How To Do A Natural Looking U-Part Wig + Dyeing My Hair Jet Black


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In this video I decided to dye my hair and do a very easy u-part wig install! Watch the video to see how I blended my hair and made this hair look like it’s coming from my SCALP!!


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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is a watching me dye, my hair, stopping video y'all. I have never ever dyed my hair, so I don't know how this is going to turn out. Hopefully it turns out good because never ever dyed my hair. So I don't know how this is going to turn out. Hopefully it turns out good because we needed to turn out good. I just put on me a little um dye, shirt or shirt that I really don't care to get dye on and I went to the hair store and I bought some hair dye. Some cream of nature, hair dye people on YouTube. Tell me to use this hair dye or the um Clairol hair dye, but I thought this one looked better and you know it's made for natural hair and my hair is natural. So hopefully this works. Hopefully I don't mess up nothing about some new flat irons as well, and these got 400 and these go up to 450 degrees, so yeah, the other ones went out before his hand, but I'm not gon na like use these on 450. That'S too high, but since they are new, I know their work better, so yeah, I'm just using these. I bought this like big old hair brush this hair. This hair brush is as big as my hand like it's pretty big and I feel like these get through the roots better. You know y'all interesting fact. I have a class in like 30 minutes, so I should probably hurry up and do this, but I got a comb and I'm for my glove on and I'm going to start the process yeah. My hair has literally been looking crazy for the past, probably a week or so so my hair, I don't know if y'all can tell, but my hair is like brown black. It'S not really like jet black or anything so, and the people on YouTube also said. Do it while your hair is like dirty, so my hair is dirty right now, as you can tell, it looks so stiff and dry, so it's definitely a not washed or cleaned. Let'S just get right into this video. It comes with the volume developer. Why does don't look like it's supposed to be black, but it looks Brown mixing mixing this into this um. I'M gon na get some hair clips first uh big comb, so I can easily comb through my hair and I got some hair clips because definitely need these. He wants us to shake it, Shake it up, Shake It Up, part my hair into the fourth section foreign, because I don't want my hair to be matted, because I think dye makes your hair dry well, they say if you dye your hair darker, it makes it Like thicker, but if you dye lighter it's just the color, so it makes it thinner. So maybe I don't know it says not to rub it in your scalp, so I'm gon na leave it away from my scalp until I get to the front, because you can't really see my scalp in the back enough inside the difference. Don'T know 4500 they're doing something, I'm dripping water and the list was that about um. So now this is what it's looking like right now I I'm supposed to leave it in for 25 minutes. I feel like it's been about 20 minutes, since I did this side and it's been about 10 minutes since I did this side, but I'm gon na give it like five more minutes and then I'm gon na wash it out. But this is how it's looking so far. I think it's super cute already like you can definitely tell it's black like you can tell period, but let me just make a thumbnail foreign. I don't know if y'all can tell the difference, but my hair is definitely black. I think it definitely looks more black. My hair looks healthy too. That'S what I love about my hair to think I was going to perm my hair like bruh. I need to grow my edges back a little bit because I've been wearing wigs too much because this ain't cute this is not cute, but my hair looks stuck like yeah length ooh, I'm gon na do my hair later on tonight, and I'm gon na show y'all What I do to it, I'm gon na do upper wigs, so I'm gon na show y'all how I installed it. It was also made by me period so yeah, like my hair, looks so good other students, my hair, is definitely jet black like check it out. It looks so cute, it looks. Thicker too definitely looks thicker check out the roots. I love this anyways. Let me see y'all when I install my wig. Oh, I hope it's lighting is good right here, but y'all I did my little braids or whatever. I did these two braids right here for anchor braids, so the hair can stick on better but don't mind my brace y'all, because I got Nails on and it's not that easy to embrace my nails on, like I'm, not one of those girls. So I just put my hair in like four dookie braids, but I got the wig right here that I made and if y'all want me to make y'all a wig, just the wig that I made it's a you part wig see this. I put a lot of clamps in there, so I can make sure it stick onto my hair, but it's a you for a wig and it's literally so cute, like the body and the volume of this hair, it's literally so cute. But I made this wig myself. Y'All so get at me for the food foreign, but this is literally so easy to put on like look at this so easy to put on and that's why I, like you part wigs now we're gon na put it on 4 30.. These these parts - I didn't want to tug on my edges too much so I braided the braid further like down, so it doesn't tug too much because I don't like that like no, but this is so easy to do. It'S gon na take like probably 10 minutes at the most like. If I wasn't making this video and talking to y'all, it probably would take me 10 minutes at the most. Even with natural hair, like all you got ta do is blow drying out your hair. If you got more hair to me might take a little bit more time because you got to braid it down and all the other stuff, but y'all see how I did my braids as long as your hair is flat it shouldn't matter. Let me put some more heat protecting in my hair and just to keep a second I use. I don't know if I showed y'all this before, but it's just a Tresemme, um carrots and smooth - and I've probably had this for about two years, because I barely straightened. My hair like when I do straighten it, it's probably for reasons so like this or because I'm trying to get a certain Style, so I'm gon na just do one pass on each side. Hopefully, I'm gon na take thin sections, probably like this thing, because I don't want to put too many passes on my hair. So, okay and I'm going very slow because I want my hair to blend really nicely, and I also want to make sure I get every single strand without having to keep going back and that's y'all can tell that blends a whole lot better. Well, y'all! Don'T y'all! Didn'T see the other like picture of I'm just trying to put a picture in here um like the last time I did this and my hair was not like jet black, like the hair, but it was brown and I was like where this don't match and then My hair was like kind of crazy at the end, so I had to like cut a little bit of it because nobody got time for that yeah. It was definitely the flat iron. It'S like I don't know if y'all can see this, but I'm gon na have to put that in some better light, because it was definitely flutters and my hair not being the same with the layers of hair. But it looks so much better now like look at this like where's the levo ices, I'm building my own boundaries, not that much, though, cause we're not trying to make our hair still no man, okay, looking very much natural, it looks so cute make sure y'all subscribe To my channel, if you like, this video, also comment down below what y'all want to see. Next, even though I got some good videos for y'all coming and yeah, the hair is definitely giving natural like natural girl, anyways foreign

D’Nesha Eriyonna: I just rewatched this video and some of the clips were a little off but y’all get the point. Click the bell so you can know when I upload!

Keeping It Christian: I love your natural hair! Curls popping and bouncing! We love to see it!!

ashley j: Literally about to do this tonight! Yours came out so cute

allen Wright: ❤❤❤ AMAZING!

Akira Carpenter: So glad you ain’t put a perm in it because I love your natural hair puurrr

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