How To Dye Your Wig Jet Black | Adore Jet Black Hair Dye | South African New Youtuber 2020

Hi Fam! Thank you so much for tuning in My name is Missy I am a new South African youtuber on this video I show you step by step how to hair dye your hair jet black ,if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe and don't forget to leave a comment I love hearing from you .


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Hi guys and welcome back to my channel, jeng and joya, i am back again with another video if it's your first time joining us and i appreciate that we are getting up the channel yeah if you're enjoying. If you are enjoying the content, please go ahead and press the like button, don't forget to leave a comment down below and if you haven't subscribed to my channel clearly doing like better. Please go ahead and subscribe to my channel to become the part of the family. Now in today's video i will be showing you how i had dyed this wave, so it had that brownish color and i decided to dye it into this nice jet black color. So if you want to see how i did that, please make sure that you tune in okay guys before i continue. I must let you know that there is currently a noise going on outside. They are cutting the grass. I hope that doesn't affect my video right now. Let'S just get started into the video on today's video. Like i said, i will be showing you guys how i had dyed this wave into this nice dark black color you see before the sweep. It was um, dark brown and i really didn't enjoy that color. So i decided to hair dye. I purchased my hair dye from amazon. It is one to one jet pack. It is very easy to use guys just mix it with warm water, and then you put on your weave inside the water leave it for some few seconds. Take it out, you will see the steps, i will show you, but anyway it is very easy to use. Now i purchased this weave at the beginning of this year, yeah that was in january and i haven't been wearing it a lot. I think because i really didn't like that. Brownish color and i must say that i really really love this black color right now. So i might be wearing this wig a lot um yeah, guys uh without wasting any time, let's just go and get into the video die this week. So before you get started, you need to make sure that your wave has been washed. So i did wash this overnight and it smells fresh, but now i don't think it's dry enough, so i i think before we begin, i'm just gon na head dry it a bit so that it is really dry because i do want um the what you call The dye to come out black, because if i don't do that, then the dye will not come out. So let's get it dryer and dry it as you guys can see. My weave is dry. So now i'm gon na start the process of hair dyeing it. I want you guys to take a look um at the color before we continue. As you can see the color of the weave, it's a brownish and i'm going to be using this. I don't one two one jet black hair dye to die jack black. So i'm using this packet right here, it's filled with hot water, as you can see the steam and i'll just go ahead and open this and i'll pour everything inside i'm going to be using the whole bottle, hoping that it's gon na be enough by the way. I hope i have enough water, i'm gon na try and get out all that dye, get it all out honey, get whatever you have start everything, and then i'm gon na go ahead and put the weed inside. I forgot one important thing: guys forgot to protect my knots, so i'm gon na quickly take it got to be glued and i'll spray here to speed up the process i'll be using the hair dryer okay. So i'm just gon na go ahead and hair dry. My lace, frontal and you can repeat this step twice or three times, but i only did it once, but i'm just gon na go ahead and dip in the wig uh inside the water. I will leave the wig for, like five minutes, to soak inside to make sure that it gets all that hair dye. Now you can just remove the wig and then wash it off. I will be using a tresemme shampoo to wash the dye off do after washing it off i'll. Make sure that i use a conditioner, i'm using a tresemme color, revitalize conditioner. This is to help the hair retain its moisture back. So i will be using the conditioner and i will put it inside the shower cap and leave it for like 20 minutes now i didn't um. I forgot to record that part, but after that you have to wash it off and then make sure that it dries completely. Now, as you can see, the hair is dried. I'M just gon na go ahead and straighten my hair just to make sure that it looks nice so that you guys can see the final look, i'm using the heat protector, it's a l'oreal slick. It make sure that you protect your hair. So, basically, guys here is the final product. Okay, i love the color of the hair. Now look at this. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please go ahead and give it a thumbs up and don't forget to leave a comment down below. Tell me guys what you think about this hair uh. Do you like it better now that it's jet black or do you prefer the previous color and also um, do let me know on what else you would like to see on my next videos? Thank you. So much for watching - and i will see you on my next video

Yolanda Hermanus: I am definitely trying this thanks babes ❤❤❤

Nozikona Haloti: Thank you Missy

Marie Bless: Thank you so much for sharing you get a new subscriber ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sandra Hughes: After washing the dye off the hair where did the lace on the frontal disappear to … lol

Snow White: Hi where did you buy the dye?

nontokozo karabo: Wow chomy I like this jet black color....mommy u gonna do mine

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