I Bought Cheap Wigs From The Wish App!

Hey guys! Today is another wig video that I've been super excited to do! Thank you so much for watching!

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today we have a special video. I went to this little thing called the wish app and I bought some wigs for you guys. I have a lot of wigs and I love wigs, but I was like ok. I love these videos, people showing me like their wigs and like their fails from the wish app, and I figured why not try it and there's so many horror stories about like it. Coming like 2 months late honestly, I got 6 things they all literally came within. Like 2 weeks, which is pretty good, I mean coming all the way from China, but um yeah. These are all from different sellers, they're, all very different wigs. I tried to diversify. It ignore my hair. This is like my about to go in a wig hair, um yeah, like I said, I have six wigs here, um, here's the rest, so we're just to get right into this. Oh yeah. The first way that I have here is the orange wig. This is the only lace front, wig that I got. This was $ 27 and $ 10 shipping. So altogether this was 37 dollars, which was the most money I spent on the app first away. It'S so good for at least friend I got a wig cap with this one, but I got orange because I don't know I kind of just wanted another orange wig, because I think I look good in orange. Okay, it's in this little netting here she is breaking any one of those brushes, I'm just gon na brush down really fast, because this is like messed up. She is orange girl. She is are so. This is a lace front as promised it is a pretty good lace front. I mean I'm really not mad at it, but the colors like super duper orange um. It'S pretty long. It'S honestly like a really good wig like it's super thick. I have no complaints, yet, let's just put the darn thing on it has three clips on the inside. It has a head band, clip thing or I don't know what they're called but um yeah. I'M gon na put this on and I'll see you guys when it's gone. Oh, my god guys. It just took you forever to like cut the lace on this and stuff, but I'm like a living for the UM thickness of this. It'S like, I want to straighten it, but it's so thick and uh no shedding so far. Oh there's a little bit shedding, but let's see if it gets worse, I'm gon na show you guys, like the lace front, a little bit up close. So that's what she's! Looking like, I definitely messed up a little bit on cutting it, as you can see like over there like that down, but I don't glue it on my wigs. The lace front is not even that bad like. Let me pull it down a little bit. Let'S be honest, guys like for a wish, Oh for a wish, app wig! Sorry if you hear my sister playing for a night, but this is not even bad at all - I'm literally not mad at this, like, if you guys are mad at this. Let me know down below. I don't know how to say about this. This is when I was most excited for, because I have a thing for orange hair like not like sexually overall. Let me show you that. Do you, like your breath, yeah guys. I like this. This this is a good way. I'M really happy. I spent $ 40 on it, it's a little shiny and I could like straighten it and let me look at the picture. It doesn't the hundred-percent look like the picture, but it doesn't not look like the picture. Is it makes a sense? May I would definitely buy another lace front from this company? I'M extremely happy. I don't remember what the seller was, but I think for once in my life I'm gon na link these wigs down below. I know I always never do it, but hey I'm sorry. I think it's tempting to look you in this and I don't know if it's working, okay, guys the next week that we have here is just a red wig. So I'll put the picture up here. I know that this is a fake picture, because I know one company that this girl works for, and it's certainly not this wish company it's not like black roots in a red like maroon bottom and so far the color isn't much off from the picture. This is not a lace front, so it's not going to look like as real as this might look, but oh she has a tag. Miss wig! Let me cut that out. Oh okay, this week was sixteen dollars with six dollars shipping. So it was twenty two dollars altogether. Let me brush it out. Okay. So far, I really like the color of it. It'S super straight which I'm happy about, because this wig obviously didn't did not come like straight. She looks a little thin and kind of weirdly cut at this one. There'S like some weird, like bang things that they tried to do there. I don't know what to put her on the sea, but and the inside only hides like one clip like just one. Just one so yeah, let's put it on alright guys, here's this wig um, she's, soft, she's, real soft and smooth. It'S like a side part. I don't even know that Prime put her on, but it has like these weird bangs. Now you can't see them here. They'Re um, it definitely is just like sitting my eyeball, but let's go close to this terrible hairline. I don't know who thought that was okay but um. I don't know, and it makes my forehead look ginormous and my forehead isn't even that big dude in width. So I don't know: okay, I'm obsessed with the color the hairline. I got. Ta go, but I rarely get hot with this. It would look kind of cool except it's really shiny um, but the color like it makes me want to dye my hair. This color. I feel like this color like suits me pretty well, but as for the picture that came with, this looks nothing like the picture, honey but colors a 1. It looks really really cute yeah. Oh, I forgot that I wanted to. Like rate these, I'm gon na write the first one like. Oh, I really like that one I mean that gets a 9 out of 10. For me, this one gets like a 6 out of 10. It'S definitely just I just like it for the color and the texture is like really really stringy and weird, but, and this would definitely I'd be like it in public thing. This would definitely be like a picture. Only type of thing like you throw it on for some pics and then you take it back off. It'S just kind of like awkward like. Why don't I think