Cysterwigs Color Comparison: 1 (Black Licorice) Vs. 1B (Hot Fudge) By Jon Renau

COLOR MASTERCLASS SERIES: This video is part of an in-depth educational video series about wig colors! We've made these videos to go BEYOND THE SWATCHES to help demystify and shed some much needed light on the similarities and differences about the colors of the wigs we carry!

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Filmed in 2019

Written, Filmed, & Produced by Heather Hershey of

Edited by Heather & D.J.


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Hi right with Laurie, this is heather from sister, and this is a short and sweet color spotlight of john burroughs number one, and there won't be so. Can you tell which is which, which ones are number one and which ones a one be a one? Is a jet black? It is a black of all trades that had you know slight blue undertones. It got red undertones, so i mean it's a very rich, very sort of cool color and then the other one the one would be is softer. It'S almost a dark brown. It doesn't have any of the blue shades, which makes it a little bit easier to wear. Can you tell which is which I'll tell you this one here, as you may have guessed, is actually the one beat. This is on a top fooled by John Renault, and this has a little bit of a warm up tints now, in a pinch, they can definitely be substituted for one another, because they're both super duper dark, but if you really want to know the difference, this is A one it's got all the tone saying this isn't like blueberry burst from noriko you're, not actually going to see blue anywhere in here, but, as you can see, when they're right up against each other, the one's just a little bit darker. So this is what Alexis right out of the box hasn't the cone or anything looks like in the one. This is making my eyeliner refused. So this is the one, and this one is the one being. This is a topper, so it's not going to cover my whole head, but this one gives you a lot of coverage, this hot pool and they sell out a lot. So if this is the one you want just bear in mind that you may have to wait in line for it. I almost wish this one had a lace-front because a lot of people who have profound hair loss, you know, like the people who wear 3/4 wigs. They don't have intact hair lines to integrate with the front of the topper, but this is the Lumbee it's a little bit softer because it's ever so slightly warmer, it's just just slightly so again right next to each other very, very similar right. I'M Heather I'm from sister weeks, calm @ cy s, te arms when via hi she s calm. Thank you so much for watching my videos. This has been a color spotlight, make sure you subscribe, so you don't miss any of them in the future and until next time have a great night everybody and thanks for watching again, ok, bye,

laughing Hawk: I needed this video so badly lol. Thanks for doing the very dark color.

GI2011: Thanks Heather! I can really see the difference....I can't wear anything with blue undertones!

LittleM: thanks so much for the video!! Much needed! I ordered the top smart (it does have lace front ;>) in 4, darkest brown, since the soft black is out of stock. I'm hoping it works with my naturally black hair color. Have you by chance tried #4 before?

Jessamyn Casie Chitty: Super helpful, thank you so much. Very few premium brands have black available in all their styles.

Kathleen Ryan: Ooh so pun can totally see the difference..beautiful xxox

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