Wigs I Wore May 2022 | 10 Different Colors And Styles | Let'S Chat | Which Are Your Favorites?

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Today's video looks at a few of the WIGS I WORE in May 2022! Let's look at 10 different colors and styles. All the wigs shown were either purchased with my own funds or provided for previous review by WigStudio1.com!

Links to full wig reviews (some colors may vary)

BelleTress Caliente


Ellen Wille Barletta Hi Mono


Henry Margu Katie


Raquel Welch Voltage (WigStudio1 Review)


Jon Renau Maisie


Raquel Welch Editor's Pick


Estetica Jones


Gabor All The Best


Ellen Wille Icone


Ellen Wille Ferrara Red Vino Shaded


I've added chapters to make it easy to find the different styles!

0:00 Introduction

1:28 Caliente

3:34 Barletta Hi Mono

4:52 Katie

6:29 Voltage

7:02 Maisie

8:11 Editor's Pick

9:41 Jones

10:38 All The Best

11:46 Icone

12:54 Ferrara

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Front to Back: 12 1/2"

Hairline to Bottom of Chin: 9"

Forehead: 2 1/4"

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome to the wigs i wore in may. Okay, you know every month. I do this short little video, showing you 10 of the wigs i wore in the previous month. So i'm going to show you just 10, because you know we'd be here all day. If i tried to show you every wig i wore in may, but i'm going to show you 10 of them. These are all from my personal collection. All of these wigs were either purchased with my own funds, or provided for a previous review from wig studio one. So all the wigs you're gon na see today are from wig studio one also. This is not a wig review again. If you follow my channel, if you've seen these every month, you know i'm not reviewing all this way all these weeks. I'Ve already done all that, so i will link the in the drop down box below. I will link the video to all of these wigs to the full review which will show you outdoor lighting cap construction. Specs. Everything you need to know will be in the full video that is linked in the drop down box below this one. This is just for fun. This is just to show you a few of the wigs i wore in may all right. Let'S start off with belletress caliente in root beer float blonde. Now i have caliente in the hand-tied version. I have not reviewed it yet. I have not even opened the box yet, but i do have it and i have it in the same color i'm going to do a comparison of the this one is a lace front and a mono part i'm going to do a comparison of this one in The hand tied cap so stay tuned for that it's going to be so fun. I love caliente. I like now. In my opinion, i pulled this back in a clip and i because i want you to see the front of this. It has a lace front like i said it is highlighted around the face. I like that now this is just my personal opinion and what i like, i know, a lot of people do not like that. I, however, do i think it brightens your face up. I leave a little bit out, just like you can see. I did here and i don't know i just like the look it gives you around the face. That'S just my personal preference, but i think caliente is such a nice wig. I think the shattered waves is just they're, just so pretty they're feminine now. I personally do not come through these wigs that have these beachy waves again, my preference. I know a lot of people comb through them, make them really soft very, very feminine. I prefer the beachy way i like that. I will spray some water through this. I would just scrunch it just a little bit just to separate the waves with a little. You could use any kind of styling product that you want. I use water a lot of times, sometimes i'll use, sea salt spray, just whatever you have on hand and just run through there. Just like i'm, showing you now scrunch the curl just a little bit just separate it with your fingers just a little and that's personally. How i love to wear these wigs? This is belletress caliente and root. Beer float blonde okay. This is ellen villa barletta, hi, mono and ivory blonde shaded. Now this is new for 2022.. I just reviewed it. This is a lace front and a full mono top on this little short, wig, so fun. You can part this on either side. I like it that way, you can sweep it all to the side. You can spike it all up, there's just with that. Mono top. You can just wear this any way. You'D like now, it's getting warm down here in the south where i live, so i have found myself really starting to pull out my short wigs. I love my longer wigs, but in this heat and humidity i really appreciate some shorter styles. Now this one is part of the modix collection. Now, if you are familiar with that, you know ellen villa took elements from all of their collections and combined it into this modix collection, and i think they did a beautiful job. I have several wigs from this collection. I find they fit well. The lace fronts are nice. The mono features are nice uh, so if you get a chance, be sure to check out the modis collection from ellen villa okay, here is another new style for 2022.. This is henry margu katie and 24 18 gr. I just reviewed this one as well. This is a nice shape on this wig. I really think so, not too short, if you're wanting something, that's not a real short pixie, but yet not a long bob. This might be a good place to start really. Nice lace, front mono part here. This color is so pretty um. Like i said, i have a full review in outdoor lighting, so you can see the color outside be sure again, whatever wig review that you like watching make sure that person is showing you the color in outdoor lighting, we use these studio lights. They sometimes tend to distort the color blow out the color a little bit, and also it matters. What cameras people use. We all use different cameras. The monitor you're watching it on can also affect the color. So i feel like your best chance of getting a really good representation of the color is in outdoor lighting, so make sure that your favorite wig reviewer is showing you the color in outdoor lighting and, like i said in the link below of this wig, i will Have that shown in outdoor lighting such nice henry margu fibers? This can be worn towards the face behind the