you like it my face like that, you know, and then, if I like, twisted back, my forehead looks like ginormous, you buff like the hairstyles done and stuff. I don't know how they just keep their hair right there like that, would drive me freaking crazy. That'S like the reason I always had my hair up, because I cannot deal with like that. That is like ridiculous. Let'S just move that on I'm kind of tired of this wig. The next wig is actually like. Really nice. Here, like this is nice. It says hello, hello, sunshine, you've been expecting me, yes, but we got another wig cap. Now we have three wig caps, so this wig was sixteen dollars with seven dollars, shipping so 23 dollars, and it's like just a black wig with bangs, I'm just ready for my emo, this oh wow, okay, so mm-hmm looks kind of like stringy hold on. Let'S brush it like always, I mean obviously what's in the picture, is absolutely not this wig. I know that, but, like her wig is bomb all right, guys, here's this next wig. It is well I'm not living for all these wigs, like I'm gon na, go to which, like after this and like buy more wigs like I don't like how far the bangs go over though they go. Just the hair actually started like right. There kind of but and it's a little flat, but I guess I need to look more real right, all right guys. I love it. I thought I was gon na hate. It, like I thought, doesn't make my least favorite wig out of all of them, but it's not even that bad like it looks really weird on me. Obviously, because I don't have bangs and I don't have like hair, but I don't know, do you guys like it? It'S like really long, but she's long, honey, she's alone. Oh my god, texture of this hair is like hair, like it doesn't get tangled like freakin, regular wigs it just like flows like hair. I am going to wear the crap out of this, like in public with a hat, or how does the top even look? Could you guys do that? We'Re hot, as the top of this look looks pretty good, like the bangs are a little long, they're like in my eyes. Oh it's like all, oh, my god, they're, probably sitting at home, like she should never put this back on ever again, but I don't know. I think if you feel confident and something you should just do it it, would you guys wan na see something really ugly. It just looks funny obsessed, I'm definitely gon na go back. To this I mean I'm not the happiest that the picture is nothing like how it came to me, and the bangs are like way too weird on this side, like the hair should start like farther over I'm sure, if I just like clipped it there, whatever gon Na be fine, what flung back towards you what, anyway, I need to move, how long? Okay, this is definitely another 9 out of 10. I actually love this wig, because this is like my alter. You go like a s. This is gon na, be worn like a lot so yeah. What are with all these bad videos, people being like, like no like literally good, wish right now and buy it, I'm not sponsored on the review concert. I curse too much. The next one, I think, is gon na look the most cheap out of all of them, because it was nine dollars and four dollars shipping this one right here, it's a pink wig and I can already tell the pictures a little all color wise, but no wig Cat okay, she's, like a cool little purple moment, this is gon na look like, but here she is. I got it because one of the review pictures which I'm not gon na play here because I don't know if that's good, guys, a regulation um it looks super curly and she must. I did that herself, because the curls do not look the same as that picture. But I'm pretty excited, I feel like this will look you it's like a hat or something but like I said this was $ 13 all together and it's not even that bad for, like a wig, that's like cutely curled, like these curls are not even that bad, But it's like a lighter pink on the way. Let me just up and put it on. Let me just show you guys, like first of all, let's put this XTX to a picture, look at the curl pattern and then look how like much more like what the color is a little spot on, but at the same time it's not it's just the curls Are supposed to be like that not like anything like longer, I hate it it's shedding like freaking, crazy. Okay, we've hardly got one that we're that we hate we're already shedding like a ton um the curls are cute, I guess, but let's again zoom into this front eye, it's the same thing with like that red one. I just don't know. What'S going on with that, we would need to wear a hat honey. Okay, I almost want to like brush through these curls, but I'm gon na feel bad because someone spent all time on these curls or they didn't. I don't know how this works, but I kind of like the curls, but I thought I was gon na be like a lot longer. Let'S just lightly brush you, these damn crew, braids that I ruined the wig by brushing through the curls, I don't know uh. I can't really understand if you find a lot of this video, I'm so sorry. I know I always do that, but doesn't ever youtuber what rig do you like it? I don't know what to say about it. Like I don't know, if I like this or not guys, I'm gon na be honest. I feel like with a hat. It could be cute um and it's like really cheap. So, like you're getting a good usable wig for thirteen dollars, I mean why not, but like first of all, it's not what the picture was it. This was how the picture was and it actually looked like a picture I'll be like somewhat happy because it's a nice wig, it's nice and thick um. The parting is a but I would wear a hat with any weight that isn't lace front. Can you write this one and attend well, the picture looks so different. That'S the thing I mean because it doesn't look bad, it's just not what you ordered yeah. This is just gon na, be a straight up. Five nighttime, it's literally like kind of cute, but it's like not the next one I ordered is like a blonde curly one. This one I'm pretty excited for, because I just love blonde hair, but I just don't look good knew how I'm gon. Na be honest. I look good with darker colors. Oh, we got a wig cap and, like this is really cute little