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Wig in the video is:

Pre-Customized Lace Wig For Wig Beginners

- LACE: Invisible & Seamless Swiss lace

- NATURAL: Pre-Plucked & Pre-Bleached

- SECURE: Adjustable Strap & Elastic Band Added

- HAIR QUALITY: Malaysian Virgin Hair


Hair Length - 16 Inch

Hair Density - 130%

Hair Texture - Yaki

Cap Size - Size 1

Adjustable Elastic Band - Yes

Bleached Knots- Light Bleached


Wig Link:

More Styles:

Headband Wigs:

Flyaway Tamer:

Edge Control Set:

* Protective Styles & Pre-Customized Lace Wig For Wig Beginners *

Website Link:



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So, hey guys, it's kay, of course, welcome back to my channel, so this video is going to be on this wig that i'm wearing - and i was sent this week from my first wig. So just in case you guys are interested honey. The links will be in the description box below, but yo do y'all see this so before i even hop into me applying this wig. First of all, this is a 5x5 and it doesn't even look like a 5x5 lace closure. This looks like a freaking frontal. Okay, like i said this is a 5x5 um lace, closure wig, and i have this in a yaki texture and the color of this. It came this color, so you can just imagine like this color on top of it already being like a yankee texture like i'm. All for it, then, on top of this length, like it's the perfect length, not too long, not too short wearable, you can wear it every day. I feel like this is like a everyday lift, but it's definitely the color for me. Okay - let's just get on to this wig now i am going to show you how i applied it and it's pretty simple because you don't have to like it's not laced from into it. It'S only five inches, at least so it cuts down some of your time as far as like taking a lace down and all of that so yeah we're just gon na hop straight into it, and i hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you have any questions feel free to leave it in my comment section down below alright, so this is what the wig looks like in then look like it's going to be giving me scalp. I love this color. So basically it's like. I don't really know it's like a brownish type color, but on the lighter brown side, um, and then you have like these blonde streaks going in, but it's like pickable blonde, it's not throughout the wig. It'S only like in the front, but i just think it's really cute now this week already came curl and then i curled it again, but when i brushed it out, it ended up looking like how the way it came originally, which is like this, so i'm just Going to hit the re-curl it when it's on my head, but this is what it looks like now. This is a 555, so they just give you the lace, 5 inches across and 5 inches back and it does come with an elastic band. It also has two combs on the side and it has a comb in the back with the adjustable straps. I'M gon na go ahead and put some um finishing powder just to darken up this wig cap a little bit so now that i have my lace, leave down, i'm going to go ahead and cut it, and i rarely do this method, but i feel like, since It'S only a 5x5, i don't have to cut off much lace and it's just easier. Oh, i can't see you hold up all right. So if i'm like out of frame or just work just because i got ta, i can't so so now i'm going to take this again and so and then i'm going to take my elastic band and stick that one. While this is like laying imma go ahead and put my part in this wig and of course you can't make the part too deep. Now that i have my part situated i'm going to go ahead and take this off so now that you can see my part, i'm going to go ahead and, like add some baby hair. So hmm you

DiggingHerStyle: The color and curls are beautiful! The lighting and background is giving me throwback pink room, Kay!

JouJou: I’ve been eyeing this wig for a minute. The color is gorgeous. I appreciate the review.

NIKKIA OLIPHANT: OMG! It's beautiful and so are you. Love your reviews. Congrats on the baby! Stay safe and take care.

MsPurplecupcake15: I love this color and style! It looks beautiful and your skin is poppin

All Things Simply Windy: The color...the side bangs....this is everything

Lauren Finesse: I was looking for this color for fall!!! Right on time for my birthday

Takara Thompson: All I can say is wow I mean the color the curls and your makeup! Beautiful

Jeannette nett: Very beautiful i love the fall color and the lip so gourgeous and the layers

Love Yourself: Yessss the color is Gorgeous This a Total Look Have a Good Weekend and Stay Safe

B. Oke: Wow!!! The color is bomb!! Fall time glow!!!

gina d: That's stunning and the color looks great on you..

shantia Kinnell: Love the look, I’m new to your channel, I must say sis you slay these wigs

Memie Carvel: The color looks so good ❤

KpTheG: That’s a pretty long looking 16 inch & it’s so full! Love the color

Porchia Smith: I absolutely ❤️this color and install Kay. I rally would like 2try this unit. The style even popping

Lance and Naya: This color is EVERYTHING

Tameka Watts: That color is look beautiful!!

Swankerella Beats: This install is bomb asf and that color its perfect

Royce: Trendy I love that you are back! I need a review on the best bob wig, the best golden brown looking wigs like INNA (maybeT27) from back in the day! Big and curly, and the best straight wigs!!! If it’s a synthetic / I don’t mind! I’ve been wearing Evelyn (straight synthetic unit) for years because of you!!! Ok I’m about to go catch up on some of your videos! Later!

SpaceBar: Beautiful. Color, style are perfect

Chalsey Wilder: I just love this color. I'd love a video on a dupe. Cause this company spencive

IsThatYourHairrr: How gorgeous is this unit? Wow, Kay!


Gaynell Glaude: Gorgeous Gorgeous I'm loving the color Yes I'm loving her

Fee Bee: Omg! You are so beautiful in this color. And glowing.

Stilllookingood58: This looks amazing’

Incolorwig: Dear,This hair looks very beautiful on you

MzDivaShy: Yes ma’am! Love the colors. Looks like only silky is the only texture on the link.

XOXO SHEBA: It doesn’t look like a closure at all!

Sheyla Dias: Where can I leave 1000 of thumbs up??? Girl, what is that?!? You rocks!!!

Leah Monet: Love this color sis.

Mara Michelle: This is very cute & fallish. For me, I don't like such a defined part like in this video. Maybe it's the color of the concealer that's throwing it off. None the less, she looks good in this unit

who who: 325 FOR 16ich!!! (In my Soulja Boy voice) ✌ U look fire tho sweetie

Kym D.: Gorgeous.

Belle La’reign: I loved it

prettysaintxx: Sis... You look like a fall #snack lol yasss!!! #badgalting period!!! ❣️

Cynthia Perez: gorgeous

Cynthia Perez: gorgeous

Shia: It was cute till I saw the price

ZsaZsa Rodeo: I THE COLOR

MariaHarris: That color looks great on you

kingmarkgod 3: Love!I know you may of mentioned before but what color is that lippiehoney?It looks really good with complexion and hair

Simply Satisfying: On the website it only gives you the option to buy it as a silky unit. Do you know why that is? I thought you had on a yaki texture.

Courtney Jinean: yeah I need bc THIS COLORRRR

Brook Haven:

LaMila Rosemin:


MzDivaShy: Is this light brown lace?

Nikia Mills: That pregnancy glow and hair color is

Dood Dood: This wig is so expensive

Tina Johnson: Yessss that color

Pamela Thomas: Went to the website for the same wig it states silky rather than that the same wig in your video hair texture???

chitara mazyck: Ok sus but what’s the color of that lip. I neeedddds

FanciBlendz: U look like Olivia in this video

nina miller:

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