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I'M sick but just cause I'm sick, dummy that I'm not gon na look like a bad [, __, ] and curly. My hair said that you're not gon na look like an ugly sick, [, __ ] you're gon na look like a bad [, __ ] with a glueless wig, so they sent me a glueless wig. It'S funny how everybody think I'm faking my voice on a day-to-day basis, but when I get sick I sound like a normal [ __ ]. I sound normal. I sound like a thug [ __ ] a thug, oh [, __ ], look at these curls, oh [, __, ]. All right so y'all know that Curly me glue is wigs. You really don't need no damn glue. You really don't like his look. Look no glue! Nothing on my head. Look: it's cat watch this [ __ ] watch. This watch me squash dish, foreign

CurlyMe Hair: Direct glueless wig link:https://curlyme.com/products/convenient-virgin-hair-wig-glueless-easy-wear-go-wigs-pre-cut-4x4-hd-lace-wig?variant=43177717170421&utm_source=YT&utm_medium=shorts221230

Valerie W. Lovecraft: That was like a magic trick I’ve never tried a wig before but this looks great for beginners. I need one of these!

Sydney Morgan: your eyeshadow is

BamPowBoom11: I like your voice. It’s giving me Fantasia vibes lol

Kim🦋: Girl you slayed and love how she's complementing her self

Thelma Brown: You are Gorgeous and the glueless wig is incredible.

Queen Of Paintings: You was never ugly and i know its your voice they just hating and you dont need a wig or makeup i can see your beauty without it no homo and i have a kiddy voice they always think im a child

mekesia nichols: I need that sis!! Yasss! Looks gorgeous !!

Lauren McDougal: I love how you said I look good cuz hell yeah you do girl f****** slaying that wig like it was made for you

Kpop Galaxy: I am....literally stunned. Its giving, everything. Omg.

msknich0le: I couldn’t take my eyes off those beautiful pearly whites.

Internet Person: You're so frikkin prettyyyyyy I love your eyeshadow!!! Sending you positive vibes. ✨

Stacey James: I gotta get one of these wigs

stephanie Napoleon: Yes I love this wig

Shannon Bourgeois: You are beautiful

Kadiatou Sylla: hi I'd love to know what was the length of this wig...btw you look gorgeous

Juana P: Beautiful ❤️

Alice: You are a radiating star

Antoinette Troupe: That's so cute

Tammy Heikkila: Love the eyes you look beautiful

Moriah Abraham: Why must we continue to lower prestigious birth right by calling ourselves bitches when the truth is that we are kings and queens made in the image of a brown God.

Andrea DeFell: Beautiful, You for Sharing

Bunnyblox: Love makeup and hair

ramara wilson: Tht blue is soooo pretty ❤️❤️❤️

BrAve the HoodBrat: That wig nice I should do tutorials

Exotic L: You do. I can tell a contrived voice.this wig is bomb though

Tati S: Let’s see it without the FILTER

TherealPretty Purple 50: Tutorial on your eye shadow Please

Just NOISE: I still trying to figure out why ppl putting powder on their cap???!!!.... I've yet to see a brown scalp in all my life...PLEASE make it make sense

Andrea Hicks: Love ur make-up

lochiana otis: You sound like FANTASHA and your so generous hunny

SHAI: They said the same things about michel’le spells check.

Maya Veal: I like her voice I tried so many times to get a raspy voice she kinda sounds like Riley from the boondocks

Karla McLeary: Love your eyes shadow

10k TNk “MemphizMillz”: Cute❤

Annabelle Self: You look like doja cat

CynthiaBroach69: Yaaaaasssss Hunti!

Helen Rosenthal: Your too pretty to be cursing,

Staccs: Y’all never tag the people ‍♀️

Sped up audios: U sound like doja cat ❤ love it

Linda Chester: Does it make your scalp itchy.

Bella Raymond: Information for hair please someone.

Latonya Chambers: nice!

Denise Wallstreet: get well soon

India Shanté: Her voice is cute ASF to me sick and all lol

Boobie: They say it slides off.

Jamari: Ain’t nothing wrong with your voice the people that’s hateing on you. They probably sound like Alvin and the Chipmunk and that eyeshadow that you got on is giving and so is that wig

Lovely.TocaHaley: She favors Doja cat!

Jamari: Ain’t nothing wrong with your voice the listen to Those other people they voice probably sound like Alvin the Chipmunk and your eyeshadow is giving girl and so is that wig

Mika: Baddy with major nasal congestion

Lyric: She looks like doja cat with that makeup on

Candy Mbiya: How much?

Marie Clay: ❤️❤️❤️

no name: She sounds like Fantasia it looks like my cousin

*The Original China*: The clown eyes gotta go. Wig is nice though

AJ $tacks: I love your teeth

RelleYou🦊: I hear Macy Gray lol

jeremiah and kingson pro: Sounds like Fantasia

James Young: Is this the girl from police Academy

Naomi Martinez: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Amelie Remp: forget this blue

Caitlin: Does anyone know who she is like what her name on YouTube is?

totallynotmax: Earlyyy can I get pinned?

kyleeclark🎄: doja cat who slayy

Savannah Rivers Rose Amore: Michelle the singer

essence tucker: What’s her name

🛼LONDYN🛼: So you not deaf?

Roma A: What is a thug?

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