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Brazilian Lace Front Straight Wig 100% human virgin hair

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Hair Color: Natural Black

Hair Length: 26”

Hair Density:180%

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today, as you can see, i'm here with s dummy hair, and this is actually how the packaging is looking like and inside this box, you're going to receive your 3d mink eyelashes your weekend, your your headband as usual and, of Course your nail and edges comb so guys. Let me switch into this and this i'm sorry guys. You'Re, a free headband like to give you that extra fried food - and this is actually a geneticist place for this ageless frontal wing, and this hair is actually so cute and super long. I'M loving how the texture is looking like and it actually came a bit like slightly bleached, which i'm loving right here, and this is how it is so we're going to like cut out our lace and you know, use the comb to pin down and lay down Our edges and all that you don't spray or glue, so this is how the texture is actually looking like it's super silky is shoot, is so guys, as you can see, we have come to the end of this hair installation. One thing i noticed about this hair is that this detects the texture of this hair is so soft, like it's three other person very in my hair, and it's to me, this hair looks like more more of like a twist. It is like a 28 inches. It'S super long. I love the texture. Everything about this hair is like the quality is everything i love it. This is a luxurious kind of hair from x, diamond hair in case you're interested in this hair. All the solutions you need are all the things you need to be in the description box down below make sure you go check that check them out guys. I love the extension, the fact that they are the best when it comes to extension, like their texture, is everything. So let me know what you think about this, and this is actually 26 inches, but for me feels like a 28 and it's a front leg. Frontal um this week, it's super cute. They have other hairs installed, they have a coily, kinky waterway. This is actually straight so guys. Let me know what you think and what you like to see more or what you want to see next from me. Thank you and i'll see you guys in my next video bye, guys

Fezomuhle Princess: You are forever effortlessly slaying these wigs. I’m officially convinced to purchase this wig

Nicole Nini: You’re just a professional! Love how you explained everything bit by bit thank you

Catalina Jane: Haven’t even watched the whole video yet but can I just say I’m SO GLAD you don’t pull your frontal down all fall!!! People don’t be having NO foreheads looking crazy . You slayed this hair perfectly and beautifully ❤️❤️

Jacinta Brown: I like how TRUE and HONEST you are when it comes to your reviews

Adeola Dominic: The packing is so cute .I like that it comes with extra goodies .The hair is so sleek

Pretty Brown: Your tutorial videos are so detailed and calming to watch, I am so glad I found your channel ❤️❤️

Vikisha Knight: The box itself looks beautiful and the hair!!!! Yes with the inches upon inches

Fatimat Momoh: The packages! And the length of the hair. It’s awesome.

Queen Quayson: I love how silky this hair is, very beautiful hair ❤️

Jade Rose Gylphion: Look at all these goodies in the box sis I love the length of this hair! It's so beautiful.

Gift Esosa: I'm in love with this length and texture,you have eyes for great hairs

Mcmarley Ella: Looks so naturalllll This is a must HAVE

Oyin Niyo: You really took your time to explain, great video hun ♥️

First Lady: Looking so gorgeous on this unit❤️

Anthonia Coll: Love the finish look of the hair though ❤️ I need this ASAP !

Ada Kweenie: Every time she does a hair video I end up wanting the hair

Frances Bella: Yo! You MELTED that lace!!! Looks amazing mama

Mahtilda Chimaobi: You always style your hair so perfectly

Gem 4Luv: Omg I’m loving this length and texture ❤️

GraceWorld beauty: I am so in love with silkiness of this beautiful wig.. it’s so beautiful on you

Estalia Awoyaa: This hair looks very silky and I love the length 26 inches wow

Dami Lima: I like that you are always dishing out where we can get affordable wigs and hairs.. You are the real mvp

Decadent Diva TV: I really love that box that wig came in it’s really nice

Nkem knows: I can feel the quality only by watching So sleek Love this honey

Noxolo Sifundza: I always wanted to do this style to my hair but I don’t know how to install weaves, and trust me I’m learning so much from your channel ❤️

Esther Ndoleriire: It comes with so many gifts i love it its so long and beautiful

Pretty Oduayo: Love this video.. it’s so DETAILED

Mimmacula: The length I'm here for it looks do pretty

MADE IDANIMO: This one came with plenty things..so beautiful love long hairs

Violet Life: I love wigs I was trying to find a website too, so thank you for sharing ❤️

Oluwadamilola Fajuyitan: Thanks for always being so detailed with your videos.. you can tell the OG YOUTUBERS.. videos are always .. been watching you for years.. you never disappoint

