Mila Jon Renau New Color-Palm Springs Blonde Haley'S Designer Wigs

Loving this Mila in Palm Springs Blonde!!!

Hello, everybody. Thank you so much for joining me. My name is haley with Haley's designer wigs in Mesa Arizona. I haven't been doing a lot of reviews. Lately, I've been so busy here in the store where I mean weights are just so popular right now that it's just been really crazy. So I apologize that I haven't been making tons of review videos for you all, but recently I sold so many of these Milla's and then I got one for myself and I'm like holy moly. This is an incredible wig. I am so happy with this wig, I'm so impressed and felt compelled to share this one with you guys, because it's one of my favorites that I've had in a really really long time. So the Mila is one of John Reno's best-selling curly styles, it's mid length. It does come in both average and petite sizes, and then it comes in a whopping, 35 color choices, so this one they're making it in all the color choices that just goes to show how good of a seller it is and how popular and versatile that the Mila has been for the company recently, it came out in the four new California blonde colors, and it also comes in the for chocolate collection, colors, so you've got pretty much every color that John Renault is currently producing on their newer Styles made in this Miele mine Is the FS 17 101 s 18. So what that's gon na mean is a light beige, a she toned low light. You see some pieces there and then you've got quite a bit of that 101 color and the 101 is just a nice pale platinum. It doesn't have a hint of gold at all. It'S your light. Ashy pale super blonde, platinum, color and then the root is a very light color. So 18, that's going to be a light, actually shading. It'S really not a deep root at all, because I know that a lot of women once you have greater hair. You know the type of people that are kind of looking for this blonde. A lot of the times have a lighter, greater hair. They don't have brown hair anymore. Their hair has transitioned into a lighter color, so to wear a really deep root, really doesn't make sense and look right on the face, but with this type of route it really does show through nicely it looks appropriate. It'S believable. They nailed it; basically, they nailed it on this color and then, of course, the FS is going to be one of their fashion. Syrup colors, so you've got more pronounced foils throughout this one. So you do have defined pieces of the color 17 and defined pieces of the color 101, all right, so the mule ax is a single mono, scalp and a lace-front. So of course the lace print is wonderful. The smart lace, it's durable! It allows for off the face. Styling there's a lot of things. You can do with a lace, front wig, you know you can pin it pin it up, pin it back whatever, whatever have you, you can style this one, how you want and where it really confidently and just feel good and confident that nobody's gon na know it's A wig, unless you decide to tell them and then the single mono I'll just show you guys that up close, so single monofilament is gon na, be your most breathable mono top. You can see right through this one. It'S you know: it's super sheer breathable blow through it. The air transfers really really well. So the single mono is nice. A lot of brands are making you know, comfort, type of caps where they put like a chiffon or some type of fabric lining in the mono. I prep I do not prefer that it's warm where I live. I like a single mono scalp, where the air can escape right off my head and I feel comfortable and cool, and I feel you know chill all day so I'm gon na, let you guys know that the Mila is only 3.8 ounces in weight. It'S light its bouncy, the hair has good movement, its playful and fun. There'S just a little bit more length up here in the front, almost like. I see like a touch of asymmetrical thing going on, but I don't think that's purposeful. It'S just part of the playful style turn to the side, so you guys a little bit shorter, a fret up top and then it gets subtly subtly longer shading it back. So what a wearable length! Absolutely anybody can get away with this length as long as you desire to do so. This is totally wearable and I would put anybody into this way because it's youthful and playful, but not screaming, like I'm trying to be 17 again. So, that's not what we're trying to do we're trying to look like stylish, fashionable women, and this wig hits the mark on that. As far as the measurements go, we've got an 11 inch bang. I guess it's still called a bang, even if it's not cut into a big but 11 inches in the front and then from the crown on down. We'Ve got 13 inches of hair 7 inch nape, but it is curly. So you got a lot of movement in that nape, so it's it's long, but also you can like move it around and then 10 inches on the sides. So those are the measurements just very like much so a mid length, easy to wear length and if you guys want to know more about this way, this is one of my all-time favorites. It'S becoming that anyways I've been getting so many compliments. You guys. I went just to the grocery store yesterday and the cashier called me a supermodel which was like kind of funny to me, but it was because of the wig. I was rocking this wig and she noticed how good it looked and then this morning, in the parking lot, one of the neighboring business owners stopped me and said. I absolutely love that color on you. I love that lighter blonde and I just love the way that your hair looks. I'M like okay cool. She totally noticed and took the time to walk over to me and mention the hair. So I guess this is a statement piece feeling good about the Mila wig. If you guys need to order one of these, please give me a call for eight zero, three zero, seven, nine four six six, I offer amazing pricing, don't be afraid to ask and I can guide you through colors as well. So I look forward to speaking with you about this cute wig and have an awesome day. You guys have a beautiful hair day.

Christina Knapp: Love this color and I like the low density of the style! She looks great on you!

Kate Carr: Oh my goodness! This wig is beautiful. You look like a little Barbie doll in it.

michele clutter: Really gorgeous. Think I’ll be getting one.

M D: This wig suits beautifully

Mary Kelley: Perfect! Love this color on you!!

Staci Heart: Wow I love this wig! You do look like a super model.


Cathy Woodill: You look Fabulous!!!! Love everything about the wig on you very nice!

Ginaa1967: Beachy waves. Love it.

DEENA: Looks stunning on you .

godessdi: is this a limited time color? This looks great on you!

Linda Fusco: this one looks really nice on you!

Aadvantage H. Realty, LLC: This is the absolute best wig I've ever seen you in

Sabine Bax: Very beautiful! How does the colour Palm Springs blonde compare to shaded biscuit? Is it very close?

Shirley Polo: Gorgeous!

Miss Pethamhouse: Looks beautiful... are you wearing the petite size?? Thanks!!

Kathleen Ryan: Absolutely the most beautiful color length and curl on are movie star gorgeous!...I just had to pop on here and comment you blew me away..;-) xxoxo


R: Great review! :)

Cody Co: Beautiful. Thanks.

Christina Knapp: My ignite in Palm Springs blonde has a much darker root! Do you find that the color varies in the rooted area on other wigs in that color?

EB: The root is lighter in real life than it looks in the video. The root is not at all warm or orange or gold. Its a gray beige root. This is my all time favorite color. The ROOTS are exceptional! Other rooted wigs have too dark of a root, or too warm or red or gold. This root matches my own so much better. As I'm aging, my roots are graying. Love love love this root. Why can't other manufacturers stop with the dark roots? Urine-yellow roots?

Christina Knapp: I love the word too and I just put it on my wish list. What is your price on that? I’m searching for the best price right now

patti ludington: Is that palm springs blonde? Style and color look great on you, don't rock the shorter styles very well but seeing it on you may change my mind.

susan cinek: You really are exceptionally beautiful!

Christina Knapp: Please tell me what lipstick you were wearing? That is stunning and that is the shade I’ve been looking for!

Ashley Chaidez: Wow wow wow. I will call you to order one immediately.

D W: WoW you look beautiful❣ Is this the petite cap?

Linda Fusco: can you show us the new jon renau colors in that mila wig! venice blond and malibu as well I do not care for the lagunablond .?

Cadence Mc Coy: Nice video mom love you even working hard see you tomorrow

Lo Presti: Great style. Unattractive color. Looks drab and gray.

Cindy Gibb: Quick question about Color....My fav is Shaded Biscuit on Editors Pick...RW. I think this could be a new option. How do you think they compare?

Ginaa1967: Wow

Jaci Fertik: You look good vein with your hair shaved


Marcella Labban: Hi love do u have this instock

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