Amazon Wig Unboxing $17 Wigs Medium I Bought Cheap Wigs From Amazon


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LEJIMEI Short Straight Wigs with Bangs Blonde Full Wig with Free Wig Cap

Short Wigs with Bangs - White Synthetic Hair Wigs - Full Wig

***Update 6.20.19. I just tried to look for the Platinum Wig again on Amazon, and it is now showing available! Try this link and see if it works!

Lady Miranda Brown Mixed Blonde Color Short Layer Nature Curly with Bangs, Heat Resistant Weave Wigs for Women (Brown-Blonde)

Blonde Tina Turner wig:

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Hello, i'm elaine the ninja life coach and today we are going to unbox some $ 17 wigs from Amazon. I ordered three wigs and here they are from Amazon and I'm going to unbox and try them on and give you a review on how these wigs look. I want you to know this is not monetized. No one is sponsoring me to do this. I just want to do it for fun today to just make you, ladies laugh. So let's just try this and let's just dive in and see what we've got. The first wig that I want to try on is this blonde wig and I got blonde simply because this wig reminded me of Tina Turner, whom I think is wonderful. You know she's an old lady, but she rocks that spiky hair. So let's try this one on and let's see what we've got now, this wig comes with a wig cap. It comes with them with a mesh wig cap which I'm not going to try on today, because these wigs are most likely going to be donated to Thompson Cancer Center. Just because I wanted to do something, give back to the community a little bit, but I'm gon na try this one on we're, going to look at this wig from inside out and we'll just see where it goes. Okay, this first wig has, you know stuck this little tissue paper in it and it's got the little black hairnet. Now I've got to say the little black hairnet and I do not get along very well sometimes and like right now. Actually it's stuck in the tag. Every time I get a wig and unbox it, I always have this trouble and I like to save these little hair nets. When I donate a wig, because you know it just keeps the wig looking a little nicer, but this is wig number zero one. One eight egg and I'm gon na give her a good shake. You know and then we're just gon na pop her on the head. No wig cap me tuck my hair behind my ears. Well, my glasses off. Let'S see what we've got now when you're, trying on a short wig, you want to, you, know, grab the wig by the back. But let's look at the inside first, the inside construction is there's a lace cap, nice lace, cap and it's got the open mesh. So it's going to be a cooler wig, it's not gon na be as hot on your head and it's got the little elastic straps to adjust. Now, I'm not going to put these the straps on I'm just gon na pop this on my head, one after one at one after the other and we'll just see where it goes from there. So she looks like a little blonde Tribble from Star Trek. The trouble with tribbles doesn't she little bit, let's just shake her up, see what she's got okay now you want to make sure those of you who haven't worn a wig before, and you want to make certain that the little tabs on the side right here on Your temples part, even they should be even this wig right from the start. I can tell you this is a smaller wig. If you have a larger head, this wig may not fit you. I have a small head and this wig actually fits me pretty good. Now let me put my glasses on see if I look like Tina Turner. Well, what a disappointment! I don't look like Tina Turner, but I don't think this wig is the worst thing in the world either. Now, when you put on a wig, you want to go back to your hairline with it. That'S where the wig needs to sit and with it having those teased bangs, it kind of you know you can poop it out a little bit and you can make it kind of Tina Turner ish. I would wet this wig down a little bit to kind of redo the the style just a bit, but all in all for $ 17.99, not a bad wig at all. So I would probably give this wig simply because it's not a real, expensive, wig or anything for what it is. I would give it a 6 out of 10. It'S not a bad wig. It feels good. It actually feels rather like human hair. It isn't it's synthetic. So here I am and all my blonde splendor dunk on it. I don't look at all like Tina Turner, let's pop this one off and let's go try the next one on the next one is a wig by lady lady Miranda and I have never I'm not familiar with this wig company, but we're gon na try it on See this one is blonde and grey, and I wanted to you know, just kind of see what I look like with gray hair. I tried it on. I tried growing my hair out the other the other day and it just wasn't something that I really like it with coral. So this one always also comes with a wig cap. Color is not not bad. This one looks like it might be rooted. I can't remember. I think this one might be rooted because there's two or three different colors in this wig, so that gives it a little more natural look. So, let's give her a good shake look at her well, we should have looked at her before I gave her a good shake cause. We'Re gon na shake her again, but she has constructed the same