! Yes, can i say one thing please. I have to say i don't mind my white hair because it is so white and it has been for years and years, and so i don't mind it and i'm comfortable in it. But i will tell you this, ladies, that when i put on a wig, my husband's eyes just light up and he loves every single one of them that i wear and he will never say. Oh, i like your wigs better, but i can tell by his face when i put on a wig. He calls this my sports hair, because when i'm going and doing stuff, i don't put on a wig and he says: are you going to wear your sports hair today or are you going to be somebody else and he does like trixie by the way trixie and Champagne you'll have to look it up, and so just really quick talking about husbands, you know for a lot of new wig wearers, maybe you're one you've got a hubby at home and you are scared of putting a style on you're afraid he's gon na make fun Of you and um, so my suggestion for those of you and maybe you'll, have a tip or not whatever, but my suggestion is you think of yourself. This is your head, your life. This is your experience to have and create the way you want and many times our family, our friends, our husbands, daughters. You know they they only are used to seeing us in a certain way like they only see rebecca like this. So imagine when rebecca puts on a brown wig a beautiful one down to here, but she like fake it till you make it right and you have, however, you just own it. You have to own it. Yeah, take the step, take the step and be confident don't be like. Oh my god. What do you think? Do you like it? You can't you have to take the offense and have your confidence give confidence to the people around you that love you, because they don't want you to look silly and they don't want to be like. Oh, my mom looks silly, so you know what i mean you do and you have to wear it with that confidence of just looking at yourself and going. I look fabulous and that's that's how i love to just put on a wig and i like to get a little sassy and my husband likes the little sexy, and so that's what we're doing today right, sassy and sexy. So let's get on with it. So i'm starting from shorter to longer and right now we are going to start with our christy christie in champagne, which i know rebecca loves champagne because she owns it in trixie. But i oh my gosh yeah. I had to see this so rebecca hasn't seen my choice. Nobody does before i make a video with them. Look at this. Oh, my goodness. I love it already. I did nothing. Did i do something dude jessica, i love it daughter, jessica. Her mouth is like right. Now, oh my word. Yes, it's absolutely muted and i love that you just rake your hands through it and it's done. That'S it. Okay. That is a sign of a great wig yeah. Okay, let me fix turn just a little twist, a little bit to your left. Mark on my left: no, it's! Okay! I just want everyone to see the colors in here. Champagne means platinum blonde with the roots. It will always be with the roots jessica and i never around the stuff i never would have gone blonde. Ever i growing up was a brunette with a little tinder red in it all my life growing up and then i went white and i never would have done blondie. Okay, you make you make me want to do this to my boy. There we go sassy and sex. Now, no we're partying! Oh yeah! I have those virgin cocktails. Well, you i'll have a vodka myself, yeah, yes, but so notice. You know other wig companies you've got a style trim. Make it perfect. I slapped christy drag your hands through it. I really i could spend another minute and what i would do, but i know maybe rebecca. Maybe her husband likes this little long piece. You can always trim a wig, but it doesn't grow back. So we might just just a little bit. I love it. You know what i just love it to the side like that kind of over. That'S the little you know yes, so will it go the other way? Oh look at this for those of you that just want a really hot cut, this could be getting a little more naughty when you put it on the other side, maybe it'll be upside down by the morning. Will you laugh out loud yeah so anyway, i'm just showing you, because there are many types of women out there watching so just want to show you all the possibilities, that's what you do when you get away. Try it one way, try it another! Just play my daughter's over there nodding her head with her mouth. Oh, i should have sat you right. I don't think we need to do anymore. Amazing, i never would have see you're the pro. I would never have put this on me, and this is just oh. So some people will think. Oh christy, very you know for an older woman, very conservative, it's all what you do with it yeah so phenomenal. Okay. Now i see this is what i love that too