Color Me...Synthetic??!! Poppin Synthetic Wigs Under $60 || Bobbi Boss Color Lookbook

Color Me...SYNTHETIC??!! Poppin Synthetic Wigs UNDER $60 || Bobbi Boss Color LOOKBOOK

THIS is not your grandma's wig baby! Welcome back frennns let's get in to this UNDER $60 Bobbo Boss Color Lookbook featuring Bobbi Boss AUDRA, Bobbi Boss MALTILDA and Bobbi Boss PANIZ!

LISTEN! These poppin synthetic wigs UNDER $60 are ready out the box and very beginner friendly.

Pop this beauty on and remind yourself that YOU still got it!


Bobbi Boss AUDRA

Bobbi Boss MATILDA

Bobbi Boss PANIZ



00:00 Deep Dive In To COLOR!

00:55 Bobbi Boss AUDRA Out The Pack

01:52 How To Pluck A Synthetic Wig

02:17 Bobbi Boss AUDRA Wig Review

03:28 Bobbi Boss MATILDA Wig Review


07:42 Bobbi Boss AUDRA in 3T4/YE/ORD

08:40 It's Giving LAURASIA ANDREA!

09:30 How To Flatten A Silky Wig

11:00 Byeeeeee!

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Whoo, it's like taking a deep dive and some cold water. What'S up welcome back to the channel put my drink down, i hope you're ready because me i'm scared of we are doing another color lookbook today do consider hitting that subscribe button. If you're new to the channel welcome, my name is mika lynn, so yeah, let's just get to it. If you don't shut the hell up, okay, so looking at the hairline, you know it's, it's not the bells and whistles okay. So it's not pre-plucked. It'S going to be very thin up front. You know. If you want to push this back, i can kind of see that being a problem, because i mean it's not meant to be like a frontal type of unit. So i'm, okay with that parting space looks okay. You know it is what it is: um a little humpy, a little humpy she's doing the humpty dance, but we don't fix that um and i think the lace looks good, so yeah, okay, bobby balls, okay. So this is the part where we ooh and ah over the color, and that's it. Oh man, you know it's bad when you don't remember the name, so um miss audra by bobby boss, uh, so long story short this unit missed on a couple of things. I told you it doesn't have the bells and whistles you're not gon na have a frontal effect. Hairline uh, i put a little bit of my even lace, tint spray into the parting space, and i think it opened it up pretty good. However, i would definitely go in and pluck this unit a little bit more uh, the color is so bomb y'all. Oh, my god. This color is so vibrant and when the light hits it baby, we are getting prism action. Okay, i will show here things you've done and now y'all see. Why don't go this short? So this beauty is matilda in the color fl1b peekaboo, it's the same as with audra you're, not gon na have the belts and whistles uh. So you know it is what it is with the hairline, but let's talk about the parting space baby. Do you see how i curve that part? Now originally, i did try the middle part, and it was kind of it - was still giving me door vibes either way. It goes it's going to be on struggle street in this lookbook and i saved it for very specific reasons. This is miss pineys and it's in the color thl1b gbyr. Don'T even ask me what the initials stand for. So i know what juneteenth is right around the corner, but guess what so is fourth of july. If you want to celebrate both, maybe you're going to the theme party, i don't know can't call it um, but this is definitely giving me fourth of july vibes with the red white and blue now listen totally out of your girl's comfort zone. Would i go to target in this? No, you know what i'm saying it's. It'S vibing, it's cute for whatever reason: hey it's the sophisto ratchet in me. I don't know what to say, but i think it's cute. I just don't know where i would wear it um. I'M actually, okay with the color, for whatever reason i like the color, i like the color blend, you know i just feel like it's very harsh up here. You know it's like they dipped it and then stopped. You know what i'm saying. So i really would have preferred it to be more of an ombre effect and maybe not such a harsh black, but for whatever reason, the black with the white in the front blending into this - i don't know - i don't know why y'all, but it's it's kind of Working, it's working, you know what i'm saying and it's going to serve a purpose know what that purpose would be. For me, i don't know hey. Maybe you want to spice things up in the bedroom. You know what i'm saying: hey, god bless. America is oh whoo. It'S like taking a deep dive and some cold water. Okay. So here is the reason that i am coming to you with this bob check this out this right here. Hopefully, you guys can see it that is laurea andrea. So if you have watched her on youtube, you are so familiar with her slaves baby. I swear she is the queen of color and i never forget a wig. So when i saw this unit, it gave me that same peanut butter bob that she did a couple of years ago, but anywho just some specs on this unit. This is mlf641 audra. I do have it in the color 3t4 y-e-o-r-d, i'm guessing. That'S like a yellow orange gold, vibe ish, so i think for all of these units, my stance will be the same. The texture across the board is pretty silky, not really a fan of mine uh. Now, when it comes to the humpty dance that you can get in the back of these units, uh to flatten these out do not apply any heat baby baby. You will end up with a crispy crunchy melty sleigh. I don't know. If anyone else does this uh, you tie the unit down with a silk milk band or silk scarf whatever you may have and then have your blow dryer set to cool setting high speed and that should get rid of the hump. Now, if that doesn't work, i do also follow up with the nairobi setting lotion apply that tie it down blow dry. It bam. You should be good to go works like a charm, baby, second time's, a charm, baby, uh, so yeah. I think all of them did come out as flat as i could get them. Parting space looks good. You know. I do appreciate that these are like grab-and-go, wigs, baby, okay, no glue, no finessing, no baby hairs. You know it is what it is very beginner friendly. So you know, if you're not into plucking or the frontal type of effect uh. This is definitely a good way to go. Where i would wear this, i don't know why don't y'all, let me know wrong answers. Only drop it in the comments down below if you're interested in purchasing any of these units that you saw in this lookbook definitely hit the description box down below also hit up. My amazon storefront, it will have all of mika's must haves baby. Thank you to me myself and i for sponsoring this video, but, most importantly, big thank you to all of you for tuning in. If you want more lookbooks, more color, look books definitely give this video a thumbs up, don't forget to sub share and slay accordingly baby, but, most importantly, take care of yourself. Please keep loving on yourself. Keep yourself. First, most importantly, keep wearing it with confidence and i'll talk to you all in the next one, foreign

