Easiest Trina Inspired Jet Black Buss Down Middle Part Ft Cynosure Hair

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Hair details: 4*4 Straight HD Transparent Lace 26 inches 180% density

Best Selling: https://bit.ly/3EzZXTg

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Is me me, hey everybody, what's up it's kiki and welcome back for another video today, i'm coming to you guys with the wig that i showed you a little preview of yes. I have me a long straight wig today. This wig is from sonosia hair. I think that's how you pronounce it. I was going to actually dye this hair jet black, but it has more of a jet black look to it. So i didn't. I did go ahead and bleach the knots it did take me two rounds because the hair is so dark, but i did eventually get it nice bleached, and this is a closure wig which is perfect for today, because i got things still and i don't have time To be saying her plan with no wig, the hair is super full. The ends are a little thinner, but that's what happens when the hair is so long, but the hair is super full. So i'm gon na go ahead and apply this and you guys just watch on me from the game. She was spitting in my ear. You would think that you know me. I decided to chill come and say she got heavy hey. She had me feeling like she's, ready to blow but watch out. She said baby, let's go when i told her. I said okay in my head, okay, so this is the finished look to the senoja hair love it once. I straightened it out it's pretty long, so that 20 just is definitely true to size. That'S where it hits on me. I'M five two for reference got a flower right there. I wanted to dye it jet black, but i didn't need to because it was already dark enough super easy to manage. I could actually get this straighter if i tried, but i think it's really really cute and i am happy with this hair so make sure you guys go check out so knows your hair will have all the links description, every all the links and information in the Description box make sure you guys go check them out. Hope you guys enjoy. I love you guys and i'll talk to you later.

Sew dope: Now I want to put a black rinse in my hair for the fall! Beautiful

Angela Marie: Hey girl hey…. New to your channel. Love watching you your husband and the gang. Real down to earth people ❤️

Sharonda Guice: Black hair will always be a fav for me!!

Rollin with the Rileys : Love love it!

Mrz Reez: Luvin the shirt and half sweater look

ToriZee: This is pretty. I need to get a straight wig. All the ones I have are curly.

Aye Millions: Hey Keke, great video!! Random question..what are some good restaurants/bars/lounges to go to in Miami? I’ll be visiting soon and need any suggestions plz! I watch your Volgs and see that you’re always out and about!

Tamara Henderson: Love this

iKandi: Clicked immediately!

prettysmile777: Hey Ki! , I want to buy this blonde wig on your site but it says it's not set up to accept payments...plz help! That would be perfect for me and I'd love to have it. Anything you can do?

Tammy Boyd: Yesss great again

Taneisha Johnson: Do you check the comment section on your videos? Which hair were you wearing in the video before this one?

Nikki B.: ❤️

Briana Brown: OKAY KEKE WITH EDITING !! ‍♀️‍♀️

Melissa Bryant: You and Alicia Kim should meet up. She a YouTuber also in Miami

julio ayala: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

emiller1822: Where did u get the hat from and glasses @mrsdivalike

ADOSEOFKIYAA : Yes kekeeee

Lashonda Mickles: All I see is Jt from City girls

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