Darkening My Hair Using Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color Natural Black

I’ll be dropping the second part soon so stay tuned to see the final results of my curls. I will be using bounce curl to style my hair. :)

Hey guys, so I'm going to be freshman at my hair color and I'm going to be using this and I'm gon na be using gloves and I'm gon na be using my comb this - and this is a temporary semi-permanent hair color, it's natural black. I did want to go back to the darker side, just because I'm tired of this don't color and I wanted to a little bit more color Amy and I just wanted to darken it up some. I don't like when it starts looking dull and my hair is really starting to look dull. So that's why I'm going in with this semi-permanent rinse and we just want to put it on there and brighten it up a little bit, liven it up a little bit. So before I put this so as y'all can see like you can see that I have light, is brown and I'm just like I'm tired of it, I'm just I'm ready for it to just be all one color, okay guys, so this is going to be it For this video so make sure you guys stay tuned for tomorrow's video, so you guys can see how I styled my hair and how the color came out and yeah. I didn't want to make the video too long, so there's gon na be another part. That'S gon na be dropping tomorrow. This is part one, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don'T forget to this video a like, don't forget, to subscribe to my youtube channel, and I will see you guys in the next video bye guys.

HallieEva: I use this too absolutely no breakage. It's great.

DJ Ratino: I tried this product from CVS. It was super cheap! It washed out after about 4 shampoos. Wella stayed much longer. Splat or Manic Panic will stay in a long time, but it stains your skin for a few days. Wella didn't stain but a day. If you want it to last long, you need to pre-bleach your hair.

Magaly Gonzales: How long did you leave it on for?

MsZyona: Hair looks good before. Do not know about the after since it will continue.

Lafayette Pettiford: You have alot of hair. How many bottles did you use? I'm thinking about coloring my hair.

Iam__Shaylaa.: Mine came out my hair how do you make it stay

Deborah Quinn: Thank you

Donni Blahh: You gave us the silent treatment which would have been all well and fine had you at least stated HOW LONG you left the color on your hair.

Richard: Does it have ppd

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