2 Colors To Slay! Motown Tress Synthetic Hd Invisible 13X7 Lace Wig - Ls137.Luna | Wig Review 2020

L I K E. C O M M E N T. S U B S C R I B E. G E T N O T I F I E D

Welcome to Princess Beauty Tv! I'm doing a review on Motown Tress Synthetic HD Invisible 13X7 Lace Wig - LS137.LUNA. I'm Loving the hair color on both of these units!!

Don't sleep on this one she is definitely a beautiful unit!! So check out this (Wig review 2020) video from start to finish to get all the details before you purchase!!

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Bye hi welcome back to princess beauty, tv. I am back with another wig review: okay with motown tress; okay, i'm doing a review on a wig called ls, 132 luna and i'm doing two of them: okay in two different colors and a blonde and like a denim blue okay. So if you all want to see how these going to look just stick around all right before we get all the way into this review, i want to definitely take out time for our jesus time together a moment with our lord and savior. Okay, i'm going to be reading from this book called whatever is lovely. It'S a devotional. Okay, let's go to jeremiah one verse, six through seven, o sovereign lord. I said i cannot speak for you, i'm too young, the lord replied, don't say i'm too young, for you must go wherever i send you and say whatever. I tell you, okay again, that was from jeremiah 1 verse 6 through 7. The new living translation. All right. You will undoubtedly have various seasons in your life, seasons of longing and contentment, seasons of discouragement and joy, seasons of more and less being a grown-up means stretching into new ways of living, and this usually doesn't happen until the season hits. Don'T make excuses for why you can't do what god is calling you to do be brave. God will not move you into something without giving you the grace. You need to make it through amen. Okay, let's pray, our dear gracious heavenly father. Thank you so much for your many blessings for your mercy and for your grace for everything that you have done for us. Lord. We pray that we will not have not one excuse when it comes to you and the work that you have called us to do. Help us to do it with all of our heart soul and with all of our might holy father, and we thank you lord and we praise you. We pray all these things in the precious holy name of jesus christ amen. Okay, now i want to do a subby shout out right now: okay, and that will be for flair for here. Okay, she is a new subby and i just want to thank her so much for her love and support. Okay - and i want to read one of her comments - it says hi, sis, thanks for the scriptures you shared, we should always make time for moments of inspiration. The world would be a much better place if more people would okay. With regards to wig review, this flows nice much better than cordelia, but i think it's safe to say we could all do without the shedding all right. And so i just thank her so much um for taking out the time to leave the comments and all this and that she don't have a channel or anything like that. But you still can subscribe to these individuals, even though they don't have a channel. As of yet, she might decide to okay, so please just go check her out share some love subscribe to her and let her know well, i don't know how you would let her know since she don't have a channel. You know where you can draw the comments. So yeah all right: let's jump right into this review. Okay, that's what we're going to do all right. The wig is called luna, as i said, and the color i'm going to do. First is the 3t4 slash blind? Okay, see! This is three toned, so i'm unpacking it. So we can jump right into the cap construction of this unit, okay and plus on here it says it's a hd, invisible, fake, scalp, okay, right here, all right, wider and deeper front, bald cap, and it is heat safe. As well and it comes with other colors - also right in this section - it lists them. Okay, it has two combs in the front, a comb in the back. It also has this elastic band. That'S adjustable right here, so you can definitely customize it to fit your head and it has the adjustable straps. Okay - and here is the unit right here - and you got some nice layers to it very beautiful color all right now, i will get her um, i'm not trimming the lace on this unit on either one of them. Okay, is this showing it? Usually? I don't. Sometimes. I do trim the lace, but not today, okay i'll, be back, i'm back with the unit on okay running my fingers through it, and i must say this color is really really gorgeous. It also comes with a little baby here, two on it. Okay, this unit is long as well. I love the color okay, not getting much shedding at all. Okay, the hair is a silky like texture. It is not yaki. The count feels really comfortable. I would say it is. It could be big head friendly. Okay, i would do the 360. all right: here's the bag, here's the other side, okay, this is very gorgeous and i'm not going to waste too much time, i'm going to go ahead and try on the other unit. Okay, before i put it on my head, i'm just going to show the pretty color it's gorgeous and the cow construction is the same. It'S the same, wigs i i'll be back with this unit and it's a gorgeous color snack right there all right long. I will do the 360. the back right here, and here is the other side all right. This is cute cute, cute cute. This seemed like it. Definitely, if you go out, you might need to take a calm or brush with you because it seems like it will. Detangling of a star just by the texture of it, you know the silky texture seems to tangle way more than the yaki. From my personal experience with it, okay, i definitely prefer the yaki texture - okay, yes, i'm getting some shedding on this unit. Can you see that? Okay, all right and here's a close-up again of it. I did not. If i had a comb, i could have got that part a little bit straighter than that. Okay, i went and found a comb to get the part right. So there you go, i'm going to found a brushed tee: okay, pretty nice, some tangles at the very end, okay, okay, that's it that! Is it okay? Well that wraps it up for this wig review. So at this time, let's get right back into the scriptures and also this little devotional here called whatever it's love. Okay, so let's go to genesis 3, verse. 8.. Genesis. 3, verse, 8. Okay, they heard the sound of the lord god walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the lord god among the trees of the garden okay, it would have been a hard day for Adam and eve the day they were deceived and made the choice to disobey god. They were so ashamed that they hid, although they must have known that they would be found. We all know what shame feels like when we have committed wrong towards someone else. We want to run from our problems and not face those we have hurt, and yet the truth cannot escape us. Can you face your day with boldness, knowing that truth, and owing up to your mistakes, is better than high? Okay, let's pray, our dear heavenly father, lord. Thank you so much for being with us throughout this day, for all your many blessings, lord father, lord, forgive us for the many sins that we have committed against. You wash us thoroughly from all unrighteousness. Allow us not to hide holy father, because you know everything anyways, but to run to you holy father with humble hearts. Again: father, forgive us and lord. We love you and we praise you in jesus holy and righteous name. We pray all these things amen. All right. Thank you so much for watching princess beauty, tv thank you for taking out time to spin in the word of god. Okay, is this such a blessing? For me, you know awesome to be doing so, so i will see you all in the next. Video have a very blessed day, bye, bye, you


Silky Saks: Love the highlights in this blonde one. The blue is pretty too. Yes silky textures tend to tangle more

Tsahi Hair Goals: Loving the colour and length on her! Very pretty!!!!

Jae Dun: I love both colors! Nice units!

DeeDee Hair: Both colours look for on you great review

Nichole Renee: Personally, I like the blonde one better, but that denim blue is a pretty shade

Love Yourself: Good Day Hope all is well I like both colors especially the blonde and the length Hope you have a Blessed Day and Much Love and Peace

Tiffany G: If I had a $1 for every “Okay”. Your accent tickles me when you say it

Sammy Da Goat: You are rocking both colors

عائلة فرج Faraj family: nice video

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