Under $20 Best Affordable Synthetic Wigpop Bang Wig ?! Outre Wigpop Brynlee Wig

Today I am reviewing Outre Wigpop Synthetic Hair Wig - BRYNLEE in 2 colors DR Hazelnut Brown and color 2! This is a easy affordable yaki textured bang wig. Find out my thoughts

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Y'All this wig right here this way right here, y'all need this wig. I oh I love it. What'S up y'all welcome back to my channel, I'm gon na try to make this quick cause. I got to go. This is the perfect wig. If you need to go like me, my kids are waiting for me and I'm gon na. Do this wig review real, quick, I'm gon na show y'all about that. Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this anyway? I'M going to show y'all about this wig from utre. This wig pop wig gon na show you guys two different colors in this wig or this color. It'S a full synthetic wig. It'S not much to tell y'all it's a hat, wig! It'S a plop and go it's like pop pop pop on your head and go I'ma. Tell you how I feel, but you can tell, by the smiles that wig get a video a thumbs up for me before we get started and uh hit that subscribe button. All right, y'all, so we're gon na make this fast we're gon na make this quick we're gon na make this easy. This wig right here. I have already worn this wig. I wore the black wig out and I know it's quick. It'S simple! It'S easy! My kids are waiting for me, I'm supposed to take them out. Y'All know they out for the holidays and stuff. So this is one of those wigs that you put on your head and you go and I'm so excited about this way because, like I said I wore this wig already, so this wig is from the utre wig pop collection, if you're not familiar with this collection, This is the most beginner friendly collection. That utre has. I think, in my opinion, a wig that you literally plop on your head and you go so this is a synthetic wig and it's a full synthetic wig. It'S no lace. It'S literally like a hat wig. I call them hat wigs because you plop it on your head and go, but some wigs like this look Wiggy and they don't look right and when I first reviewed a wig pop collection wig, I think last year or the year before that it was okay. But I wasn't feeling the texture. It just wasn't that special, but I feel like the wig pop up is coming along after I reviewed Jazz Maya, I believe that's her name jasmaya that wig sold me. It got to my heart. The texture was nice. The curls were nice, it was nice, so this one I have two colors the Dr hazelnut Brown and I also have a number two color. It'S 24 inches. You get a lot of nice, pretty colors. The one on the stock card is that copper, Ginger color, but I wanted to bring y'all options because y'all gon na see this color a lot you know, but we need to see options. The first one I'm going to start off with. Is this hazelnut brown color? This is what the wig is looking like. It'S this nice Yaki texture and she is gorgeous it's giving me Jazz, Maya, Vibes, basically just straighter and without the curls, so you won't get lace in the middle. Maybe if they start improving these wigs this little circle, if they give us a little bit of lace that that could help you know, make it look a little bit more realistic, just a little bit of just like this much lace but other than that you're gon Na get these bangs. This is what the cap is. Looking like, you get two combs in the front one right here, one in the back and this nice flowy texture. So are you guys? Okay, because I'm feeling good, I'm feeling really good? Like I said, my kids are waiting for me, so I need to hurry up and make this quick. This is what she's looking like out the pack really flowy, Pretty wig y'all. I I'm excited because I already tried her on, and this is what she's looking like fresh out the fact. So I got this color just to kind of test myself. You know y'all know I like blonde, but I wanted to just. I just want to be different. Like I'm tired of seeing the same colors all the time, so this bang right here is really really pretty you're gon na get like this nice, Chinese bang. And it's like it's not too blunt and I like that, if it's too far down just pull the wig back like this guys, all right and I line it up with the air tabs on the side and I pull it down and that's it. That'S it y'all like look at that. Look at the layers in this wig. Everything about this wig is so pretty. I love the curtain bangs on this wig and I just love how flowy she is. She is cute now the one that sold me is the number two which stay tuned. I'M gon na show you all that, but I need to show y'all color options, but this one is cute. I really do like this one, I'm actually considering and going in and getting the shorter one. I think her name is Regina because that's more of an everyday length, but this is 24 inches. So this is what she's looking like and then in the back. The texture feels amazing she's, really pretty you see what I'm talking about with the no lace. So I love the Dark Root and I love the fact that it's going into this blonde and it's not too harsh - it's like a golden Amber blonde. So let me go ahead and put on that number two and wrap it up. Oh we're back y'all this wig right here. This wig right here y'all need this leg. I oh I love it. This wig is so pretty y'all. My mirror is right here. My monitor's right there that's why I keep like looking down. Look at the side. I got ta make sure everything's lined up for y'all. This is the number two color and, like I said, I wore this wig already I wore this wig already. My kids are waiting for me. This is the perfect put on your head. I need to go to Walmart. I need to go to Target. I need to go shopping. I need to go to Costco. I need to go. Take my kids somewhere, real, quick wig. This is that wig. I love this wig. The cap feels good on this wig. It'S not too small. I think if you just go in with a wig grip, which I don't have you'll be fine, but it's a hat wig, so she ain't going nowhere. She she she's not going anywhere you put on your head and you go. I love the fact that the texture on this wig still feels good. I wore this wig out for a couple hours already a few days ago, and I didn't have any issues with this. Wig tangling these wig pop, oh, oh she's, she's, shedding a little bit. I think I pulled it too hard, but this wig pop collection is getting better. Ultra is good on improving their wigs when we give them feedback, and this texture is a beautiful blown out. 4C, texture wig. I love this Wig. It has definitely giving me jasmaya, but not as thick. It'S giving me like blown out texture Vibes. Now I did go in and I use a very little very little wig spray just to kind of brush her out. You know help with the tangles, but overall y'all like like look at these layers. Look at these layers in here like come on now. This wig is perfect I'll make excited because I've been installing wigs all day about to put a wig on my head and just go. This is great. I really like this wig. This wig is under 20. I think she is perfect. I think she is so worth it. I'M really happy that the wig pop collection has improved they're, giving us textures it's not too silky. It'S not too synthetic. It'S real, my hair Vibes and I'm here for it. I'M gon na get the shorter one because I feel like that's more every day, but this is still cute too 24 inches because, like I said, I'm running out the house anyway, I'm rambling and I got ta, go these kids getting on me. It says you could curl this wig. You need to curl this wig. This come on now you're doing too much now. Let me know what y'all think about this wig drop me. Some comments down below hit that subscribe button and until next time I'm gon na talk to y'all later

