Freetress Wig Review | Freedom Part 204 Wig | (Synthetic Ot27 Ombre Wig Look) | Anihja Ra'Zhee

Freetress Wig Review | Freedom Part 204 Wig | (SYNTHETIC OT27 OMBRE WIG LOOK) | Anihja Ra'zheem


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Welcome back to my channel, if you are new, make sure you go ahead and hit that subscribe button and make sure you hit your pulse notification bell so that you can get updates on new and upcoming videos that I have coming on my channel. So, of course, you guys this is gon na be another hair review, but before I get into this hair review, I kind of want to have a little talk with y'all, because I've been kind of like light waste dressed like a lightweight cuz, see me I'm the Type of person like as I got older and as I started like experience and stuff like I kind of learned, how to be more calm and situation, I'm learning how to like, if I can't control it like move forward on to the next thing, or you know Just think about what I can do next, that I kind of fix the problem. So you know you guys with my merch line, stay pretty apparel right now I only have body suits and shirts and I'm incorporating will try to incorporate my sweat suits. So you know, you know how like, let's just say, for instance like artists or even fashion designers or anyone that says they're coming out with something and all of a sudden. You don't you don't see it or if it doesn't drop when it's supposed to. I just think like now I kind of know. Well, I've been new just because you know I research into a lot of stuff on things that I meant to, but um yeah like when it doesn't come out when it doesn't drop. It'S because it can be something where, like you got, somebody working on your product does like helping design it or help them putting something on a shirt, or you know, help somebody help them with that project and then like it, just doesn't drop when it's supposed to. So that's how I kind of been feeling like I haven't been like trying to worry about it too much. I'Ve been like staying focused on. You know other stuff that I have like my youtube channel too, because not only do I have my Marcelin, I have my youtube channel so trying to juggle both. You know what I'm saying trying not to like be so stressed on one thing and then just pushing myself to keep going with all the other stuff, I'm doing so um. Yes, you guys. I just want to say for my safe, pretty apparel line. I know I keep saying this, but the sweat suits are coming. It'S wintertime. How do y'all think I feel like it's wintertime, it's time for new stuff. I do have my long sleeve um turtlenecks coming cuz, I'm really into turtleneck. So that's what I'm gon na be incorporating on stay pretty apparel, so you guys um! Okay, so you guys so definitely got something on me anyway. Okay, you guys so definitely check out my my um definitely check out my Marshall. I'M I stay pretty apparel line again. I do have body suits in different colors. I have shirts and then I'm incorporated on things y'all. Just please, please be patient with me, because I'm doing this all by myself and I am pushing myself so yeah - that's kind of what I wanted to get off my chest, but I mean I also just wanted to say, since I do have a lot of things Going on um, I did decide to when my mom actually got me this journal cuz. I did have a journal before this there girlboss on and I was keeping stuff in there, but it kind of wasn't like it wasn't organized like in a way where a planner was so. She got me this. I think it's called silver silver fox or something like that, so basically um. This is how the journal looks. Basically, with this, what you do is you write like in the first part, it says my gratitude, my you can't see it, but it says my gratitude. My awareness um my daily rituals, and then you got a place where you go put your vision, board and um. You got a place where it says my goals, my goals here, my goals here, my top goals for the year, my top goals for this year; health, business and career, family and friends, significant other and romance finance, personal development, fun and recreation and spiritual, which I'm very Big, my spirituality, my focus and then it says, go one, go two go three so yeah and then it has your month and gear. So this is basically for me. This is the month of October. So you know it's color-coordinated. I do have a big old box of ten, so you know what I'm planning on my life is real cute in this journal. So I definitely want to put this in the description box below because for anyone that wants to be a little more organized and plan our stuff, this is gon na, be a good journal to use. So this will be in the description box. But yes, so without further ado, you guys let's go ahead and get into this hair review. I am so excited about this company. This is free, tres, hair company. I just started wearing their units, so this is the unit that I did purchase. Look at this. You guys, oh my god, look at that she's beautiful! I don't know how I feel about color I'm into color. Now it's like it's like never-ending. Okay, so I got this from a company free trust, um, free trust, hair company, which you guys are probably familiar with free trust, is a very known company, hair company. So I did purchase this off Amazon now when you're trying to find hair like if you're looking at different, youtubers and you're looking at reviews, some of them do um use the wig links straight off of the website, or you can also find that same hair company They'Re incorporated with Amazon, so if you're like, oh, you know, I'm looking on the website and you know I'm kind of more familiar with Amazon. Let me get this off Amazon. You can't go on Amazon two for free trust, so I did get this off of Amazon, but it's from the free tres hair company, so um. I did get this hair in the in the OT 27 and this is how the paper looks. The girl she is wearing it as a middle part she's also wearing it as a side part. So you can move it actually are. You can either do a middle part or a side part. I prefer middle parts and you guys thought I'm debating like cuz. I was talking different people and people like me with a side part and people like me with a middle part, but people also like me with curly hair so which one do y'all think do y'all. Think I look better with a middle part or do I think I look better with side parts or do y'all think I look better with curly hair. Let me know, let me know in the comments below this. Wig comes in all different colors, a 1, a 1 B, a 2 402 27, which is the one I got my ot 30 ot, 530 ot 613. Now they do have one, that's just a straight: 6. 