love. So i might like i just fight my hair. Normally, okay, water, i'm just gon na make it pc. Oh i love it. Oh my gosh that is so fun right like we're not kidding. This is the real thing. Oh, oh rod will fall on the floor. You love me. I know he loves you. I bring a new wife to him all the time every week, okay, so okay, i love loving it. Oh that's the end of the video for those of you that aren't into champagne. I want to put rebecca and christy again, but the color is going to be almond roca, so i just want you to see these colors they are, is just a beautiful blend of colors and because i know rebecca has the courage to be all kinds of women. I really love to play with wigs with her this one's tucked up there we go okay, oops, sorry that'll happen as long as it doesn't go down here by the way i'm wearing rochelle. This is the way my hair used to be and i'm wearing it in champagne, but it comes in gorgeous colors. Of course, i think most or all the wigs we're showing today come in gorgeous grays cool tones, warm tones, browns, reds, blondes, grays, okay, sorry, technical difficulties with the earrings. Are we done we're going to rip them both off yeah about ready to do that? Myself? Perfectly matches her eyebrows, yes, perfect, tone, yes and look at her eyes pop in the brown. Sorry got it eyelashes all right, almond roca. I love that style too. I love that same style. This is still pristine. I mean i love the color okay, okay, i said style, but i meant in color i love okay, the christie just goes on and you you don't even have to do it. I didn't do anything to you. Just put it on and you can see this. It'S like you know, that's our wigs and that's why we don't carry thousands of wigs. We carry wigs that look real and danielle and i are the criteria, our employees. I we all wear wigs a lot and we really know we're not just selling wigs like selling t-shirts. We really really know what makes a wig or a hairpiece work for you and we choose styles and colors for the masses around the world, because i know there's many of you our clients from two to twenty to thirty to forty and more and they stopped buying Shoes i'll take christy and everybody done there. Sassy sexy it's, you know, of course those things are what's in your mind and i'm sure you can tell by watching the video rebecca is playful she's spontaneous she's, just amazing? No, but really, if you're open-minded to what life brings you then you have a whole different experience than if you're shut down and afraid of change right yeah. So it's just be open. This is not a forever thing. It'S not like. She would have this hair. The rest of your life, it's like wearing a hat change, the hat with whatever you're wearing exactly exactly okay. Now, i am just really want to see this one now this which i'm shaking is nina again in champagne, the same color as the first wig. So don't think because i'm pumping this up so when you put on a wig and it's full like this just start around the face, calm it down around the face and then play so nina, is really great because the illusion about nina wig is you blow dried? The front and then when you turn your body and it is curly and so the illusion is you have a natural curl, but you blow dried the front. So, okay, let's see so far, everything in champagne. I love you'll. Just take everything everything that you have in champaign, i'm going to get. Yes, yes, of course, so you can make it fuller. All of these wigs, i'm showing you are machine tees. That means, even after you wash it, and we have amazing shampoos - conditioners low alcohol, hair sprays, but you just use your fingers or you can coax a tease by using our brushes, maybe put a spritz of a low alcohol hairspray. We have just great ones, you'll love them. Now, let's say: let's just say you want a flatter look and that's just it. I can i don't mind fluffy and i don't mind flat and i'll wear them both ways all right. So for those of you that don't want such a full wild look, this is really pretty really pretty just around the ears very classy. Look to your left. It just looks like i did just right there. I just want to show jessica. Isn'T that pretty gorgeous just really nice they're, really a class-act cut? It makes you just look rich right right, it elevates our looks and i feel so elegant in this. I really do. I feel good and my husband says it changes my personality, which he doesn't mind. Wigs really do that, and let me just show you on rochelle: i'm just going to change my part, so just just playing with the wig and see if you like it, see what you like. I could put it back. I can put it behind my ears, but it's just playing. Oh just love, all okay, that is nina. You might consider taking notes of what you