Amber Millas: Always watch your videos before applying my wit because yours are just so detailed

GraceNaturalee: It's the finish look for me ❤

Gyselle_WhOo: This hair is amazing. It looks amazing

Verra Malone: Thank you very much for this beautiful update ❤️❤️

Emma Davis: The packaging is everything

Sylvia Taylor: I love your videos I can watch you all day for some reason they’re so interesting and relaxing for me

Nicole Key: This hair is so exclusive ❤️

SYLVIA'S HAVEN: This looks so good

Ogonna Nwakile: This hair is so beautiful

Nancy Khiki: You are soooooo good Sis. You are truly an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

Kholeka Bucie: I love it but ima just end up buying this and paying someone to install it so I don’t mess it up

The Zoe Platform: Oh my word, I love this hair

Candy Patricia: You have the prettiest face shape and features to go along with it and they done change the game giving us them pretty ass lashes omgg

Shianne Diamond: This hair is so full but silky I like it a lot.

First Lady: My sis killing the hair game periodtt !!! ❤️

J Fabulous: Wow the length is breathtaking...I’m tripping already ❤️❤️

Wantor Toryem: Hair looks so good

Lady Dee: I not only love the hair I also loveeee the hair

Scandi Bae: You really did a great job

Ariam klmml: Hey sweetie, your weaves be looking fly. Keep doing what you doing.. I like the one you on now it looks pretty on you

Lucia Nice: How long did it take you to receive this hair? And how long did it last?

Maggie ibanga: That’s a quality and beautiful wigs ❣️

Josy Megane Tv: Woouh the result is just perfect ❤️

Kween & Jess: Love the hair but the headband in the thumbnail got me beautiful as usual

Frances Chuks: The length and quality is top-notch

Keshia Golden: This hair so sleeky and long ❤️❤️

Bongiwe Moyane: I wish you lived in my city I would definitely pay you to do my hair, you did a good job looks beautiful like always

Happy hour Comedy: You are good at what you do!!!

Kelly Hellena: Okay I need me one of this so beautiful

Prettybrainywife: I love love love that pink hair band. Ouh! I really love it♥️♥️

Sarcastic Mia: I’m loving this already...I’m so glad I tapped this video ❤️

Gem Hetroza: so beautiful...i love it

Terra Jones: Okay I need to get this

PIECES OF CEE: I love this wig! Does it come in different hair textures?


Vicky Lemon: Welp I’m buying this ❤️❤️❤️

Tega Fred: I love love the texture

Ella Mcmarley: Omg. This is beautiful. Wow amazing. You are a PRO love. I need this in my life lol. Did you’re beautiful

Beatice Elizzy: Could I use hair moose instead of foam setting spray?

Quiana Anisha: Love the hair

Tily Freeman: Wow the best hair package I’ve seen

AMY On RECORD: Oh wow I love the length and head band

Jewel Shana: Your hair is always laid I gotta practice more thank you for your videos ❤️

Simply Keke: How long do you keep these in?

Ebunuoluwa Titilope: Common inchesssss!!!! Love it so much

Ananaba Happiness: So pretty you make it look easy. Do they also have 30inches?

the oba: Love this

Rebecca Rose: You are so talented and beautiful!!!

Rae Mothermelly: I’m living for your face! Omg so pretty you look gorgeous and wow INCHESSS

irene lorenzo: that beautiful!

Dyani Donoma: Did you get the medium brown lace or transparent?

Tahir Mercy Michaelin: Sell me this wig lol it’s cute af

Simply Shericka: I love this hair

Etienne One: What do you like better? The 13x4 or 13x6 better?

Too PRECIOUS: Wow Lovely packaging So princessy

Ravele Ndindi: Love the hair

Ada Kweenie: All this gift this wonderful and the hair is long I don’t think it’s 26inch your so gorgeous

Kholeka Bucie: You the best PHINK NICEY!!!! Love from ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stella Cherry: The MELT IS REAL! Yaasss!

Debby Fully: The texture I looking gorgeous

Laina Tia: Your lashes look sooo good, where did you get it from??

Camilla Ignis: Did you do any bleaching or plucking ?

Pam Vibez: Wow all those gifts

Spunky Chi Comedy: Nice one

Pretty DIYS: Very nice...I like the length

Spunky Chi Comedy: This hair is

Imani West: This looked too good

Vbella Pweshy: Only watching because your melanin is like popping for real

Life As Juicyy: I really gotta start wearing wigs more often you have sooo many

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