Whole Lace Milla Wig (Synthetic Hair) Color #2 By The Janet Collection


Whole Lace MILLA wig (Synthetic hair) Color #2

by Janet Collection Price: $63.99

List Price: $92.99....You Save:$29.00 (31%)


# Length: approximately 18".

# Style: Large swirl curls

# Made of premium synthetic hair.

# French lace on front and rear, Mesh Lace all over- no machine weft tracks

# Hand tied and hand made

# Can be parted anywhere.

# Can be put in a high pony tail.

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was submitted for review by Hair Stop & Shop. Unless specifically

noted, all products were purchased by me. Any positive or negative reviews

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noted, were purchased by me.

Hi guys this is des thanks, so much for joining me today. Today I am going to do a quick, wig review for you. This is Mila. She is by the Janet collection and you can pick it up and here stop and shop calm. This is a synthetic wait guys premiums have been very versatile and very nice. It feels sort of like what human relaxed here would feel like what plus I really like that and, as you can see, she's very long, she's 18 inches long and she is a whole lace wig, and by that Janet collection means that she has the French lace. In the front and in the back so that if you want to use adhesive to hold her down, you can create a beautiful high ponytail and the cap. Construction is a constructed of big mesh lace, which is really very pretty. And I will show you that on the wig head as we get him into this video, but her name is Mila and this is Mila. This is her right here and she comes with a couple of pieces of tape. So if you want to get started and use adhesive to hold it down, you can do that, so they provide that. For you, that's really nice, I'm not going to use adhesives guys. I don't use them. If you follow me, you know I don't use them. I do have sensitivities to the tape and a lot of the adhesives, so I'm going to be using the combs. That'S provided in this way to kind of hold her into place, which is what I'm doing right now and I got a great big, great snug fit and before I get started, let me just let you come in really close, so you can see the hairline and The part line and Miele comes with her own baby hairs, so you can either create more baby hairs if you like, or you can just leave it exactly as it is and as you can see, I got a nice cute little part going there. I don't usually wear parts as a matter of fact. It looks kind of crooked, but that's okay, but you get a great part parting section: okay, okay, so I'm going to begin. Okay, guys! So minute comes in this nice storage box. This is a picture of her right here and she is in whole lace wig. She is premium. Synthetic hair and she's handmade and milla also comes with some tape that you can stick her on with once you get her if you want to wear her lower down. Take her down, you can do that and give you quite a few pieces of tape here now. This is a beautiful wig guys. This is a beautiful way. First of all, let me just show you the hair, and this is a this - is color number two. So it's just like a brown like a dark brown feels really beautiful and, as you can see, she has a beautiful curl pattern here and she's about 18 inches long. I'M going to show you the end suffers. My show you the lace. This is French lace guys and it's absolutely beautiful and it's extremely soft and it has some stretch in it, and you get that French lace right here in the front, and you also get that French lace in the back right there, so that, if you want to Use adhesive to take down your lace or glue whatever you use. You definitely can do that and you'll be able to wear a high ponytail so that that's really a plus and again it's the same French lace in the back. It'S extremely soft, I'm going to show you the inside of the cap. It is beautiful, construction, okay, guys. This is the inside of the way. As you can see, there is like a mesh lace that you get so look at that and you can see the hair underneath. You can see. There'S no web design here so that when you wear this wig, if you wear your flesh tone colored wig cap, underneath you definitely can get a realistic part in the front all the way to the back. So if you want to make like a part in where two ponytails, you definitely can do that and you'll have a realistic looking part in the back. Let me show you the front again. This is the lace right here and we're going to remove that lace right up to the hairline right about here now this week does have baby hairs, so you don't have to make them. If you want to create some more on your own, you can and again gives that beautiful French lace now emile it comes with two comb. She has a comb here, as you can see. The comb two verse has another comb right here and in the back at the nape of the neck, she has a comb there. So if you don't want to move her down, you can definitely hold it down securely with what the current want to put her on. For you right now, so that you can see how she looks, okay, guys, so I've removed the lace, and now I'm going to put it on for you well she's, very long guys. The Lynx looks nice and natural definitely is soft, but she is gorgeous. Let me just kind of loosen those curls up just a bit, I'm just gon na end up with my finger, I should say it's really pretty really pretty talk to this dye cuz, you know to get that toss to the site. Look, you really do need the length. This is really nice. Let me check out those baby hairs. Let me see if I can brush them down. I'M sure I'm getting a little bit of my own natural baby here mixed in there, but she does have baby hairs. That'S them right there. If you can see me brushing them down that been nice and short there. It'S really nice guy. This is a nice week. Let me see if I can get a part a little part here. There is your part. Okay, that's the part! I really do like her line and again you can definitely wear her in a high ponytail. If you tape her down or glue her down with adhesive, he laced that put the glue in the lace in the back. You definitely could wear this in a high ponytail. So what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na take some photos and show you guys different ways that you can wear this? Okay, guys here are the photos I promised you. This is a beautiful wig. Mila is gorgeous and she definitely can be parted very easily. You can create your own styles, as you can see here. The hair is really soft and it's just beautiful and bouncy and you can use your own hair combs or your headbands, whatever you like and again that part was beautiful. I mean she's just parted very nicely. So thanks guys for joining me, I do appreciate it and you be well, and you take care and I'll see you next time. Bye, bye,

SIRA: Thanks for your great review.  I've been looking, and looking for a wig that will appear very natural.  You did a great job of showing all the positive features of Milla.  I just ordered two!!!  Thanks again!

