Watch Me Work: Simple & Sleek Lace Wig Install 30" Jet Black

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Hair: 30" Transparent Straight Lace Front Wig 150% Density


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What'S up you all and welcome back to my channel today, i will be installing a straight lace. Wig on one of my clients. She requested that the wig was dyed jet black, which i did, and this look just turned out so cute. It was for her birthday and she loved it at the end. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don'T forget to like comment and subscribe to my channel is, is uh personality love everything me a all day long! It'S not that i don't want you here. It'S something about the way you stare i can get away. I just wan na get away is around to the one. I'M myself, oh, i kiss you is oh uh. Uh then get me underway me me. Is me hillary? Here'S, the finished. Look. I hope you guys enjoyed watching me work if you guys want to see more videos like this. Please comment down below and let me know - and i will put more out for you guys, don't forget to like comment and subscribe, and i will see you guys in my next video

KeaLuxe: This is a great first video. So proud of you

Stephaine Foster: Love this! ❤️

Amanee Wardally: Faveee

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