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Indian Remy Hair Full Lace Wigs 18Inch Deep Wave #1 Jet Black Color

Hair Length: 22Inch

Hair Color #1B

Hair Type: Indian Hair

Hair Texture : Deep Wave

Cap Size

Medium(Circumference 22 - 22.5”)

Lace Color

Medium Brown

Hair Density


Silk Top

No, Thanks

Lace Front Wigs Cap A with 3 Combs. Coupon code: lux30


Hey guys, so I just got this week in from Lex we've calm and I have to say I'm in love with this way. First of all like it is gorgeous, and it's super super soft and I haven't experienced any shedding or tangling. But let me give this to the scope for this week, really quick, okay, so this is what it's supposed to look like. It'S just. It'S super gorgeous like no joke, like I really don't want to take this off, but anyway, let me get down to scope of the week really quick. This is a 22 inch, 1b Indian hair, it's a deep wave! The cap size is a medium, and I can't take this cap actually fits a really nicely. The lace color is medium brown, so yeah. This was the lace right here and it is like a medium brown color and the hair density is 110 to 130. This is usually they're in stock wig. So if you want a thicker density you're, probably I have to wait a little while, but this is just something: this is the density that think having that's ready to go and in my opinion it looks super freakin natural like gorgeous so anyway. Okay, it doesn't have a sub hop, it does have three combs two on the side, one in the back and adjustable straps, and I do have a coupon code for you guys. So you can get a discount. It is Lux 34 $ 30 off of their website. So I had to just kind of code on the screen down below somewhere, so you guys can see it so yeah really quick. I just want to do a show and tell the texture is gorgeous like gorgeous and soft and the hairline is super natural. So the lace is ear to ear and I didn't do a great job with cutting the leaves off. But I want you guys to see what this would look like without the lace, because it is more natural and it is more realistic once the lace is cut off and you guys can see it, it does have baby hair, as you guys can see, and it Does have that like sexy wave to it, I love it. I love it. I love it and this has a hundred percent remy hair super soft. I haven't experienced any shedding or tangling really quitting gon na show you that's party space. There is so much partying space like I want to say about three inches, so this is parting space right there. It does not have. Oh, this is cute in the middle. Oh sorry, I'll get distracted so um. It does not have bleach nets. You can always use concealer or you can pluck your part. In my opinion, I like to leave my wigs alone and just use concealer if I need to, but this is yeah like yeah. This is super pretty, so let me know what you guys think I will leave the discount code down below. It'S just super soft, no shedding those handling. This is straight out the box. I didn't do anything through this. Besides cut the lace off so um yeah, it's basically once you get it, it's ready to go straight out of the box unless you want to, like you know, lay your baby hair down, which you know you can do easily, but um. This is just something that is super super gorgeous, so yeah. Let me know what you guys think about this wig. I will stand up a little bit, so you guys can see it. Look at that beautiful, like every hair is like in please, and I didn't get a chance to you know wash this way or anything like that to see if the texture comes back, but I wouldn't be surprised if it if it does just. I can tell from the curl and how soft the hair is. It'S just going to bounce right back, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I'M really really filming this wig. Let me know what you guys think. I think it's really really gorgeous so yeah I'll talk to you guys later

Jane By Confidence: Thanks to your review I ordered a unit. It looks great on you! Your reviews are always amazing. However, I hope my unit looks and holds up to the quality as yours did in the video. Will review it once it comes.


RaeShawn Forbes: Gorgeous hair. You favor India Westbrook a lot with this look. TFS

Des Jeff: This looks so lovely on you!

Tamar White: You make everything you put on look nice. Yass

Natural Diva: The unit is beautiful, and please do a make-up tutorial on this look.

⚜️Fleur Harleaux⚜️: It looks gorgeous on you.

YouTube Video Home{Maria The Business}: OMG...I'm in love thanks for the info.

Dante Velasquez: omg you look beautiful! and i love the cat eye make-up as well :-)

ParisTaughtYu: that wig Is bomb...think I'll give the upart wigs a rest after seeing this video. I want that wig!!!!

Briana Smith: and the wig fits your face SO WELL....

Sally: Beautiful!!!

TheSpiritRoom23: something I noticed a lot of these companies are sending the gurus good hair for free to review and when we purchase the same hair it looks nothing like that... stop listening to the reviews that are sent free hair and look up the reviews of people who actually purchased the hair that's Wat I started doing because my hair was super thin and look nothing like that...

SupremeBeautyPinkie: Sooo cute!

Divagirl Young: love it

DiggingHerStyle: pretty!

Tiare Robinson: super pretty

Kayla Bradley: Do you sell any of your old wigs?

Cici: I just ordered this hair .. Hopefully it turns out like that. Maybe I'll do a review when I get it. And the coupon worked for me..

TaragayeNicole: it is beautiful

Lori Sullivan: very pretty

Grace: They certainly sent you a different wig than they sell to the rest of us. I purchased one after watching this video and what I got looks nothing like that. It's not thick and the curl pattern is a huge mess. I will never order from this company again, I will stick to the two honest companies I have bn working with before this. Disappointed!!

Tammy Brown: This happened to me with GinnyLace wig... smh

Natural Diva: @prettypcollins Thank you

Di-nae: Coupon doesn't work

Tanielle Jones: Lip color ?

Yralda Pernett: you are beautiful .

Kimberly Brown I'm Kim: how much he was it

Danie: the discount says not valid

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