Outre Synthetic Hair Hd Lace Front Wig-Elina

Wig name: Elina

colour: PKRD99J/425

Length: 16"

HD Transparent Lace

Natural baby hair

Pre-pluck parting space


Valentino wig mentioned: https://youtu.be/6ZdOcjecPxA

Foreign and welcome back to my channel, if you are new to this channel, a very warm welcome to you and, if you're all subscriber I thank you so so much for sticking with me throughout the years. I am really much appreciate all that you're doing to support my channel. Thank you so much okay. So today, as usual, I am here to introduce you to a new unit, and the header we're going to introduce today is a learner by outre. This is how she looks right in the Box. Elena is a lace, front Lace. Wig is five inches deep pattern. It says it's pre-propped lace, pattern space and it's also my heat safe is HD, it's a transparent lace and I got her in the color four. Two. Five slash Pika red 99j and the length is 16 inches long. So this is how Elena looked right out right in the Box without doing anything so we're still, we don't wasting much of your time. Please stay tuned as we review this to work together. I'Ll be right back stay tuned, so this is how Elena looks like this is the stock card. It comes in a variety of colors and lots of colors to choose from so if you're not familiar with colors, you definitely have a lot of colors that you can choose from it's a very gorgeous unit. The funny thing is when I was ordering it online. I really thought it was 99j because that was what I was looking out for I for some reason they don't even see the red. So when I got it then I saw that it has a red in the style. So it is pretty dominantly very, very red red is more pronounced, as you can see, it's a very gorgeous red color see very gorgeous curl pattern and once again the style is Elena, and this is how it looks on the stock. Hat is 16 inches long and it has an HD lace up here you get two combs in front. You have one comb at the back and you also get your adjustable straps right here and it is the middle part. The pattern is five inches long. So this is how it looks. I am going to cut the stock hat off and I'll be right back, please stay tuned, so I am just going to cut the lace off the unit when you're cutting the lace. You need to be careful, you don't cut the the hair, because if you do it's going to shed so much because um it's going to take some hair off and it's going to check. So you just be careful. You cut close to the hair, but not cut into the hair. If that makes sense, it has some little um baby hairs too. If you are the fan of a baby hair, you can actually get some baby hairs as well. So yeah, I cut the lace off I'll put it on and I'll be back stay tuned. Okay, so I have cut out all the lace, and this is how it's looking. I am now going to put her on that and adjust it to the back. Without doing anything to it, this is how it is looking. I have not put anything in the padding space, so this is how it looks right out of the box. This is gorgeous, so it comes with some baby hairs, but if you're a fan of doing baby hairs, you can actually um glue it down and do your baby hairs, but I'm not a fan of baby hair, so I'll just leave that alone. Okay. So this is how it's looking right now, that is gorgeous use my hand to comb through it. Okay, so I'm experiencing some shedding. I have some little shedding, so I thought the red was going to be overpowering, but I like hair, I like how this will be. My very first time wearing a gorgeous red color like this. Like you know, I pick a book like that. It'S beautiful, you don't have to do anything if you want you can put in some powder, but I did not do anything because the padding space is pretty much very good. It'S really good on its own, so I'm not going to do anything to it. I'M not going to do any baby hairs so yeah, I run my fingers through it and the only thing is the sharing because of the cattle of the lace. So I I'm not sure if it would have shared it um without cutting the legs. But I pretty much think that it is because of the lace. That is why it's shedding so much, but other than that. This is how she looks. I'M going to use a white tooth um comb to comb her to see yeah it's gorgeous. This is pretty surprisingly, it is laying down flat for me, but if you get here and it's not laying flat, you can definitely put your iron and flatten the top, so we can lay down. You know more flatter for you, so this is the length that it comes on me, I'm five six, so this is where it comes on me right here. So once again, this is Elena on the stock card. This is how she looks on the model, and this is five inches deep, padding space. You can see how deep the padding space is. It'S very very good padding space and it is pre-plugged, as you can tell you, don't have to plug it. You don't have to do anything, you just put it on and that's it and also it has some natural baby hairs like I said early on, but I am not into baby hairs. So I I am not too particular about that and it is transparent lace. You can tell it is very, very transparent, mm-hmm and also um like I said it is 16 inches long 16 inches long. This is how it comes down on me. It'S a very gorgeous color. I like her and I like the fact that you can run your fingers through it when there are no Tangles but, like I always say in my videos, if you're going to use this unit as an everyday wear, then you are definitely going to get some Tangles Because you are sweating and on the back of your hair you're using it every day, so you are definitely going to. But if it's an on and often on occasional hair, then you're going to keep it for a long time yeah. So the color that I have here on is four two five slash Pika red 99j. That is how - and this is an ultra awake by altering. So this is how she looks on the stock card. So if you're not familiar with colors or you are not interested in the red color, they come also in a variety of colors. It has a lot of colors that you can choose from a color like the budget toast in any of these colors, that the models are wearing. If you are too afraid to go in for color, you can definitely try this one here. It looks gorgeous so, but if you want to try and play with colors, I mean this is not too bold. This is not too out there, so you can definitely rock this looks so so good but yeah. This is how she looks in the front on the side, the back and then the other side, and in the front it's really pretty pretty and it has very gorgeous and bouncy curls. This is not laying really like. I want it to lay, but you can make it work. Yes, it's really good, I'm digging hair. So, as usual, I will leave all the information in the comments on the description box below and also comment in the comment section, and let me know what you think about this unit. It'S a very, very gorgeous unit, see the red is running through, and you have the burgundy also going on here, underneath that is what is the peekaboo kind of effect going on there. So, yes, this is how she looks. It reminds me so much of Valentino, but those of you who are familiar with Valentino. It reminds me so much of that and Valentino. I think I also got it in the burgundy color and the black. It looks pretty much like Valentino the length and everything. So if you are the type that have a Latino and it's in love a Valentino, we are definitely going to love this one too. It mimics Valentino to me yes, so yeah leave all your comments down below. Don'T forget to like this video If you haven't subscribed, please do subscribe to my channel and leave on your notification Bell, so you do not lose any uploads from me until I come your way again. Next time, bye, bye,

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