way. She'S got the lace. Cap she's got the mesh open mesh. So she'll be nice and cool on your head. She'S got the adjustable straps, the teased banks, which is a nice little feature. So, let's just see what she looks like once we pop around her head now I have to immediately put my glasses on or I cannot see anything except a gray and blonde blur. So here we go. Let'S see where's my heroin there. It is okay, so tucking. My hair in try to deplane tried to see what I'm doing and I'm getting wig area. In my eyes, this wig, the color, isn't bad color isn't bad for me. I don't know that I would actually wear this style because it's a different type of style. This is kind of like a deconstructed Bob. You know. If you get your wig brush out, you can kind of poof it up play with it a little bit, not horrible. You know. Definitely it's gon na make a difference. If I have on a wig cap, but it's kind of a cool little wig for $ 17.99. I don't think you can beat it. I would give this wig. Probably I, like the other wig just a little bit better. I would maybe give this a 5 out of 10, not a bad wig. This wig fits a little bit differently. This is a little bit bigger wig than the other wig. So if you have a larger head, this wig would probably fit you better than the other wig, so yeah, not a bad wig. Okay, on to the on to the last one. This is the one that I have been the most excited about, and this is a platinum, wig Platinum. I have never had platinum hair, so I am anxious to see what I would look like with platinum hair. So, let's open this thing up and let's look at it and see what we got now. This one also comes with a mesh cap. They'Re all pretty much the same. I'M telling you these little black hair nets are they're awful. I don't know I don't know about these things they get tangled up in the wig. They stick. They just want to hang on, like I don't know what they're up there on my wig brush they're everywhere. So let's try this. Let'S try this one and see what this looks like and we're going to check the hair. Here we go now. I'M thinking that this one is probably meant to be worn kind of as a pixie. That'S the vibe I'm getting from this wig and let me get my glasses on. Oh my. I look a little like Andy Warhol, but for some odd reason I actually like this wig. I think this wig might have a little bit of potential, and one thing I think, would help this wig and I put this scarf around my neck. Just for this very reason, because when I tried on this wig, I wanted to see if I could update the wig just a bit by tie a scarf around it now, the scarf will help secure the wig on your head and you can just kind of pop That on there and Spike it out - and there you go - this wig is constructed exactly like the other one wigs. It has a lace cap, it's a little larger wig. So it's going to fit your head. It'S going to fit, ladies! If you have a larger head - and I would definitely I would wear this wig - I have always been curious as to what I would look like with platinum hair, and this way I can see I can have platinum hair and I don't have to damage my own Hair by stripping all the color off of it and then going platinum, I can be platinum. If I want to you know, there's a lot of reasons why a lady would wear a wig, it might be because you have alopecia it may be due to chemo. It may be due to you know fun. You may just want a wig, I would wear a wig just simply for fun. To me, a wig is nothing but a fashion accessory. I don't know what the struggle is to have a hair problems. You know like hair loss or chemo. I don't know what that struggle is. I do have my hair is a lot thinner since I went through menopause and that's what got me in search for a wig, because I just wanted to have fun, and I wanted to do something with my hair other than just have it read all the time. So I started this search for a wig and I actually I'm going to do another video of me with my four crazy wigs that I actually had this wig. I'M probably going to keep because I kind of like this, and I think that I can actually rock this platinum wig with the right accessories and the right look. If you would like to just change one little thing in your life. Look a little different for the day or just have fun for 17 dollars. You really can't beat it. You will get 17 dollars worth of fun out of a wig, and you know what, if you don't like it, take it off, take it off and you're back to normal. Well, maybe not normal to me, but you would be back tomorrow. I hope you've enjoyed my wig unboxing hope you have a great day. This is the ninja life coach. God bless maranatha,

Julie Rimer: You are absolutely darling! You look so good in each of the three wigs. You make a $17 wig look like a million bucks! I think blonde and platinum hair suit you more than red. You are so funny and delightful to watch. Thank you for a great video!

R Brow: Loved this! The platinum looks great on you.

Erics Granny: You are a great demonstrator/model! I ordered three wigs today ( my 72nd birthday). Thanks so much!

J Smith: What a great personality you have. The platinum wig looks great on you!!

martha kemmann: YES, you ROCK that platinum wig!! You should keep it!