combs, I'm gon na open that guys. I got a comb. This is China comb, oh my god, anyway um! So this one's weird. But this is our adorable frickin wig. What is that turn? Well? Obviously, they did a curl pattern. Oh, first of all, guys this is shedding like freakin, okay, I'm obsessed with the wig, but let's just get it on this say my forehead look massive, but oh my god, like I'm, not even mad at this guys. This is like a pretty nice way. I mean it's what I it's not the picture cuz. This is the same model that was in the the red wig picture, but um. This was sixteen dollars and seven dollars, shipping so 23 dollars, and it's not the picture again, but it's similar. It'S definitely not that same like a she blonde. It'S definitely like a yellow blonde I'll find my perfect actually blonde like one day, because it's like it would suit me a ton better they're like this blonde does it also looks shorter than that wig, but I don't know I kind of like it. I, like all of these - oh my god, Bria, do you like it yeah? You do. I feel like I don't know why that's like it's cuz. They curled it in the same way, you're just a curl. This way, then that way, so it doesn't. But it looks weird like scale I feel like. This is a good on you, though, because this is like what your hair used to look like yeah anyway, um yeah. I don't want had much to say about this wig, but I feel like I might wear this. Like once in a while, it's actually like really cute, and I like it - it's definitely not as long as the picture, but just for like a 20-ish dollar wig, you can't even be mad at it. It looks pretty real and the color is a little yellow. But it's okay! This gives like a seven out of ten, definitely cuz, it's not the best thing, the world's not the worst thing, I'm so excited for the last week. So, let's get into that the last week we have here, I don't want this video and I love trying on wigs, but this is the really curly wig, it's short and it's curly and I'm really excited so I got like a brown color. I thought it would be like lighter brown, but whatever so in the ratings for. Oh, my gosh she's cute guys. Look at that. Here'S the front, I'm super excited for this. Super duper excited um in their music says. It looks weird until you really like brush it out so um guys. I just fell in love with a $ 13 wig. By the way I don't know if I said this was 13 dollars um. I don't know about shipping, it doesn't say for some reason but wow. This is like probably my favorite thing in the entire world. I'M gon na for this one. I'M gon na take this code that I got from the other store and just kind of go like that kind of. I don't know if I want to mess this up, though, like these curls are so cute, if you guys ever wanted to take a cheap, SuperDuper, curly wig get this wig like this is like a really good wig, and it feels super soft and like super good, Too about this gets like at a tight end. I know I look really weird, because obviously I don't hair like this, but I don't know like I just love it. So, oh, it has one comb up here, though, and I wish I had two on the side that is a downfall and also the color doesn't really look the same as the picture. I do a look at it again, but I don't know like I would probably not wear this out because I'll feel strange but um I feel like it is kind of cute and I don't know what to do with like the front part. It'S just these like front little pieces. I don't know what to do with them, maybe like. If I just took a couple under yeah guys um, I am NOT gon na lie. I kind of love this. I didn't think I was going to like. I thought it was just gon na look absolutely atrocious on me, but in my opinion I don't think it even looks like terrible, terrible terrible on me and I'm really happy. I got at this short length because I feel like in the long length it just wouldn't have been what I was going for cuz I bought in the wigs in hopes of it being short, and I got upset that it wasn't what I wanted. So, oh my god guys, if you guys have ever wanted to just try something different with your hair, like that's. Nothing like your hair. Um get this wig like it's a good wig. I think I'm gon na buy the other colors cuz. I really wanted the gray one and the blond one and I feel like it would look so freaking cute, so I'm definitely gon na go ahead and get that grey one um, but it Wow like. Let'S look at the hairline: it's not even that bad, because everything just blends together that you can't even tell I really wish that it didn't start as a black root, though that is why I ordered those I was like. I didn't order it like that, but I think it would just look a tad bit better on me. At least I don't know what is this alright, so that just came out this little. Like literal thing, just came out of the hair, and I also just noticed this: what is that, and why is it happening, go back in there? Okay, I can assure you guys this one from the back and particular because I just kind of want to know if it looks more more non like there. This is like I don't know. I just love it. It just is like everything I've ever wanted. Alright guys I'm done rambling about this wig again. This is a good night and for me I will definitely buy from this hour again I'll buy for like a lot of these sellers again they're all really cool they you guys so much for watching this video I've. Always went through this video, if you guys want to see me, do more wigs like I'll order like more from wish. Let me know, because I just kind of want to do it, because I love way exact. I think I'm just gon na play around with this one a little more and I don't know just see what I can do with it. But I can figure out if I wan na, like brush it all out and just have it be like a big, huge poof that would be awesome um. I need to figure out what to do. It'S like these front pieces, though, because then it just kind of like goes like at my face and, like I said earlier, I don't like that. Thank you guys so much for watching this video I'll, see you my next one and good bye.

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