like. Okay. Now, of course, most of my clients are going to know what this wig is. I don't even have to say a word. I have this one too, and i love it. So, for those of you that don't know me, this is our freedom wig, the most popular wig around the world with all of our clients, and this color look spectacular on. You, too is nutmeg f, and this is the one that my daughter had no idea who i was when she saw me. Oh, this is the way she didn't recognize me it's great. It'S just phenomenal. Now i love the height, but let me show you just bringing it down just pat it down and you don't have to show your ears. So let me just calm the whole wig down again just a classy cut just looks rich, so freedom great. If you're going to dress up having some friends over whatever you know, i dress up when i'm going to get my nails done or i'm going to the market because sometimes there's nowhere else to go. And i thought i'm going to be the flashiest girl in this nail salon, because i need to let that glitter girl out, you know what i mean and freedom looks great in a negligee too. I'M just saying. Let me take that note. I'M speechless okay, but this is freedom now yeah just to show over the white yeah we can hide rebecca's hair, but i just want to show you around the ears. It'S just great. When i travel seriously, i take two or three freedoms with me. I swim. I do whatever i kayak my hair's wet right out of the shower. I put my dressy top on. I slapped my freedom on and dipped it just like. I did done yeah like all of our ribs. One thing too, that rochelle taught me living in a hot climate like we do here in in southern utah, is if you're hot go wet your hair in the sink and then put your wig on top and it's like a natural air conditioner. It'S wonderful and i've done that where my hair is wet, my wig goes on and i stay cool right and let me clarify, because i get some comments when i, when oh people hear that it doesn't mean we're we're putting the wig on over dripping wet. No, no, it's towel dried, it's damp and because our wigs are open wefted i mean you can put your fingers through all of our wigs, so you're saying it breathes and your hair will dry. But, oh, isn't it great? Oh i love it. I love it. Yeah! I'Ve got a video of me going to a fancy luncheon and it was so hot in san bernardino, california, i literally took the wig off i put went to the restroom put my head under the sink in the restroom and then i grabbed paper towels and i Scrunched it down put the wig back on, went back to this dressy lunch and nobody knew anything yep. So i've done that, yes, the hot the hot weather tip for the day. Okay, now i'm going to take you a little longer a brand new color that we're having rave reviews. This is a lana wig and the color is frosted taupe. This girl can wear any color any color. Okay, i think i have new favorites i've, never seen this color. I love this yes, frosted toe. Will you just lean in a little bit? Can you see you see the lighter the dark? It'S not gray, but if many of you are thinking about going gray, but you're not ready yet frosted taupe is a soft cool. It'S just beautiful and you see the way we have the lighter around the face. Look at this, oh i'm liking. This i mean i'm about in a home, run today yeah, so let me hide the towel. This just looks really i'm thinking. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Just look at this cut just very natural and, of course, all all colors browns reds grays. This really would be a good one if you're, if you're going transitioning from coloring your hair to wanting to go to your natural gray, this would be a really good transition, because then you see me with my stark white, yes and you could get there eventually, but This is a nice transition yeah now some people will have a little bang just go to your hairdresser. Sometimes i like to take this long piece, just tuck it around my ear. Okay, i like that, and there you go just a simple little tip, it's so natural. So i'm liking this sassy chuck sexy chuck. You got the sassy sexy down girlfriend. I know it all right. I love it. Oh, my god! Okay now i really have no idea which way got ta. Choose i'm not kidding all right we're going to go a little longer. Still in the wonderful. I know you know this wig tiffany and we've got tiffany in silver stone. So let me show you all. Oh i want to be you really. Let me back it up. Just a touch so the bangs again come long just to show you. I have the wig up just back a little bit because i'm not going to trim it right now, but i want you all to see the illusion and i'm not making any wig today perfect because we're not going out there's a lot. I have to remember at my age i don't always do everything perfect, but i want you to see and