Marjean: That was fun! I'd buy these in a minute to try. I have 2 wigs that look similar and I paid$100 + each. Thx for the review, very helpful!

Benita Steffan: You are so delightful! I am a hairdresser and you were wonderful! Girl you do rock the platinum wig- go for it! You made my day.❤️

Shelley Marchbank: The platinum wig looks amazing on you.

Sandy Miller: Thank you, Elaine, I needed this video. I will buy my wigs at Amazonl. You look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gail Bowman: You made my day, loved watching the fun you were having with the wigs! And you look great in all of them!

Anne K.: Thanks so much for this amusing yet informative video. I order wigs from Amazon but usually the high end ones, $300 or more. I had no idea these were as nice as you've shown. I'm shocked. I love the platinum hair by the way. You could always let your hair go uncolored if you're white under the color. It looks great!

Tina Catwitch: Love the platinum wig, looks great!:) I myself wear wigs all the time due to alopecia areata. My menopause(i'm 51) has also made my hair even thinner. I do go for the synthetic wigs now, both for the price and that they need so little styling. I go for both natural colors and more bold like purple, green, teal etc and i also go for the long wigs. There is so much beautiful colors and models made for women of color and not so much for white women, def not in Sweden where i live. I wear my long lavender wig or what else to match my outfits. People has a tendency to glare if you has something out of the box, but i don't care. I see no differens between a purple dress or a purple wig That is the one benefit that comes with alopecia. But anyone should wear anything they want and have fun! Thank's for beeing such a good spirit and for great inspiration! Bless!!⭐️

Jayne Myers: The colour of the second wig suits you so much so does the 3rd wig. I’d definitely think about going lighter and away from the red

Take Control Beauty: I think this platinum wig is soooo cute on you ! I didn't realize amazon had wigs ! I buy and review a lot of Paula Young wigs but these are way cheaper ! I have to try a few and review them ! Great and fun review :) Barb

Storm ☔️ Goddess: You looked awesome in that platinum wig girl! My first time seeing one of your videos..... Good vibes and a great message! Hope you have a blessed day

MiddleEastMilli: This was so helpful! Thank you! You know, another reason to get a wig is for budget or time purposes. One wig for $20 is the price I would have to pay for a haircut and of course around $5 for haircolor. It is a way to get out the door faster when you are feeling ill or tired but still want to be presentable. You have me thinking...thank you! :)

Belle Stansfield: That platinum wig looks amazing on you. Thanks for the inspiration!! Look forward to your next video :)

weatherwax 8: You are so fun!! The platinum wig does look fabulous on you. I wear wigs as well and love them.

Mona Attianese: You look marvelous in the platinum..I'm impressed .these cheap wigs are really much like the 50 or 75$ wigs I purchase... I buy wigs for the same reason you do... you are terrific..and yes you do look terrific Gods blessings be upon you✝️❤️

Diane Harris: Love the platinum wig on you!! Such fun.... I've had years of crappy haircuts. Shorter than most men and not very pretty. I am glad to learn about the $17 Amazon wings. Thank you!!! P.S. you would be such a fun neighbor.

Joan Jones: the scarf makes you look 20 yrs younger....I love this idea! thank you for this. you are motivating do more wigs! love you.

Kathy Parker: I love the platinum on you! Fun-tastic! I too wear wigs for fun. The pandemic stopped my haircuts so the answer was wigs. All my life I struggled with straight fine limp hair. No more! If I have a bad hair day now I just switch the wig. Thanks for all your videos. You always make me smile.

Nyx: I don't know why this video was in my recommended, but I am so happy it was! You are wonderful, down to earth, funny, inspiring and so entertaining! I LOVE the last wig on you! Keep doing what you do and rock those wigs girl! I subscribed and look forword to more from you!

Tracy Bejbl: I found myself smiling the entire video! Thank you for that!

Katherine Chatelain: I just love you Elaine! So sweet and so funny! You make me laugh at times and I say thank you! We need more people like you! Have a blessed and happy New Year! Waiting for your next video. It makes my week! God Bless!

Victoria M: The platinum looks fab on you, youthful and fun, the very person you are!

