How To Color Your Lace Front Wig Black At Home #Howtocoloryourwig

color your lace front wig black at home. How TO COLOR YOUR WIG BLACK AT HOME + COLOR MY BIRTHDAY HAIR WITH ME.. Is a video about how to color your wig at home also coloring my birthday hair with me. #HOWTOCOLORYOURWIG #ROADTO1K










Video Start - 00:00 - 00:50


Conditioning Hair - 03:39 - 04:51

Rinsing out conditioner - 04:52 - 07:01

Blow Drying Hair - 07:10 - 09:07

Straightening the hair - 09:08 - 11:33


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Slap this color on this wig make it do what it do looks like i'm going to color this wig black um. I was going to bleach the knots, but it's just a small. What'S the name, i can just use makeup to cover that um. It'S not necessary! Um so yeah, that's what i'm about to do i'm about to get into it. I might try to bleach it, though, because the worst thing i can do is mess it up and since i'm coloring it the wig black anyway, i'm saying like it legit wouldn't matter. So i don't know we'll figure that out we'll we'll play that by ear yeah. So anyway, i'm gon na get off here, i'm about to um slap. This color y'all come with me slap this color on this wig make it do what it do. Oh ain't, no surprise surprises is okay y'all, so i am back and i am hoping that we did this right, because this is. I mean it's not my birthday here, but it might be my birthday here. You know what i'm saying so uh we are about to rent yeah. So i'm not even sure if you guys uh hear this or if i'm just going to put music over, i'm not sure, but what we're we are about to rinse, so we're going to move it over to the sink that i have stuff all over we're just About to rinse, all you wan na do is guess me how we end up in the back seat just trying to get to the back. We on the same page, where we gon na stop everywhere. We go looking at us in the morning everywhere we go outside when we gon na stop everywhere. We go. Your friends is okay, guys um. You can't see me because i'm homeless, as you can see, i can still have my um nightgown on, but this is how she's looking since we colored her um, it could have did better, but for my first time i'm in love. So, as you saw i just blow dryer, i let her dry overnight. Air dry for the most part, so today don't mind my ghetto um hair thing, but i just made this so yeah. Here'S the color, i am, as you guys know, getting ready or for most of you guys know that i am getting ready for um. My 40th birthday trip today is wednesday. My flight leaves at 8.. It is alexa. What time is it? The time is 1208 pm. Happy wednesday, so it's 1208, so i am getting ready to. I have to wash my hair because, as you guys know, yesterday um it was curly, so i'm going. Oh, this is still kind of wet, so i am going to um shower wash my hair blow dry. Get it ready, so i can put her on. I don't know this is not my birthday hair. This is just me, you know going to orlando, but i'm really loving it. I'M loving it um and she's long. So yeah i'm going to blow dry her just a little bit more straightener, i'm going to show you guys me straightener straightening, her yeah. I would think this is the ghettos i got. I ain't going to show y'all how i got this head on this thing for not to move. Why i'm doing this, you guys would crack up. But yes i'll, come back on when i'm straightening, my the favors they never repay me. It worked in my favors. Go crazy. I

Life With Terwell: You made this look so easy-to-do ‍♀️ It turned out well

Marilyn RoRo: You did a really good job Ericca!

Life Of Steph Vlogs: You did a great job.

Brit Adore: I love it Ericca ❤️❤️❤️

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