get a feel for the wigs, okay, you're really frustrating me, because i don't know which way i love this. I love this. I own tiffany in red, deep, called cayenne spice and i always say, but i wore it to my son's wedding and i was in royal blue floor length with the red wig. Oh, i felt like a million bucks this i love this pretty. Can you look to your left a little so we described danielle and i described tiffany like smooth in the front and a party in the back, because it's got just a little curl, it's layered and it's just it's just great right love it. So let's say we want to pump it up a little bit or let me first just make it flat, which is fine done it's great. It'S great. I love this uneven part and i just really didn't even look over there, but that's you know you. If you're spending more than five minutes on a wig, that's almost three minutes too much exactly for our wigs for our wigs. We, the goal is convenience. We want you to go to learn the wig. Do what you know you like and go live your life. That'S good with secret legs. So look now. Can you look towards me all right, you're a little white here, but i could just camouflage it a little bit. So if you want to tease it, you want it pumped up that works. If you want this fuller, that's what i love about these is you do that and it stays it just yeah and with our low alcohol hairspray just a little spritzing, so there's a little bit! Fuller love it! Oh! Am i crooked on you, let's see? Oh, i think i am a little crooked see caught me there. Oh, i'm not kidding right jessica speak to us she's pulling them all off. They all look great on there. That sounds fabulous. When you take my wig off, i have to tell you funny story. Did a elegant dinner party for six friends i had plant, i did had everything cooked ahead of time. I went in to to get ready. I was hurrying around and i slicked my hair back to put my wig on and then my timer went off in the kitchen. I ran in tilt with the kitchen the doorbell rang. I went and answered the door went through haul of dinner sat down at night. After the whole dinner party was over and ran my hands through my hair, i had no wig on it. What happened to it? Did you never put it on i've, never put it on. I had slicked back my hair and nobody said a word. I burst into tears. I said you, let me serve my dinner party with my hair. This way you go sweetheart. We just thought it was a new style because i wear so many wigs because you have so many looks so i have so many looks. So all of my friends just thought it was a new look. So are you telling us that godiva's secret wigs are so light uh? I thought i had my wig on. I went through the whole dinner party finished. The dinner party sat down to relax, put my hand in my hair and went so oh gosh, but see, ladies, let me just tell you: can you tell uh? Maybe i can carry off the wigs because i honestly don't care about? I meaning i don't care, it. Does i can do brown, i can do blonde. I can do black whatever it is. I don't care, i'm not. I don't care whether people go. Oh wait is that your real hair, if they say oh, it's a wig okay. So so, if someone says you're a church, rebecca hmm, i know you have short hair. Is that a wig? What do you? What is your response? I you know i've never had anybody say how would i answer that i just say i think i said to people. Isn'T this fun? I haven't said it's a wig. I have, i just say: isn't this fun? I love changing up my hair and honestly. I have so many ladies from church. That say i love your hair every week. It'S different and you just carry it off and it's just fun. People love seeing us women that wear wigs, they're, fun, they're spontaneous they're, not afraid to say yes to something new, and so that's that's a lot of it, but yeah. In fact, last week at church, a lady came up and said: i want that wig that you have. I said: okay, okay, i'll make that happen. Okay! This is how the dinner party was. Oh, that's cute. Now i'm gon na take you. This is different. Yes, i'm putting you in harmony in maple sugar, just because i know that rebecca is open and you know sometimes you put a wig on and oh it's not right, but don't just put it on and in a minute rip it off give yourself time to absorb It to take it on and to let it be you wow, okay, let's just look at this, i thought i'd have to do something. It just doesn't feel like. There'S one little switch, you do it there. This is her in her 20s. Isn'T this about the color yeah? This was actually my color and when i was younger, loving it wow, i'm seven for seven really and we didn't talk about styles. No, we didn't so. I just said to rochelle: do whatever you want, you know me. I love that. So maple sugar, it's warm so i've had rebecca in cool tones in