Doris Kenner: I think the platinum wig looks great on you! I think wigs are fun to wear to. They also make me feel younger and beautiful. I think it is great that you donate these wigs to charity for women who really need them. Thank you! for sharing your video.

Carmel Sivets: Loved this! Both the platinum and the second one you tried look really good on you. <3

Paula DiGiovanni: I bought this wig the other day after watching your video. It's only my second wig, I just dipped my feet in the water. I have to say I love it too. I wore it all day today, went to the post office and grocery store, and I feel sassy in it! Love your channel

Yvonne Colache: You are amazing. I love the platinum wig on you!!

Gail Mattingly: Love the platinum on you ! Beautiful one you !!! Can’t believe it was $17.00 ??? Looks more expensive!!

Carol Carter: The plat NUM wig looks adorable on you you should keep it and you have a great personality Carol

Alterjunkie: You looked fabulous in the platinum wig :-) I was considering buying a wig at over 200 bucks but now you've got me thinking of looking at maybe going cheaper. these wigs didn't look so bad for the price. I used to have such thick beautiful hair but age and years of medication have cause so much hair loss that It has lead me down this path :-)

Sandie Caldwell: Thank you for brightening up my day! Loved your wig unboxing. I’ve been thinking about getting one, but not too seriously. Now I think I may just give it a shot! God bless you for sharing your joy!

D W: Love the Tribble reference. Two days ago I had my blonde wigs laying on the counter - getting ready to wash them, and my husband yelled, 'Tribble Invasion!'

Suz: The platinum wig looks amazing! Wonder if they have it on Amazon UK? :)

BJ House: Love the platinum one it’s so cute! I didn’t see a link to find it on amazon!! I’d buy it just for fun!!!

Evy Tapia: All those wigs look amazing on you! Love it! Thank you.

Elly, All things fiber: Thanks for this video Elaine. I had cancer a few years ago. Chemo took my hair. There is a society here that gives wigs to chemo pstients. Ive alwas had very, VERY fine hair however, I always had LOTS of it. The wigs were fun while I was bald. Im 63 now. My hair is now grown to top of shoulder blades. Still VERY fine shaft and not nearly, no where close to, the mmassive volume of hair I once had. Ive been thinking of going back to wig because I LOVE VOLUMINOUS HAIR. Your vid I watched tonight helped me decide. This time, wigs will just be fun. You touched my heart tonight.THANK YOU. I'm going to start having hair raising fun. Thank You!! Blessings, Elly

JEMIMA BROWN: Loved this video you I can tell have a great outgoing personality and it shines through. I liked the platinum wig the best and with the scarf superb on you. Best wishes from Scotland xx

Milli Denney: Great video, makes me feel happy, it is fun watching you trying them on. You look great in all, including your own hair but I agree with all others, the platinum is a definite keeper!

Amalia Collins: Thank you so much. Love it! I have been wanting to buy a hair piece as well. The third one looks super fabulous

lou bock: You are beautiful! I love the platinum wig on you!

Angeli Rohival: The second wig looked amazing on you! The color and style! What a fun video!

Rose Fredericks: I had never even considered cheap wigs from Amazon until I saw your videos and a few others. I ordered some (not same styles as shown here) and I am shocked at how nice they are. It's amazing to be able to have more than half a dozen wigs for the price of one high-end wig! It's nice to have both in one's collection. Thank you so much for doing these reviews!

Connie Gibbs: You look awesome in your platinum wig! You go girl! Enjoy!

Angela Tramontana: Love the platinum wig but you looked amazing in all of them

S ML: Yes! You look fantastic in the platinum wig! Thanks for the wig unboxing with Amazon. I am definitely going to check out their wigs! Susan

Sweet Pea: Honestly, I like the platinum wig on you better than your red hair!

Sonia Mushu: You are Great!!! I’ve been trying to find a “topper”due to hair thinning. Not sure if it’s genetics or the fact that I’m old lol maybe a wig wouldn’t be such a bad idea. The toppers on FB and IG are very different than described ... go figure. I paid a lot more for 2. Have a great day!!!! God Bless!!!

tri becca: Super cute ! IMO #2 looks the best but platinum is cute too - especially with the bandana.

Lela L: This proves that you get what you paid for. You can definitely tell the difference between a super cheap wig and a good quality one. These $17 wigs are good for costumes party. Something to have fun with.

