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Don'T let it go is everything you wanted. Tell me, oh, i can't breathe hi guys welcome back to my channel. It'S your girl, misha here. If you haven't already make sure you guys comment like and subscribe to my freaking channel, because we are lit over here. Okay - and that's just that on that on that on that on that, so i am back with another hair video. Of course, this video is sponsored by mega. Look hair. I'Ve worked with them before so i obviously love their wigs, so they did send me a new loose wave, transparent, lace, 13x4. Okay, this is in loose deep, like a nice loose deep wave. If y'all see that my baby, this is in 22 inches. Okay, it is very full it's beautiful. I did take this unit jet black, which you guys seen in the previous clip on how i prep this wig. I do the same thing as far as spraying it. I did not bleach my knots, which i probably will start doing in the future, but as of right now i really like the sally hansen. I like the foundation and i like the um, the true match - lace. Tint that i use so like i said this is the details of this hair, so i think i'm going to rock it in a more of a wet and wavy look today. So i have my mousse and i'll. Show you guys exactly how i do that? My hair is already prepped. I still have my braids underneath um. This is the bobcat method, um and then i have everything on right. Now it's not secured on, so i will go ahead and put a stitch on here once i get it exactly how i want it make a look. Thank you so much for sponsoring this video. I absolutely love your wig um, it's beautiful! So, let's get on into this hair honey. So this is a nice 22 inch wig, okay, this isn't like a deep wave loose wave 13x4 lace, transparent lace; okay, so there was a little lace in the back, which i did go ahead and cut that off. Let me show you guys what it looked like. Okay, you guys already know. I love my jet black hair so because we're getting into spring summer time um. I definitely want to make this more of a wet and wavy beachy type of look um, as you guys saw before my last video. I did a whole like um. You know like a big diana ross kind of big hair. This one i'm going to kind of tame it and i'm going to put some mousse and i'm going to crimp it and then i'm going to actually dry it with my blow dryer and i'm going to create that kind of wet and wavy look um. So that's what we're doing today now that my hair is already prepped and i already used my black dye. I used the oriental um beijing jet black color, and i let this sit for like an hour and a half two hours, i'm not even gon na lie because i went to go to the gym and i came back and i rinsed it out. So this hair is absolutely beautiful. I did show you guys. This is all the shedding that i've had okay for curly hair, it's completely normal, and this is great okay, so this is how much shedding this hair has had. I absolutely love the density. I love how full it is. It is 180 density, wig, okay, so it's nice and full and you can wear it big like this, which i absolutely love or you can tame it down and make it more of a sexy, wet and wavy, which is what we're going to do today. So i'm not going to talk so much in this video. I'M just going to show you guys how i install my wigs and you guys can stay tuned and watch. And if you like, this video make sure you guys comment down below and tell me what you think tell me what kind of videos you guys want to see. They'Ll also be a discount code down below in the description to this actual unit down in the description below okay. So if you want this, hair definitely check that out down below again. This is mega look here and we're gon na go ahead and style this, because i am ready for her and she is ready for me. So let's do it also, if you guys like how i did my makeup today, um the details are as follows. So i am wearing deep skin on my lip, okay, which looks like this. If you guys like this, i have a website down below to house a tear allure. I have a gloss bomb and eyelash mink eyelash line um that i recently launched so definitely check that out, i'm wearing the signature, allure, lash, okay and this glossy lid. I learned from this girl african young africana. I love her she's dope when it comes to installing wigs and doing makeup like she's dope um, so i learned her technique, which i will guys i will show you guys how i did this if you like this look, let me know - and i will recreate this Look for you guys, it'll, be just makeup. No hair, hair, already done and i'll show you guys how i create this look, but i'm absolutely loving this nice brown, it's absolutely beautiful! This glossy lid is just giving me life honey, so i am all for it, but yeah. Let'S go ahead and finish getting into this video and putting this wig on okay, because it's getting late and i still got ta cook. Okay, all i hear is raindrops falling on the rooftop. Oh baby, tell me why you had to go cause, there's pain. I feel it won't go away today, i'm officially missing. You felt that from this heartache i could escape, but i've run it long enough to know. Thank all i do is lay around two ears full of tears from looking at your face, although not even just a week ago, you were my baby now, but i guess well, i i just all i hear is raindrops falling today, i'm officially missing. You felt that from this heartache i could escape, but i've run it long enough to know that there ain't no way like you said every little thing all i do is lay around. I don't know you at all. Well, i wish that you would call me right now so that i could get through to you somehow, but i guess it's safe to say baby know. Well, i thought i could just get over you baby. I just can't find a way to let go of and see you all around my way, more than just a silly crush all right guys. So this is the final look. I am loving this wet and wavy spanish curl. Look! Okay, like this is everything, and with this like glossy lid, this is giving me share vibes, i'm feeling it. So i hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how i created this look again, make sure you guys check out mega look hair. This is the 22 inch loose deep wave hair in a transparent lace - okay, 13 by 4, 180 density. So i absolutely love it. Oh, so pretty this is so vacation hair like trying to figure out what wig i'm going to wear for my vacation. I can't wait but y'all. I absolutely love this look so much so again. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you guys comment down below like and subscribe to. My channel turn on the bell, so you're notified every time i post another video, okay, and i will see you guys in the next one also mega hair. Thank you so much for sponsoring this video. All the details of this hair will be down below. Okay. So definitely check it out and get your weed girl, okay, because we are lit and we about to go on vacation. Okay. So i absolutely love this hair. If you guys enjoyed this, let me know - and i will talk to you guys in the next video bye. My

EarthAngel212: Loving this look on you from hair to make up. Looking fabulous

Megalook Hair: Thank you my girl, that's gorgeous!!

Samanthia Hunt: Love the makeup. Could you also do a no makeup, makeup look? I work in Respiratory and sometimes I want to put on makeup but I'm a beginner in that department.

QD Denice Vlogs: Love the look Meshia . Yes share all the secrets

Treasa Southern Gal: Gone girlthat unit came out amazing❤❤❤

Vondessa J: O Yes! That is so pretty!! It is screaming BEACH!! You did that Sis!!

Kristy Pelote: You're hair is so pretty you did that sis

Cynthia Poole: It’s beautiful

Antonia Williams: Omg girl all day yesterday I’m thinking when is she gonna post a vlog. Love this hair

Charlotte Lewis: Love ❤️. Hunny too cute. Girlfriend you did that.

Qhawekazi Mdluli: ❤️❤️❤️

Ardell Johnson:

Nikki Toney: You should do a what on my music playlist video

Time Health Fit: You're more helpful than you realize, want to be youtube friends?

Vondessa J: Hiiiii Meshia lol I DM you lol

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