Miss Khrissy: We GOT ANOTHER ONE! What do you all think? Do we like?

OlenaRosanne: This is looking like you had your hair wrapped, combed it out, and then ready to go on about your business!Straight up effortless. And I love the texture & layers. It’s beautiful!!

Latrice Michelle: Perfect throw on and go wig. Love the style and both colors look great on you. I like how beginner friendly it is too. I’m sure the shorter length will be just as cute. Tfs

Tykesha J: Happy New Year Khrissy I loveeee easy no work wigs!!! This is def a must bc I’m quick to put a scarf or turban on and I can easily put this on I love that the texture isn’t too silky

M Lowery: Happy New Year! I've been waiting for reviews on this unit. I love layered bang wigs but have never had one that checked all the boxes. They typically look wiggy and synthetic. I was curious as to if outre would get it right. This one seems to be the closet I've seen and it's going at some pretty low prices out there. Thanks for the review. Wishing you much success in the new year.

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Happy New Year Khrissy Yes this is that I just got my hair blown out/pressed everyday wig! I love it … she’s very pretty and I already been eyeing this one definitely a must have ❤️‍❤️‍

Teena Taylor: You already sold me with Jasmiyah, I got her in that ginger brown color lol. Now I'm getting this one next, I love the texture and layers I just wish it had a part in the crown like Jasmiyah. Still a winner, literally throw on and slay!

Tina BlackberryRose: Definitely going to purchase this one ♥️ a throw on and go. ♥️ the banged style and texture. I really love the blond on you So Pretty. Tyfs✨✨

wigsandwanderlust: She looks sooo good on you!!!!❤❤❤

Debbie Barrow: Brynlee is very pretty just not keen on the scalp top etc

Prettieface Productions: Okk I have eyes here since she dropped but I didn’t want to waste my coin so you sold me

Tracey Boyland: Hello Miss Khrissy Happy New Year

Sammy Da Goat: Fourth Comment

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