grays in beiges and now this is warm and i really know it's because you have extra blush. You have a deeper eyebrow. Her eyes are light. Blue she's got a color, a lip color with a little umph, so very nice. Now i could pull it back like that, and i've never had a hair long enough to do that. Since high school yeah, which has been just a few years, you could put it in a pony. If you put the pony on the side, i like it cute earring. What more could you ask for? You know, love it. Okay now remember this is sassy sexy, so we close your eyes just a minute. Okay, i have no idea. So this is a lace front wig, i'm not telling rebecca yet what it is because she'll know it: okay, okay oops. So this is diana here, we'll just take the other one off here. This is diana open. Oh my word yeah! Oh my word. I never would have thought to go longer, so you don't have long gray, no, okay! No, i don't all right. I love that bang. In the front, just going right over here check that out. This is lace front. I have to look, oh my goodness look that looks like my scalp, so natural look at that. Oh, i like that the pc really beautiful so again it would be trimmed just at the bangs a little bit. Diana is flat natural looking a front just absolutely that's not my hair. That'S so that's the way right is amazing, right, so very, very pretty wow yeah. I love that wispy bang, all right. I can't take it anymore, so i'm done with rochelle right now. Give me give me diana put me in rochelle okay, but i've got one more for you. Oh you do yes, look at you, but ah look at that on. You, oh i love it. I love it. Oh my gosh look! This is the part. Okay. You have to see this because i this is my favorite thing to do so. This is a lace front, wig, okay! So, right now i look like wolf mary. You know wolf man, wolf, woman, so look i raise it and look take it up to the hairline. Oh, my word look at that it is so natural. Isn'T that great love it okay, one more close, your eyes again! Okay! Here we go, ladies and in in the sassy sexy realm. Okay, just because rebecca can okay, i want all of our clients. Yes, i can repeat after me. Yes, yes, you can. Yes, you can be whatever the color and style that gives you a tickle. What just i hear my daughter in the background and i'm dying, okay open up what i we could not let her if this would give her so much sass. We could not let her out in the house, oh my gosh, so we are both wearing diana lace front. Oh my word, red spice and oh, i didn't tell you. This is silver: mink, not silver stone. I apologize silver, mink red spice, isn't it gorgeous? Oh. My word so jessica. You tried the same wig on and it was amazing. Oh my word having just tried that one on, i know what sass it like it just infuses you with that. Yes, you have ginger's out there. You can have you've been blessed. All your life is gingers out there. You have to look at our jessica videos in amongst our 400 videos and you will see rebecca's dog. Will you just stick your head right in here? So everybody knows who you are okay. She has weight just right on here. Real cute, real, quick, okay, great thank you, so i also uh put diana lace front red spice on jessica. Oh my gosh, so it's just a fabulous sweet tool. It'S amazing! So you know you want to get sassy. You want to step out. I don't know about you, but i'm in sweatpants too much i'm in t-shirts too much and i'm a woman. You know like yes, you are well you'd, be doing that, but i can't no competition here. You win so anyway. I hope you enjoyed. These are eight different. Styles and then red spice makes number nine, both diana lace fronts. So thank you, i'm taking them all. Thank you. Thank you. Rochelle love. You bye, ladies bye. Thanks for watching. Okay, we haven't stopped playing yet the video could go on for another hour, so i'm in diana in red, spice and rebecca is in christy in champaign and we're going to switch in a minute just to show you different heights different sized women different coloring. So you love that i love this yeah. I love it absolutely love it. I just i mean i want it just nuts yeah i'll. Do that on me. Oh, i love it. I'M i'm the spiky haired! You know. Okay, all right, okay, switch yeah. Normally, i only get to switch with danielle, so this is a lace front. Any lace front, please be delicate in the front. It'S treat it like expensive lace, lingerie. Okay, here we go right: okay, ooh this just slides on like cream yeah, i like cream, oh yeah. Yes, i love it. I got ta get some okay fix it like domino's phenomenons, so we'll let you know we'll let you know what they choose. What rebecca chooses and oh, i can't stop. I love it. I'M addicted to wigs, it's okay! It'S a good addiction right. Yes, absolutely my new addiction, okay, bye,

