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So um, hey nah, but um just been kind of thinking. You know, let's start doing youtube because, like every five seconds, i'm buying a new wig like i've been having this one for a little minute, but i should be. I like this lip gloss. Okay, good! Just stop my video, so all right, you know, hey y'all, um perfectly nothing. I don't know i just like. I buy a lot of hair. Sometimes i get compliments. Sometimes i get questions, and this is like the easiest way to answer them like not on instagram, like they're, like like a person like when i'm at work like oh, where you get your hair from, and i kind of like experiment with different sites from time to Time, i've shopped from like five four five different like hair places. Some of them disappoint me some of them don't, but today i got my package for two weeks that i ordered i ordered uh. I ordered a 32 inch and a 26 inch and recently like i've. My hair has been red and like black, and it's only two coats and i wanted like some brown or something other than red and black. So i was like okay, i'm gon na get one of those brown highlight wigs and you know see like see what it do and i also wanted another backup wig just in case i didn't like the other one, because i'm tired of this one messed up. My short one, the other short one, is a closure and it looks bad in the front. So i ordered two weeks i just kind of wanted to review this video like at the end of this video. It may be like this thought like how i installed it plugged it down it whatever, so the place is called hair in you, hair in beauty, yeah, hair and beauty came through the dhl express whatever, and this is what came out of that and immediately when i Put this out - and i seen like this - this color - i don't know how to feel, but i guess so so they were not gon na lie. Y'All. I opened this like when i got off work. I came in i kind of peeked because i wanted to see the color or, like i kind of just wanted to like look at it real quick, but i didn't look at the other, so it came like this. Thank you card. I wish i would have chose to do a video when i had my nails done about these two. I thought he's away because, as you can see this ain't, my color and i don't glue my hair down like i don't do the glue and all that i i have my quality food braids put a little brat blast. Freeze down i'm real, i don't switch my wig like four times this week alone and at night time, sleeping with all this, i'm not putting on no bonnet, i'm oiling my scalp. This is going off, so i'm gon na look at this last because i have hope for this one we're gon na look at this and i have my little brush because it's a wig brush. So look at this one. This is the 26 inch head. This already like doesn't look right like it doesn't. Look not gon na go with my skin color this lacing anyway um. It says average size, lace, front, wigs 26 inch. The clothes is 20 p4 and 27 straight medium brown, like i said i kind of peeked at it um, okay, the first thing that i noticed: what can can we say not a match, can we say, fly aways? I don't know why i thought i was a english. Please tripping can we say flyaways like yo, and i was thinking to myself. I was like you know what, if i get the brown one and i don't like it, i can always sell it. So did i get one bundle of 26 or like? What'S let me just? This is the wig when i got this wig and i showed my mama, she told me to look like a hooker wig. If i go downstairs and show her this, which take a guess of what you're going to look like, it's like two bundles of 14 inch, do y'all not see this. This is like. Let me scoot back up, so i mean the the hair is really soft, though the hair anyway, i need a camera, because i was really interrupted by my boyfriend anyway. What i was saying was like the hair is really soft, like it moves. One thing that i don't like is like it's so shiny, like like this, like i'm gon na put this on, like people will be like oh yeah, she got a wig, it's so shiny and then like at the top like they plucked it, it's pre-plugged and all That but look how like thin it is, and i don't wear um like caps up under my wig. You know um like it's. It'S really thin up here and i know like if i want to do any like russian plucking combat or anything to this wig. It'S gon na end up balding, like sooner or later, i'm gon na have a boss fight this week, and i think this wig was like i'll put like, while i'm showing y'all i'll, put up pictures of what they're supposed to look like. I mean obviously, if y'all shop like online for weeks, y'all know they'd, be using all the like celebrity photos and like photos that they see like anywhere on instagram, with a wig that they're trying to sell that looks similar to it. But i'll still put the um. The pictures up and i'm not going to be like the mother of youtube and never show the picture because i'm not gon na do that. No more told y'all. I don't with my wigs yeah anywho. That'S this one. It'S supposed to be 26 inches and okay. So this one that i feel like a big old kid, so this one that's on my head is 26 inches this one, okay, okay! I guess i guess the one bundle of 26 that they did put it this way, but we're not going to talk about it. I'M i'm not going to judge it too harsh. Well, all right, i'm not gon na judge it too much more until i get a situation situated and put it on, because this wig was kind of the same like when i took it out. It was like really really thin at the bottom, or i don't know onto my my 32. If i say oh, and also that hair stinks like like likes like sticks, this thing's bad. I took it out earlier and like gagged, like like, like yeah, even though i'm happy yeah, i need a camera because it's the second time. Nobody ever want to call me, but anyway anyway, so i don't even know what i ended up. Saying anywho child um this week, this it'll smell, like almost freaking scream, because i thought this was a closure and i hate when i order closures. Okay, so i'm confusion, i get that when they make color wigs the hair kind of like dries out whatever the hair is really soft. It'S not i'm not saying this dry or anything the hair sheds whatever, but why is this wig so full and bouncy? Oh and kind of happy hey. I got my love, it's it's! It'S getting a little tangle tangled every here and there you know, but it's so full like like it like it. I don't know, i'm not sure what that was, why just sorry xoxo cover group. So i ended up liking. This wig, like i said at first, was i was kind of bashing it. You know but, like i said earlier after i started and everything i would after i styled it and did all that i'd, probably like it better and it's not that bad, i'm still going to get used to me and my hair being the same color but um Yeah, it's not that bad and you can't once you like straighten it. I don't know why. I try to turn like that. Once you like, straighten the hair together, the layers aren't that bad. I lied to y'all because i didn't do both wigs, because i really liked how this one was looking when i put it on my head so yeah, the other wig is over there i'll, probably do like a whole nother video styling that one i just really wanted To do like a review on the hair and then like not really an installation of the hair but like what i started off doing and how it turned out at the end and yeah. We want to work like this tomorrow. Hopefully i don't get talked about because i kind of thought um was cute. I look nasty, maybe i'm not that cute see, but i like this though this short little part that i could have in the front. But that is all i kind of didn't want to do outro, because i didn't really do an intro and i'm not a youtuber, so i don't really know what i'm doing but yeah. That was it. That was all hopefully y'all like this video, so i can make more and then i can start getting sponsors by hair companies um, if i didn't say it at first, this the company is hair in beauty um at first i was kind of iffy like i said, Love this wig. I still have that other one, so like style and pluck can do all that too, but i that's probably gon na come out great, but that is all i hope you all enjoy. You know follow me on instagram, when i do a snapchat cause i'll be acting up. Fool on snapchat, follow my instagram follow my twitter. All of that stuff will be down in the description um yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jamya Johnson: could you do a pt 2 on the body wave wig i really wanna know about it and your channel is pretty cool

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KahliaYani: how long does shipping take

laughonme: You had me rolling when u flipped your hair .. lol

Stasha: So is the hair really good ? Because I wanna get it for my birthday next week . How was shipping ?

Amyre Thomas: Update on the bodywave?

Delecia Greene: Can u do a video installing the body wave

theestar: so should I get it cause I was gonna order for my birthday?

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