Meekah Lynne: Aight where we wearing these? Wrong answers only XxDon’t forget to sub share and slayxx

Jaymin: You can make the most difficult wigs look good. The colors were a bit much for me. Maybe you can wear one to a Halloween event or the red, white, and blue to a 4th of July event. I don’t know Meekah but I’m always pleased with your styling and presentation.

Robin Perryman: The red/white/blue in the thumbnail reminded me of a bomb pop. You can wear these on a cruise. You styled them perfectly.

BJ Jackson: Yes ma'am!! Colorful and you did a great job and the short bob you placed the part on the side... fantastic!! But I don't wear my hair that short either. Lot of fun with this review Thanks

T Hurd: Girl the one wig looks like a bomb pop but you did a very good job.!!!

Robin Perryman: That gold and orange with that makeup though! Beautiful!!

Tez's Gino: See, I'd be looking like the second act at the Barnum and Bailey circus. Clowning for days, lol! Yet, you work your magic and look beautiful as usual. Life is not always fair

Chashe’ Butta: Girl!!!! You are killing these units! Absolutely beautiful

Rilude: These wigs really said "we're giving you color and nothing else" lol

Caressa Renee: You slayed all of the wigs!

CC: The last one you can wear to a KC Chiefs game!

Teena Taylor: This was really fun! The colors are really pretty and you slayed them all. Nice for some type of photo shoot

Michelle Gomez: All I can say is you execute all wigs and make them believable.. You Rick and with the makeup

Carla W.: These units felt very Alice in Wonderland to me but the colors are so vibrant. You rocked them all. Maybe they would be bomb for an over the top celebration or parade. If my nurse had a big personality and wore one of these, it would be a conversation starter for sure.

pudden1986: Baby you can make anything work

Magikalblackness: So proud of you muva there was a time you said I wish I could do color....and now you showing off stepping on throats across the world Well freakn fear

lneal2800: Meekah boo! Thumbnail is fire!

Iea I: Meekah honey your so beautiful , thank you for this look book you look stunning queen

OrenjiOrange: These wigs will work for concerts or music festivals, or even a family reunion/barbecue.

Tina BlackberryRose: You slayed the install and styling of all of these colorful units. I have no idea where I would wear them either. Great color lookbook. Tyfs

Alisha Parker: You really do look good in bright colors girl

T Henderson: Nice look book only one I might wear out would be last one but hey back in down I would have worn every single one to work and changed it everyday with no worries

Medusa Ri: I loved it. It really good you. The eye shadow was nice too

Kie RaShon: oh you stepping OUTSIDE this summer I see LOL. The colors really surprised the heck outta me. Thanks for this review sis

Deva19xx Dee Jones: GBYR (Grey,Blue, Yellow, and Red) I love when you do these look books (that last yellow/orange bob was definitely my fav)

Silky Saks: Here for all the color and sophista ratchet looks The last look that yellow Orange bland is Staright killed these looks Meekah

Inni Baybee: LOOOOOOVE definitely great photo shoot units...I definitely don't know where I'd wear them either lol but they're hot

Sandra Milhouse: Somehow u always make it work. I like a pop of color, but those were like color explosions. They could possibly work for some type of fun theme ...Halloween, 4th of July

Shi New: Okay I need your skills Meeka. You did that. ❤️

trinia daniels: See your freakin beautiful already so these wigs r straight up fire!!!!!!!!! But not the love you.......

Queenie petite: Humpty hump yasssss lol . I love color and I’m not afraid of it.

Jackie Randolph: Hey Meeka you can wear them Halloween party. You are very colorful and lovely.

megajustme09: I like Paniz.

Antoinette: NO Ma'am not even to $1.25 tree. To To much but you did good.

OlenaRosanne: The song you did with Matilda..guuuurlAudra was my favorite of them all. The ombre on it is beautiful and your eye makeup look is flawless!!and you're right Laurasia has MAD Skillslove watching her too.

MARVA Gipson-Roberts: Sis I'm not quite there yet. You did those for real. Now one of those I'm going to order for my BFF. Can you find a Sista a pretty 99J please

Katherine Braxton: The colors ate so vibrant!!!


Monica Davis: Well you did slay each one Meeka ❤️ Is this a pride month collection? Maybe wear to a carnival parade or pride parade...idk ‍♀️‍♀️

Geraldine Bruce: New Orleans* Mardi gras

Diontrice Gill: Cookouts and pool parties

Elga Munnings: First

Geraldine Bruce: New Mardi gras

Latora Johnson: i love it

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