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Hi guys, I'm back another face video to make a wig film. This week is from July weddings right here. So wait come to scientist pink box right here, says Blythe and it says beauty and love and youth 100 % human hair wigs so this week that I have right now in my head. This is a 24 inch loose deep wave, so you can see, look pretty wavy here, construction cap, we have a comb in the middle okay. Do we have two combs on the side and coming back with adjustable straps with a little bit of lace down there? So you know you cool when you put it up in a ponytail, whatever yeah so anyway. This is what the hair looks like: okay, the lint. It stops when you stretch it down and stops right at my boobs, so yeah. So when you open the box here or something that you will receive, they give you a 2-way caps and they give you this card, which is just like their Instagram. You know other social, medias and stuff, then on the back: yes, thereafter so service, so okay, so the first time I'm gon na do is cut the lace. So I just want to say that the hairline - it's tough, it's like pretty good. You know I'm saying so. Yeah so now I'm just gon na cut the lace right now right, so I just got done, cutting the lace in here what it looks like so far, and I put some foundation on it. If I need to go back in after I'm done, laying the lace I'll put more foundation, but here what it looks like so far before I laid the lace and everything so yeah now, I'm about to actually lay the lace right. So I'm trying to take some of my ghost bond glue right here, I'm just gon na um put it all over. I bet you guys, so I just um, like the lace here, we're just looking like right now. So now I'm just about to UM make a middle part, hey guys, so I just did the middle part here we're just looking like I'm. I definitely have to go in there with some foundation. You know to make it a little bit more visible. So now I'm gon na take this white tooth comb and just like comb it out. I guess the hair is really really soft. Super super, pretty curls, okay and the reason it is shedding is because I did cut the ear flaps off. So that was a result into cutting some hair off, so this shedding a little bit, but that tell me cuz, I cooked it, your flat foot. Here we go what it look like: okay, I'm gon na do this side and I'm gon na take someone's, got to be glue it spray and just spray it gon na take a hard brush. Then just do it like that. I mean get on flyaways and stuff away. I said I'm about to actually um put some baby hairs in here. So I'm trying to take a little piece like that today, I am gon na. Take some moves just to do my baby hairs. All right, you know so. Here'S the finished. Look! Here'S the lace right here looks pretty pretty good and my edges. Okay, then, here comes the hair. Super super pretty okay! I really do love these like fluffy type of curls and these fluffy girly curls yeah, so super super cute. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Everything about this hair will be in the description box down below like comment subscribe and thanks for watching to know.

Hairouna Empress: This hair would be so gorgeous in a midnight blue and red yanna you did a good job as usual styling the hair

Nevaeh Amahri: Who ever gave her a dislike y’all just mad BecUse you can be a pretty as her so stop hating and positive!❤️

Kerise Douglas: Two videos one day omg y’all we are blessed today ❤️

Angie Dior: love this channel stay strong sis

Tameka Renee: LOVE IT

Deasia Simmons: That wig is really pretty❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tequela Nunez: Cute niece! You already snatched them braids out

Theresa Flowers: Honey fabulous are you in that wig. Love it on you Yanna❤️❤️❤️

Deejourneyz _: I swear yanna be hooking up the wigs

Kia Webb: Get a hot comb to flatting you’re hair swear it’s a life changer

babygrils1000: Love this video

AllAbout Makita: Yanna took then braids out n went straight to work ... unless this was already recorded lol

Dolly Rivers: that hair is pretty....looks good on you.

MarKey & The Boyz: I like this....I want to try a lace front but my head is big

Layla Algabri: the angle you had your face in the thumbnail made you look like my mom and I got scared omg but you look good sis

Prinxcess El Vlogs: Ooo Yanna with the double upload .. I love it

Tameka Harris: Cute

Tinky World: I love the wigs that you weare

Josh Kimble: Request: Today in your new YouTube video in regular time show how to do crunches.

IT'S NiYA: Hi yanna are you going to be making a poshmark or are you just giving the shoes cause I would like to get them

Josh Kimble: Request: Today in regular time show how to do crunches in new YouTube video. Thanks.

Deasia Simmons: Who else noticed that yanna moved her mirror again

Kiera Niomie: Thought I was subscribe already to your channel

phoebe Thomas: Gah ! U so pretty

Camiyah Hynson: How old are you

TaeGottiii: otay yannaaa

Natasha N.: how is this 24 inches...

Jailee Fenty: Is this a fucking joke ?

itssbenedicta: First

K’s Fab’s Lips: First

Shania Willis: First

Lifewithmilaa: Hi

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