Julia Wig By Jon Renau In Color 4

Patti reviews Julia by Jon Renau in Color 4.

Hi this is patti and cherylin again today, we're going to show you julia julia is a long wig, as you can see, it's layered beautifully and it's a monotop smart lace, machine made body, i'm going to put it on, so you can see how gorgeous this is. This is a synthetic wig and it's got memory. So when you wash it, it comes right back like this pull it up. Four fingers to your brow bone one, two, three: four: if you lose track and then there's that lace set it in one two, three four press and print, then you're going to bring out your little bitty hairs that we've cut for you now just look: how beautiful This is in layers. This is a wonderful wig because of the price point it. It costs a little more because it's all hand tied in the mono top with the lace, but you could do this for your saturday nights or for going out or whatever then take advantage of our sales and get the angelique, which is the one in oslo light. That'S cut just like this, but it's an osalite wig, so you'd have your workhorse, wig and you're going out to dinner. Wig julia. Let me show you the sides in the back: it's a side, bang! I love the way. The side bang does on cheryl because with this beautiful face - and it just goes so beautifully around her face under her chin and then this top layer - and then you get to this long layer in the back. It'S gorgeous julia cysterwig, angelique

LittleRubberSquare: I send you guys an email about a wig purchase about a week ago, and I still haven't received a reply???

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