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Colors: #1 & #TT1B/DTeal

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Color: TT1B/BUG

Hey loves! I’m back with another affordable wig video! I am in LOVE with this Bobbi Boss Lace Front synthetic long bob wig!! I had no clue beauty supply stores were out here stepping up their synthetic wig game! Who needs a virgin lace frontal when you got this?? This is a PERFECT everyday wig you can wear in the summer or winter!

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Hey outs are gon na be, and I know it's been a while, but I am back with another week, video Joe and I just got a whole shipment full of wigs and crochet braids yeah. So I want to be back to back with videos yeah, okay, yeah. So this videos, a collaboration with, go beauty, new, and listen - I told them. We got to do a really good discount for my people, okay, because that little 10 15 percent 20 percent don't be cutting in it. Okay, three five dollars is not good enough. When I'm spending a whole bunch of money on wigs so use, my code and n e be 35 to save 35 % off of any wig of your choice. So the great thing about the sides that they're shipping is only at five dollars, no 10 or 15 or 20, and if you spend over $ 60 to get free shipping out so make sure you call and see as much as you can. It'S a great deal. Go ahead and buy whatever y'all like you know, I got job, oh and if you're also interested in with that, I currently have on the Yarra Bank. Wake I'll leave a link to the video about this link in the description box below you can also say for your 5 percent off of this as well cuz. You know I got you, okay, let's get into this review, so I'm gon na be reviewing Delina long. Wig, I got it in a jet black number 1 and I also got it in a teal. I'Ve never tried this color before so I'm excited to see what this looks like on me. This wig comes with lace and it looks very natural, honestly y'all. I went ahead and cut the lace already. It comes with two combs right here and a bit comb in the back and the partner. One is good, but I will probably go in and twist a little more. I did put a little bit of shadow on it earlier, so maybe it looks like the part is a little bit bigger than what it actually initially came out. Looking like cuz now that I'm looking at it on this tail unit, the part looks a lot smaller. Let'S try it out. Okay, all right! This is cute! Oh yeah! I like this. This is cute yeah. Let me turn to the back, so you can see so it's shorter in the back and longer in the front, and I actually like that yeah, because it's, I guess at first class could be a very simple wig, but it's a little bit of an end. A little bit of a twist to it - and it's not doing too much, but it looks really cute - and I don't know about Java, with synthetic wigs that are very long. They tend to tangle very quickly so, especially in the back bar. It'S going through this wig. I'M not really seeing a fantasy shut him yet, but I know I'm about to be a little something like no shutting at all. Okay, there is no shedding it's a probably just a little bit of shutting out. Okay, I can see this very minimal shutting. I live right by the airport Yas. Please ignore all this no tangling as of yet and I really get in much the comb went through it very easily. Oh wait just a little bit of tingling right here, so I think that's on me because Mike the wig did fall, I'm really liking this way. So far now on some real, like it has a good thickness to it. It feels like it's a yaki texture. I'M really liking this we're gon na go ahead and tweeze the top part I'm gon na try and do it at my mirror and happy. I look its best tweeze on a mannequin just so you can see exactly what you're doing cuz. Sometimes you don't want to over tweet or negative you over tweeze. You can always color it backing with some like black eyeshadow or something so there's always a way to fix something. Well, let's go ahead and try to tweeze, but you guys get the gist of it. You just tweeze out the pack out the line to make it more natural. Looking and you're gon na go ahead and use comb bow the hair. As I came out, okay, I just noticed it's actually little bit of short hair in the front. I think you can do baby hairs with it. I'M gon na go ahead and try to cut the hairs in the front a little bit. Okay yeah, so I went ahead and split the baby hairs down the middle and kind of gelled it up to the side. I cannot put a scarf on it because we're gon na be trying the teal colored wig. Next, I'm really filling this wig y'all. I like this look on me a lot like this yeah. Now, let's get on to the teal colors way, oh okay! So I'm really liking the teal color. That'S colors! I'Ve never done chill before sucky. Let me try that to this side. I think I might like it better. Let me hide some of this big forehead. I got going on here. Oh yeah, sorry, you went ahead and tweeze the part and I put in some concealer my eyeshadow, and I also cut down the baby hairs. I didn't gel it down yet, but I went ahead and did all of that already just to save some time. I select this color, I'm surprised. I can see this being one color that everyone would like to wear the summer time, just because it's very vibrant, it's giving me very mermaid, ish aquamarine. You know I like it. I think the jet black version of this unit is a little bit thicker a lot more thicker and just one is just a lot more smoother and a bit more thinner. So I think I, like the other, doing their little bit more because I like more of that dick look going on, but I do like the teal with the black into the two ombre going on here. I like this a lot. I think this is different and it's a good kind of different good, usually I'm not into different at all yeah. Okay, also, I went ahead and gelled on the baby hairs. Echo look way better honestly, but I like it for what it is. I really do return there. It is in the back and again just like the other one, just very minimal, shedding not really ting just a little bit of tingling here and there, but otherwise than that I do like the unit. I think it's a good look. You know this is a very nice summer. Look yeah, I'm I'm really feeling it yeah like. I am not really a big fan of straight wigs like that, but I love these. I really am I like it a lot. Let me know which color do you guys like best on me? Do you like the teal or do you like the jet black and do you like it to the side, or do you like it's in the middle? Let me know what you guys like, because I'm trying to see if y'all feel the way I feel about liking this yeah, alright y'all. So that's the end of this video. Thank you so much for tuning in remember again, you can save 35 % off any unit of your choice using my code and then EB 35. Please go ahead and leave a comment below if you haven't done so already. Please subscribe and thumbs me up and remember. If you're interested in these units, the link will be in the description box below so make sure you check that out until next time, love's bye,

Victoria Owiredu: you are freaking gorgeous. OMG!!! love the hair on you and your complexion is everything and more.

BlackPlatinum79: Idk how you showed up in my feed but baybaaaaay I’m glad u did! I ordered 2 wigs (ones that are sold out on every other site!) . Great review!

MoonLight: You look so beautiful... the colors look amazing on you

BriTanya' Lee: New subbie this is so pretty

Mary Bellaa: Black and to the side. I ordered this unit and yara bang because of your reviews. You’re so pretty!! Btw where did u get ur Africa necklace from? I would like one for myself

MariaHarris: I like the teal in you best, but girl, I'm so used to seeing you in braided styles, LOL

jill Brown: GORGEOUS

Rachel Lawson: blk n middle part

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