13. I really want to get that just a straight 6. 13, the old c6 13 is like that ombre and then you get the blonde. But yes, so it's a freedom part, it's thousand any angle, and so it came with on this in here it's called shake and go so you can find them on Instagram. You guys. I actually did tag them and some pictures that I took because I also do take pictures on Instagram, so I did I'll tag them in here, so you can find them on Instagram shake and go and it'll be down below and also in the description box. So you guys this hair, I'm telling you when I watch this hair, it was so soft, so forget off, like literally and in the hair. The way that it feels it kind of gives me like a Brazilian touch mixed with a Peruvian touch and I'll say Peruvian, because when you buy Peruvian hair, like Peruvian hair is like Peruvian hair is like course it's a little more coarse. It like a black one. Is here so it kind of gives me a little bit of that mixed with uh. You know a little bit of a Brazilian touch and feels it feels like a more unnatural touch, and this in the end, you guys the ends. Look at these end love these ends. I really love some considering the fact that this is a synthetic unit. I really like it in synthetic units that have the the thin ends and it's not too thick because then it looks like oh. This is definitely a Wiggy away. Will you wait and I don't want a wig, you know. So this is the way the lace looks. It goes pretty far back, which is really good. It like it has a stop like right here. It'S a really good piece of lace and they did extend it. So I really liked that and then you guys um, there wasn't any baby hairs, but I feel like with this unit, like the lace lays very well. It doesn't really need. Baby here is like as quiet as it's kept off. Every synthetic way does not. Every wig does not need babe. Here, okay lace comes with two combs, which I don't I don't the comp. The combs are not comfortable for, and I can't do it so I might end up cutting these off. Combs are not comfortable for me. It also has two combs right here and then it also has the adjustable straps so that you can, you know, secure your wig. So I'm gon na go ahead and try on this beautiful unit right you guys. So this is how the unit looks. Show you guys how long this is it's pretty long, keep in mind, I am kind of, I am short and not kind of that's so kind of um. I am short 5/2, so it's gon na be really long on me. As far as the way this fits. I would definitely definitely give it a 10 um. The straps are already like adjusted the way. The way it came. So I really don't. I don't have to make it tighter I'll have to make it looser. If it's perfectly on my head, I have a big head. So that's nice, okay, and so as far as the way the hair feels. I would definitely also give this here at 10 narrow as far as the color. I wish it went up just a little more, but I do love this color though, but if you look just a little more gon na Bend, oh, but what I'm going to do? What you barely got to do this as well? You'Ve barely got ta use the brush or anything with this hair with your hair, I don't even prefer to use brushes, I like using the comb, but it's beautiful. I do have this little piece of hair sticking out right here, because what I do is on certain wigs. I do use a little like do a little swoop over the front just because I feel like I don't need to do baby hairs on this wig. I really okay, so I just put a little bit of this over the front and I'm just gon na you guys. Another thing about this wig is that it does come already like plucked, so you really don't have to pluck this wig, which is good. I did plug just a little bit in the front just because it was like, like a little dark in the front, so yeah, so it really. I really didn't have to do too much it's that season when we were in turtlenecks for no reason and then you can go up to. Let'S see you can go up to 400 degrees on this week. What happened so? What I'm gon na do? I'M gon na go to 400 degrees. Like I said you don't always have to supply iron, these wigs, but I just like that extra straightness, so you guys notice how I'm just like grabbing sections and just flat ironing it cuz again. The hair is already really straight and soft, I'm gon na push it to the front, so you can see how it looks as you can see. This is the unit again. You do not have to put baby hairs on this wig. You can just wear it. The way it is put a little concealer, you can put a little hair swoop that in the front, just to give you a little song fun. Y'All. Look at this. Oh, my goodness. I love this wig y'all. I love this week and it's giving me that length that on one and I'm a I'm a short short, okay, I'm a short short so this week, honey. It gives me life like all right. You guys, I'm gon na go ahead and wrap up this video. I hope you guys enjoyed this hair review. You guys know like I've been saying in my hair reviews like this is my favorite is my favorite, but I honestly y'all, I picked some really bump for Lawless wigs and I just feel like at this point. I can really just rock anything like you know. I have the confidence to rock anything. You know what I'm sayin. I really really love this way and my go-to really is straight hair. Wigs because I feel like straight hair weave can really go with anything, but you guys this hair is bomb like you can't you came front like y'all know. This hair is fun like seriously so definitely check out free, tress calm. You can definitely find them on Amazon. Just go ahead and type in free, tres, wigs and then you'll get a whole bunch of pop ups. Their information will be in the description box below and the information will be at the bottom again. This is the ulti once he's seven um, hair color that I got and don't forget to. Let me know: y'all y'all see me with this middle part. Okay, do you guys really like me without a middle part? Do you like me with a middle part, a side part or do you like me, wavy and curly, or do you like all three, because I could get you alright, so make sure you guys go ahead and subscribe to this channel hit your pulse little 4k Chappell. So you can get these updates. Okay, and I will see you guys on my next video