ear, just a really fun summer style, wow raquel, welch voltage in white mist. Now voltage has been around forever. I have it and i don't know how many colors it is a tried and true out of the box, throw on and go style, but they just have begun to offer this color white mist on this style. So i was so glad when they did. If you love white hair and you love voltage, this is your wig okay. This is jon renau, macy and laguna blonde. Now this is part of the nouveau collection brand new for 2022 basic cap construction. On this, such a cute bob comes down now. My face is 9 inches from hairline to chin, and my head: circumference is 21 and a quarter. So if that can help you to see how you might think this might look on you, but this has been such a popular popular collection for jon renau this year. It'S affordable. It'S a very budget friendly this week, especially like i said it's just a basic cap. I like the neckline on this. I think it offers a really nice neckline um, it's a little bit longer, as you can see. If you have hair growing down on your neck, this might provide that coverage just depending on how much it is. But you can get your hands in here and really get some volume going. Yes, it has permatease because, like i said this is a basic cap, but it has a beautiful shape. I think, on this style, really nice jon renau, this nouveau collection, all right wow, one of my favorite styles raquel welch editor's pick. I have editors pick and i think, seven colors. This is rl1022ss, which is iced cappuccino. I just don't know how you can go wrong with editor's pick. I really don't you know this has a lace front again heavily highlighted around the face, something i enjoy beachy waves. Again, just you know these beachy waves, i never would have thought i would have worn them. I have always worn short short hair. If you have followed me from the beginning of my journey, you know i lost my hair to chemo. I started with wigs. I fell in love with wigs and i just wore really short short pixie cuts, and then i started branching out a little and before you know it, i'm wearing every color every style that i can get my hands on. That'S what i love about wigs! That'S why? I'M so passionate about wigs it. They just offer us choices, offers something different. I wear a different color and a different style every day to work. I don't want to wear the same color two days in a row i like to change it up. I love having that in my life, so i just i just love wigs and i think editor's pick is just such a beautiful, beautiful style. Another super popular style, estetica designs jones, and this is icy shadow. This is perfect weekend here. For me, i think it is so fun throw this on with a pair of jeans and just let this be what it is just messy fun easy to wear basic cap. I like icy shadow - i like it because it has this darker, underneath it just peeks out there, which makes it of course updated and, like i said this is out of the box, throw this on and head out the door. I think this has gotten to be such a hugely popular wig because it is so casual. It is so easy. It works on most face shapes, so don't overlook this one. If you're looking for just a fun throw on and go have a look at this style. Here'S another fun short style, gabor, all the best and the color is mocha. This has a lace front and a mono top. I am so happy that some of these manufacturers are now making, even though this is a very short short haircut they're, giving us that mono top they're offering us, you know different styling options. We might want to wear this. On the other side, you can do that. You want to part it down the middle. You can do that. You want to wear this off your face. You can do that. It just offers you so much more styling options, so so many more styling options by giving us that mono top. I really like the nape on this, as you can see it really hugs the neck. I appreciate that in these shorter styles, this one can be worn all the way forward. You can tuck it behind your ear on both sides. Yeah gabor did a good job with this one. Okay, this is ellen villa icon and champagne rooted now, we've seen it all. I'Ve shown you basic caps. I'Ve shown you lace fronts. I'Ve shown you lace fronts with mono parts, lace fronts with full mono tops. This is a fully hand tied cap now ellen villa hit a home run with this one. In my opinion, i love the length i like the layers. I like the front of this there's just not much. I don't like about. It has a lot of movement here now i i tend to when i get up for work i put on whatever i'm going to wear to work. That day, then i choose my hair. I like to match my hair to what i have on. This is perfect for me with this top, i love this blonde hair. I just have a pair of jeans on today. It'S a super casual day and i wanted something just kind of shaggy kind of fun, easy to throw on lots of movement, and this is perfect. If you haven't tried this wig, i would encourage you to have a look at ellen villa icon. Let'S talk about ellen villa ferrara. This is in bahama, beige shaded. I love this wig. I also have it in the red vino shaded. So pretty again, this is perfect. With what i have on this just kind of little boho top this shaggy hair, the right wig can pull a whole outfit together. In my opinion, it's one of my favorite things again about wearing hair. I love to match my color with what i've got on. It'S just the best. It'S the best again weeks just offer us so so many options. This is a lace front. Just want you to see that this is the modix collection. Again i like the layers here. This is super low density, very low density, but you can run your fingers through here. Get a lot of body going on you'll get a more natural look, certainly better movement by just pulling those fibers away from the cap, loosening them up a little bit. Have a look at this ellen villa style? I hope you enjoyed this little video. This is so much fun for me. I hope you enjoy these as well. Please leave me lots of comments. If you do. Let'S talk about these wigs tell me your favorites, which ones you have what colors you have. Let'S discuss all these fun wigs. Please subscribe to my channel and i will see you next time.