N K: You rocked that platinum wig! Thanks for the fun!✌️❤️

Joanna Chan: I liked the platinum wig on you Elaine, suits you nicely Greetings from Melbourne Australia

Melody Grim: I really liked that platinum on you! That looked cute! I recently started playing with wigs, myself. I've found that you can find the same or similar wigs for as low as $6 sometimes on the wish or cute apps. But DO keep that platinum one!

PAMELA HART: How fun!! Thank you for trying those wigs for us! I'm losing so much hair after surgery and think I'd like to try a wig. You look great in them! Thank you

Cheryll Cole: I love the platinum wig on you! It is so flattering. I wear wigs all the time in different colors because my hair is so fine it’s a waste of time to go to a hair salon not to mention the cost! Hooray for your post!

Suzanne Dawson: That platinum wig looks great on you! In fact it's picking up the purple from your top. I wear wigs because they're so fun! One day, I'm a redhead, the next a brunette, sometimes long, sometimes short. I've been having a blast with them!!! And yes! You rock that platinum wig!

KJS FL: Thank you for the fun video. You look adorable in the platinum wig!! I’d like to say also that your message touched my heart this morning. I hadn’t previously viewed any of your videos and I somehow felt special and blessed by you in a way I hadn’t been for a long time. The Lord is using you in a mighty way. Thanks again. Meet you inside the Gate!

Carmen Morales: Love those wigs on you girl, you look awesome.

Juanita Reyes: Love you in the platinum hair wig!!! It suits you! Very much so!!! You got it going on girl! Keep up with the videos...just found you online...thank you for this! My hair is thinning now at 63, so this helps a lot!

Judy F: Thank you for this review. You look spectacular in that platinum wig. l It had never occurred to me to look for wig reviews on YouTube. I had been looking at wigs on Amazon on prime day and ended up buying a wig cap and a stand, but no wig. I have a rather big head, closer to 24 inches, and couldn't decide which one to try. But I have long hair and just wanted a wig for a temporary change to short hair without cutting my own hair. Google must have noticed my Amazon browsing and then sent me the recommendation to watch your video.

Anne Raymond: Love this video. I’m halfway through radiation and have been told to expect some hair loss. I spent $500 on a wig and don’t like it. I don’t know if it’s different than the one they tried on me that I did like or I’m just not wearing it right. I will go back after I finish radiation and have them show me how to wear it. Since we’re still dealing w/ Covid I don’t want someone that close to me right now. In the meantime I love the idea that I can try some inexpensive wigs from Amazon and might just the cute wig that I’d enjoy wearing that I was hoping for. Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

judith taylor: I love the platinum wig on you You do a great job with all of them!!

Jude Iz: You looked adorable in all of the wigs I thought the quality of the wigs was very good indeed. Thanks for this video!

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Roslyn Guenin: I love it, what a natural you are at doing this demo for us. Thank you, continue to make us ladies smile and have fun! God bless ‍♀️‍‍‍

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Helen Obaya: Love it! You look fabulous in all three wigs. I myself wear wigs for fun and protect my hair from all the products

Candy Champ: The platinum wig looks good on you.

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Alicia McGuire: You are so Awesome! Thank you for sharing your video! You actually made me laugh while learned a little about wearing a wig! With my thinning hair, I haw been considering buying one or two....and you really helped me with that! Thank you! BYW, you donEICK that last wig, you look adorable!

Cashflow Glo: Yes yes yes. Do the Platinum! You look great ! I love wigs too. Just for a change. I have almost waist length hair but at times I want to have a bob or go pixie. Wigs are great these days. You just need to know what to do with them. I e. U might have to trim the bangs or maybe you ll want to thin it out a bit. A hair dresser will help you with this. I ve been wearing wigs off and on for at least 20 years if not more. So Go For It. I ve played tricks at work with them etc. no one had a clue that I did not cut my hair until Friday when I wore my real hair again. Yes They Are Fun !

True North: Awh I was feeling so down and unhappy and I was watching wig reviews and I came upon you and I cant tell you how happy your fun review has made me tonight so thank you , and your accent is so cute ! Ps the last wig I like on you the best !

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BayBabyVal: THIS is the kind of content I’ve been needing!!! Absolutely ADORE you!! Much love and many hugs from sf

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