Tatiana Williams: Great videos.! You actually inspired me to try a full lace wig, I hope it turns out great like this one :)

Emma Booth: the hair looked gorgeous in a center parting! but also on the side! beautiful! x

AnOceanRose: The construction of the wig appears to be a very comfortable fit for any size head size which I'm tempted to purchase a whole lace wig. The style is absolutely beautiful on you. Thank you for the review and as always for keeping simple.

PinkyPooTV: thanks for showing the inside of this wig and love it on you

Princess Astrid: Hi Dezi, I loved the way your demonstrated the inside of the wig and the benefits of having the lace attached throughout the entire wig. Milla are doing an excellent job of making synthetic wigs look more real. Thank you.

Pamela Farrar: That is beautiful, I need to get my fabulousity back.

Elyse Crnic: you look gorgeous!!! you have such a glow about you :) im definitly subscribing ;)

BcPrettyGirly: Thanks for sharing. Love this unit on you

ladynefertitibk: Gorgeous!

ILoveToScrub: your skin is beautifl and so perfect!

Sincerely Nea: i love this one dezi :)

Piper: i love the look girl.

sistahonamission: Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing. Take care.

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @africanbootychick I truly believe that it shouldn't over comb or brush your wigs. Finger styling is a must!! Also don't over spray it. too much spray can attract dust and dirt from the air, and that can make it dull looking. Thanks for watching!

brnize1969: I really like the long hair on you Dezi

R Varoom: Gorgeous I love it

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @muchlovefromky Thanks for watching my pretty sister!!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @sistahonamission Hey Mama, Thanks so much for stopping by!! I appreciate it!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @majoshlin Thanks so much, and thanks for watching!!

Instinct: I like your reply to trinimessenger it really showes what kind of a person you are. It is so refreshing to run into someone online who does not have a hateful attitude most on here display. Thank you for that.

ThesPNation: I love the length..very pretty on you. ~sP

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @BrownieTee Lace wig are so much fun, I hope you like them. Thanks for watching!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @jaylin40 It's Beverly Johnson Remy wig, named Unity. Thanks for watching!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @TheMakeupvirgin Thanks Beautiful!!!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @Divaliciousmakeup Thanks for watching!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @ILoveToScrub Thanks so much for the compliments, I appreciate it. Thanks for watching!!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @elysecrnic780 Thanks for watching! I'll be checking in on you too!! Thanks!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @TheMissyPinc Thanks for watching!

Empress: it's beautiful, but is it as shiny as it looks??

Tracy Bass: Dezi u could do no wrong:)

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @rlynn220 The wig has some stretch, but I don't think it will stretch out of shape. I think if you use small hair pins, it won't damage it that much!!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @HighlandPark908 Yes! look for the term Whole Lace Wig. Thanks for watching!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @brnize1969 Thanks for watching!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @lolavex Thanks for watching!

lolavex: You're soo beautiful!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @sndanim No, it's not shiny at all!! Maybe my lighting makes it look shiny...lol Thanks for watching!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @pinkpornstar1 Thanks For Watching Sis!!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @AnOceanRose Thanks for your comment, and Thanks for watching!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @Tastylady01 Aww...Thanks for watching!

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @GreyWolfEyes1222 Thanks for watching!

jaylin40: What is the name of the wig in your intro?

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @ThesPNation Thanks Brian, the girls on my job love your vids!! They think you're FAB!!...lol

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @acapellavox Hey Brotha,Thanks for watching! Love Ya!!

Bunnix Doll: ...The fact.. that you say hair is a womans beauty clearly means theres something wrong with you. If our self worth is measured by dead Keratin then we all need to clearly reevaluate our lives .-. Hair, wigs, extensions, nails, purses, rings, jewelry are accessories. Our real hair is being protected underneath the accessory, while we use the accessory to show our creativity without damaging our own hair. ;/

Dezi1016 aka Désirée: @trinimessenger Ms Trini, You got it WRONG!!! the BEAUTY of a woman is NOT in her HAIR!!... Her BEAUTY is in her spirit, and her soul!!! and how she treats others. One might say part of a woman's in the type of comments she writes on a message board, or a comment wall such as this. There are many women who loss their, do to medical reasons....are they any less BEAUTIFUL?......I saw on your channel page that you HATE LIFE.... I love life, I'm blessed every day......so are you!!!

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