New! V-Part Wig Install With Leave Out + Curling Tutorial Ft. Unice Hair

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Soooo today I will be showing y’all how I installed this Body Wave V-Part wig on myself featuring UNICE HAIR. This is my first time trying V-Part Wig and I am in love with how this look turned out ! and if you loved this install video/tutorial just as much as I did please give this video a thumbs up and a comment down below !... xoxo

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Hair information:

Inch:24 inches

Density:150% density

Wig link:

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Hey: what's up you guys welcome back to my channel, it's your girl destiny and today i will be showing you how i installed. This super duper easy v, part wig in under five minutes: y'all. Yes, five minutes! Okay! So if you want to see how i got this look, then stay tuned and keep on watching right, you guys, so today's video is going to be featuring you, nice, hair, so inside my wig box, they gave me this cute little christmas card, a wig cap. They gave me a goodie bag with a whole bunch of goodies on the inside, so they gave me some clips, which were super duper clutch, a satin scarf some eyelashes and this cute little christmas stocking y'all super duper cute. So i got a 24 inch v part body, wave wig, and this is what the inside of the wig looks like. It comes with clips and combs on the inside of the wig, so i did go and dye this hair jet black to match my natural hair. Color, because if you watch my previous videos, then you know, i recently dyed my hair jet black and i wanted to make sure the wig matched my hair perfectly. So i pretty much did the watercolor method, which is super duper explanatory um. I just got some water added the dye to it mixed it around, and then i placed my wig inside of the water and i let it sit for about an hour before i actually went on to installing it. So, let's jump into that all right, you guys so now we're going to get into actually installing the wig. But let me just show you guys the wig again. This is a v part wig, as you can see, it has cones and clips on the inside of your wig, so it will definitely be secure. You won't have to worry about it coming off or anything like that. So what i'm going to be doing, um i'm going to be doing a middle part and, as you can see, my hair is pretty much it's already straight, so i won't have an issue with blending my leave out, so i'm just going to section off my leave Out area um - and i don't want it to be even got a big sister by the name, brown sugar baby and then i'm just going to part a little bit of my edges on the side out not too much, though just a little bit um. Oh! So, as you can see, i got my little hair section off um and i'm not gon na be braiding. My hair, i'm just gon na put it in like a little ponytail as you can see, and i'm pretty much going to pop the big one now. So i'm just going to loosen the clips. I don't know on my shoes, they swear. Okay, listen! I think someone's is definitely making its way back y'all because i'm not gon na lie. Sometimes the lace is just a little bit too much like you got. Ta worry about, is it you know, lifting is your heart looking crazy, like does the lace match your skin, like honestly, i'd rather deal with leave out a bad leave out versus the bad lace you get. What i'm saying like yo this? This is definitely where is that, so now, i'm going to add some curls to this wig y'all, this wig literally, this takes less than five minutes. If that like when they say beginner friendly, they mean it. So i'm gon na add some curls to this wig y'all. I'M not even gon na lie because the lace is becoming a little bit too much like you got. Ta worry about. Is it blending? You know? Is your lace lifting it's just it's too much but y'all this. I think this is this is where it's at so pretty much just gon na add some curls, so i'm probably gon na speed this up and talk to you guys when your girl is almost finished. Um, oh, don't know how to behave, see we be making love constantly. That'S why my eyes are shaped. The way that we kiss is unlucky all right. You guys so now that i finished curling my hair, i'm going to take this sebastian shaper on hairspray, i'm just going to spray that all over my hair before i um comb out the curls and i'm just going to take a wide tooth comb and just call These bad sweet, like boys when it comes to me skin, is caramel with the cocoa eyes even got a big sister by the name. All right, you guys, so, as you can see, your girl is all finished, and this is how my hair turned out y'all. I am super duper in love with this wig and y'all know. I will not tell you i'm in love with a wig if it's not true, but y'all this one right here, she's. Definitely a game changer. Now, if you remember, when the pandemic first happened, you power wigs, started to come back on the scene and make their little debut because of the lace shortage. So this is pretty much like an upgraded version. I would say of a u-part wig. The parting space is smaller, which is definitely a 10 out of 10, because that was one of the biggest things that i did not like about those you part wigs, like you had to leave out so much of your natural hair. It'S kind of like is this a protective style of what you know what i'm saying. So this is definitely the upgraded version i would say, of a u-part wig. It'S super duper beginner friendly, as you can see, all i had to do was section out my natural hair and just pop the wig on you know pop it in place, and that is it and honestly curling. My hair was the longest part of this process. Like literally this is beginner friendly. You ain't got a book, nobody, you could book yourself and do this at home. You guys. The only thing is. I wish they had like a higher density on this wig, because if you know anything about sew-ins, normally you get like three four bundles when you get in a sew-in and because this wig is 150 density, this gives like two bundle vibes, and i got a big Head y'all, and normally when i get my phones, i would get like three four bundles, so i definitely think once they go up on the density, they will definitely win the girls over y'all, but this wig is super duper y'all. This is it right here, like you. Don'T got to worry about clocking lace, you don't got to worry about any of that y'all and, like i said i did dye this hair jet black. The hair took very well to the color and it's also her holding a curl pretty well, which i'm definitely surprised about that. I don't want to ramble too much, because this video is really supposed to be quick and simple and straight to the point. So i hope you guys enjoyed this video again. This hair is from you, nice hair. I want to thank them for sponsoring this video. I am wearing the 24 inch v part body weight wig. I will link this wig down in the description box in case you're interested in purchasing, but don't forget to like comment and subscribe, and i will see you guys in my next one: bye, brown, sugar,

Dessi Brazy: Question - I ordered this wig a couple days ago but the wig cap was soooooooooo big. Did you have this problem as well? And if you did what did you do ?

Carla Campbell: Your natural hair is beautiful

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