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BG Ueberdenteich: What a delightful video , It really was fun to watch it ! Thank you !

Kitsi Dale: This was such fun to watch. I had to go and get my galaxy wig lol

Lisa Marie: Amazing video! She looks beautiful in everything! PLEASE Make Diana in Creamy Blonde!!

Jean Miller: I love the 1st wig. Love the color on her.

Lily Martens: Rochelle, you are SO personable and relatable, it's easy to enjoy your wigs! Thanks for making is all feel like friends ❤

Emay Green: Just wanted to let you know I am watching this for the second time. It is speaking to me. I have fine, thin hair. As I have gotten older, it has thinned more, plus I had c. 11 years ago. I want to feel attractive.

Kathy Sansom: Good video. It has been many years since I’ve worn a wig. We wore them a lot in the early 70’s (shows how old I am). My hair is very thin now and I am considering getting a wig. I would just be concerned about getting the right size to fit my smallish head

Greenleavesofsummer: This was the first wig I bought. I love it. But, It cost me $100 to go to a knowledgeable stylist to cut bangs (and tho I said not to take off more than that, she proceeded to, as she said, tie in the back to sides. I said, that was the way it is designed but she was persistent. It never laid right before cut and after until I washed/conditioned it. It’s some layers on sides, but I’ve smoothed it down w water or ur spray. It looks very good somehow. It’s a very tight, snug wig; I love that it fits; not skimpy. Can’t say that about the Alana wig. Rides up away from my face to always show my hairline.

Karen Lipman: You girls are inspiring and pretty in all of them

Marc Layton: They all look fabulous on You!!!

Linda Sanderson: How do you keep the wig on your head ?

Lari Bain: I have a few Godiva girls in my repertoire, but I wear Zara most of the time. Whenever someone compliments my hair, I bounce my 'do with an upturned palm and say in a low, conspiratorial voice, "Its a wig...anybody could have this gorgeous hair". People are SO surprised and tell me they never would have known.

Sharon Gates: I bought Alana in both Frosted Taupe and Silver Mink. Love both!

labchic: wow! for one, she has beautiful white hair! she looks amazing in all the wigs!! I love Alana i wish she came in almond spice -R . I have 2 Alana's. its my go to wig. maybe you can do an almond spice -R in it?? please!!!!! ;-) I have so many people compliment my hair when I wear a wig and im a fairly new wig wearer. sometimes i just say thank you and sometimes i tell them its a wig. especially to women who have thinning hair like myself. i always give them the info to your website. they are amazed at how natural the wigs look! So, i'm sending ladies your way Ro!

Melanie Deardorff: She truly does look good in everything but that frosted taupe Alana — wow!

JMK: Wow, wasn't Rebecca the best model. She was so open and so much fun. Have to say I LOVE her natural white hair, it's seriously beautiful and really suits her and I love how open she was to trying different styles and colours. Lucky lady as they all suited her. Lovely to see Jessica again. I remember her. You know how much I love you Rochelle, but the first wig colour kind of washed you out. You looked super pale in it and I wasn't really keen on it on you. Love your catwoman glasses though.

Linda Peterson: Hi Rochelle,loved this video.I think she looked great in all the wigs.She looked so pretty in Christie!Another wonderful video.Thank you!

Allie Johnson: She looks beautiful in every wigs you tried on her, it will be nice to have some salt and pepper sexy wigs. Longe, topper and bangs!

LookUpAndMarvel: Amazing review. Thank you so much!! Do you ship to Canada??

Adele Smith: Red spice is stunning on her.

Singerstylist Jennifer: Red Spice Dianna… makes her look 20’yrs younger and matches her energy!!

K E: The Alana in frosted taupe was the best. The rest looked ridiculous on her, like they were plopped on her head, sitting too high and in some cases the wrong color. When your face looks older, as mine does, darker colors tend to accentuate the aging of the face which I found out when I purchased a brown wig, even though my natural hair is brown. My face looks older, my hair is thin, but when I put on a brown wig it made me looked even older......the grey wigs made me look younger as odd as that sounds. She looks much better with less volume and more grey tones.

justlady1955: She looks beautiful in grey ones!!

French Classes from LogicLanguageLearning: I love Rebecca’s original hair! Cut and colour

Jean Partridge: Enjoyed this so much! Love Diana and Jenna!

Nancy Johnson: Her Nina sure doesn't look like my Nina." I'm speechless", that has to be a first for you Rochelle! lol Frosted taupe in Alana is beautiful. If someone comments about my hair, I always say it's a wig and tell them it's a Godivas Secret Wig. Because they can have the same look. They thank me as a matter of fact we went back to visit friends in MN last July and at the bank she commented on my hair. Long story short I had all my wigs in my trunk and I ended up putting all my wigs on her to know what she would like to order! We had fun. OK so I had to put my Nina on again and OMGosh I love it again it's all Tina Turner look! Love this video, I don't know when I've laughed so much. Thanks Rochelle and to your friend. :-)

Margaret S: Wow Rochelle, you look fabulous in this color.