Anihja Ra'zheem: What’s up pretty gangI hope you guys enjoyed this video , let me know what you guys think about this new unit &also do you guys like middle parts, side parts or the wavy/curly looks on me ? Lol i really enjoy all of them..

Yamiley Prophete: I’m not more excited to wear this unit now !! Looks great on you

Keith Curl: You're well on your way love, I am so proud of you indeed. This hair unit is great it has so much body and it's bone straight. " Wearing turtlenecks for no reason, " I really like this slogan maybe you can use this on the actually on the turtlenecks? Wishful thinking.. Big hugs!! XO.

Cherry Rose': Keep going boo, the best is yet to come!

Shaneisha Eaton: Just bought this. They’re selling it in stores in Hawaii for $79. I wish I had time to order it but I want it for a date w hubby tomorrow

Caprisha Coleman: I bought this wig from my local beauty supply today thank u for reviewing I paid 43 dollars plus tax this hair is bomb for it to be synthetic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it looks so nice and beautiful omg I'm need this unit in possible 1b ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shaneisha Eaton: I thought that I had commented, but I guess it didn’t submit… anywhooo, I just bought this at a hair store bc of your video so thank you for the vid! They’re selling this in stores in Hawaii for $79! I wish that I had time to order it online, but I want to wear it tomorrow on for a date that I’m taking hubby on tomorrow. Thanks again for the video! It looks great on you!

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