Crazywiglady: I have so much fun making these videos, if you enjoy them please subscribe to keep this content coming! xoxo

Brenda Ay: My favorite is Editor's Pick, and although I purchased it over a year ago, I have not worn it! I keep "saving" it for a special occasion (that hasn't happened yet!) I think I am going to just go for it and start wearing it. Every time I see you in it, I'm reminded that it's just there, setting in its box! Yes, thank you Eileen for the reminder! I love this series.

Karen Fox: I truly love these quick what you’ve worn videos. I always see something I want to check out in more detail. My husband past away recently (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s) and I haven’t been interested in much of anything except for wigs. Got to luv them wigs.

Faith Vogel: I absolutely love this format! This is such great practical information. I do not have any of these but my favorites are editors pick, Ferrara, and Jones. Ferrara really interests me. I love a little shaggy, I don't like blunt cut, I don't like messy but I also don't like stiff so all three of these appeal to me. Honestly you are so beautiful that you can carry off all these looks. I'm a little reluctant with editors pick because you're the only one that I really like this on and I'm not saying this to flatter you. Somehow on you it looks carefree and not overly done up. I'm looking for a replacement for Jackson. Something just a wee bit shorter and just a wee bit more natural. A lot of what I choose depends on the colors in that line. So I will check out the rooted blondes in the three styles. I don't like overly cool and I don't like overly warm and I like light blondes with roots. Thank you again. This is so helpful!

PineCrone: Thank you Love the list! I reach for Jones (Lilac Haze) more often than not and am waiting for my second in Icy Shadow, backordered until 8/10.

Auntie Social: I am new to wigs at 68 after significant hair loss. I love how you love wigs. I love that you wear different colors and styles everyday. I love that you feel no self-consciousness. I am gonna go down that road too! After I bought my first wig a month ago I realized that I had stopped looking at myself in the mirror. I had stopped wearing makeup. I would clip my few strands of hair back and put my head down and do my errands and run right home. All that has changed since I found wigs. I feel more like my old (younger) self. I love this format. xxoo auntie

PJ Mundy: I love these segments, so fun to watch. Look forward to them. THANKS!

Linda Merrifield: I love, love, LOVE these videos! If I looked as good as you in Editor’s Pick in that color I would weld it to my head and NEVER take it off! You are beautiful!

TIme Enough: Fun fun video, love this format! Love the last E W wig…had not seen that one. I have yet to try a Caliente but like that a lot too. I have Jones in 1488 …you go girl in that punk rock icy color! Thanks for sharing! Every woman should own a dozen wigs…at the very least!

Lynda Ryan: Thank you for all of the videos you do for us wig wearers so much! You are much an amazing young lady! Beautiful inside and out!❤️❤️

Frankie Lee: I particularly enjoy watching these monthly overview videos. Always helpful to see multiple wigs “in action”. P.S. I’m looking for earrings just like you’re wearing. Any info is much appreciated.

Margaret Tassey: Love seeing all these wigs together. Still struggling to find a good summer wig. You always give me some to think about.

Olivina Richmond: Love Editor's Pick and Caliente. I think your reviews are great. I was just a bit concerned about the Jones, as you could see the label when the hair was lifted. Would you see it and the wefts, if it was windy?

Susan R-F: I love your mini reviews and there are always at least 3 that I want to get. Next on my list is Caliente in that RBFB, I think

Voncille Carlson: Bartlett a is going to be my next wig! It’s so cute!

Sherry Davis: Omg! I'm going to be looking at Ellen Willa Ferrara. I love e it! She looks gorgeous on you! Thank you so much showing us your wigs.❤❤

Lee Ann Lowery: Love these videos but I keep adding wigs to my wish list!

Lonnie C: Great reviews. I have Editor’s pic in SS shaded biscuit and iced pumpkin spice

Clara: I really enjoy your enthusiasm for wigs let's celebrate

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