How To Dye Your Frontal Wig Jet Black + Installation (Westkiss Hair)

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I willly be phasing out these Stand a lone tutorial, as I really want my content to be engaging and not purely promotional.

Hair Details:


Hair details: 180% density HD straight 13*6 lace frontal wig 20inches (HD, small cap)

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0:00​​ Intro

0:30 Dying

3:57 Install

8.51:Finished look/Outro X


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Foreign and she is back with another video now, today's video is on this beautiful unit from wisco's hair. It is a hd lace, wig, lace, frontal wig. You get ample parting space in the wig, but before i even get into the details, let's talk about what i'm doing right now right now, i'm just dying the wig. I actually did dip the whole thing in there um, but not for very long and then once i had saturated the whole wig in dye, i lifted it so that the lace would be sitting out of the dye. If that makes sense, because i didn't want to stain the lace, let that sit in the die for about maybe like seven minutes but with the lace lifted right lace lifted after i had done that i washed and rinsed it out. Then i proceeded to bleach the knot, so you can do this beforehand. You can do this after i've often found it easier to bleach the knots after i've dyed the hair, because if i bleach the knots beforehand, then dye the hair, sometimes it kind of stains the lace or it stains the root of the hair. So i like to do it after, but i am no, you know: hair guru, cosmetologist. I just do what i know best and sometimes i switch it up. So that's pretty much the routine. So, as you can see here, this is pretty much the parting space on the wig. So it's not like your traditional 13x4 or 13x6 kind of has like a u-part, 5x5 6x6 situation going on in the middle. Then it gives you some room on the the sides, but it will go as far back as it does in the middle right to the crown, if that makes sense, but yeah once i used um some bleach on the on the wig, i let that sit. My timer was set for 25 minutes, but this thing started changing colors within about 15 minutes, so you really don't have to leave it on for too long. I actually ended up over bleaching. The knots um you'll actually see that it ended up seeping through. I think that's also through my application and through yeah the hair just not needing to take very long to process. Sometimes my hair is really good. It doesn't takes forever, it doesn't take forever to process. So here's just a close-up. Here'S me pretty much showing you that the knots were already changing colors and i hadn't even left yet so it was pretty rapid. So once i felt like all right cool it's time to wash it off. I just went in with my tresemme shampoo washed that off, but the knots were a little bit on the reddish side red orange side. So i tried to counter that with the shimmer lights purple shampoo. I don't think it did very much, but you know it helped me in my full process of making. You know things a little better. So that's what i did. I let that sit on there, not for very long either um like i said it, didn't really counter it that much, but it helped from what it was looking like before and then after i had gone in with the shimmer lights. Purple shampoo - i just went in on the rest of the hair, with my tresemme conditioner um and then after that i pretty much went on to installing the wig, so yeah, i'm gon na kick back and you guys will see so so so so so so all Right so you seen me install the wig, my very usual method. If you want a more detailed wig installation, video or a more step-by-step guide, i've got loads of videos on my channel. In fact, most of them are narrated, but i just thought you guys might be sick and tired of hearing my voice, but in conclusion this is the finished product. This is how it looks. This wig is actually pretty bomb um, it's my favorite wig. So far of all my wigs and yeah, i really love it so check it out and do let me know if you get it, how it styles, how you style it, and i shall see you in the next video don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Adios, buenos noches or buenos dias, whatever the time of day, is bye. You

West Kiss Hair: Wow! Dear, you are so pretty with our wig.

Tina Ansah: Can I order this Wig to the UK? Prices r in dollars. Is this where you are?

Ronnie: ♥️

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