Kathy Scott: I started wearing a wig because hairdressers kept messing up my blonde [orange over n over] I first bought Godivas secret wigs 'Thin Candice' sandlewood H .. At first it was scary ..Do people know etc?? but now about 5 years later my great hairdresser is back who never messes it up but I STILL LOVE N WEAR MY THIN CANDICE in fact just bought another . After alot of wasting money learning the hard way trying all kinds of wigs this will forever remain my absolute Favorite wig and I am 56 years young ! Godivas secret wigs are so helpful with all the wonderful videos !! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! K

Alterjunkie: Wow she just Rocked all those wigs, And you Ro are looking Fab as always Doll

Guided By Angels (Liz Harrison): Love this

Tricia Steeles: Wow I love it ❤

Naioma: Nina looks great on the friend! Diana in Silver Mink too.

DannyJane: While I really envy Rebecca's stunning white hair (I'm about her age and just getting salt & peppery) I have to second her comment about her husband's reaction to her wigs. In my house when I ask my husband "What wig would you like to see, Honey?" it's gone from "Oh I don't care. Whatever you want." to "Uhhh how about that short red one?" (Kelly in Razberry Ice) which really turns him on) or "How about the one with the silver front" (Freedom in Sandy Silver Declaration: There is NOBODY who doesn't look good in Freedom.) For husbands who get frisky at the sight of a new wig--BIG bobby pins, okay? And about that "looking perfect" myth: There ain't no such thing. If your wig looks perfect it looks like a WIG. Me, I pretty up the front and let the back do whatever it wants. It always looks its best that way and it looks like my own real, growing hair. I wish I had you to advise me now. I have a windfall and want to get my next wig. Spoiled for choice, that's me. Have a beautiful day making ladies happy and husbands happier.

Candy Chand: Wonderful, Ladies!

Jacalyn Squeglia: I love your wig Rochelle. I haven't worn a wig yet but am thinking about it.


Jean Miller: loved watching ... so much fun

Rosey C.: Ro, a lot of us do NOT have husbands at home. Some of us are trying to meet someone, and, we're afraid of the day they have to see us without the wig. Also, my grown kids are an issue, because I know for a fact they'll balk at the idea. Yes, I'll have to take the "offense" role. Hoping for 2022 to be the Year of the Wig for me.

Karena Adams: Another great video, what fun you ladies are having! Rebecca looks fabulous in all of them… enjoyed it so much I am still smiling

marlene kerrmarlene: she looked real good in the champagne

Empty Nester Homestead: I just order Diana SM last week. can't wait to try it

Kasia Fossa: THANK YOU!!!!!

Jacalyn Pillion: You women are great! Lovin it!

thecakelady52: Rochelle, with your wig length and the hair hitting your neck and shoulders, how do you prevent this hair that touches the skin from getting hard and crunchy ? This happened to me.

Resa Tobin: Great fun!!

sue kleinman: Rebecca's hair is gorgeous

Ott Gavras: ❤️

Colleen Masson: Wow...she looks hot in each wig!!

KimmyZ: I think Rochelle looks good in just about any style. However, Rebecca looks best in Alana or something with even less permatease. I think that most of these wigs look overwhelming on Rebecca's smaller (pretty) face. Also, her own natural white hair color looks best, in my opinion. I think she should stick with white wigs or something very close to white (unrooted). Her natural white hair is gorgeous and it's very IN right now. Too bad there aren't more white wigs in the chin length or longer styles.

Mary Landsmann: Cristi looks fabulous on her

Liza Rosa: You ladies look gorgeous sporty and classy. Fun girly girls party. Have fun but be safe. Peace.

Myra Briggs: Wowwwww

Gerri Gray: So glad u are showing more Grey

Eunice Appling: Love Christi on her

Adele Smith: It's not "my husband likes sassy and sexy" it's all about you like "sassy and sexy"

Aoife Kenny: She rocks that Alana wig!

Mary Landsmann: Champagne is her best color

pat stonecipher: I have seen many of your videos BUT WHEN I LOOK AT YOUR SITE NOTHING IS AVAILABLE

Agathe Fredette: Trop haute sur le dessus

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