Long Natural Layers With Glueless V-Part Wig Ft Hurela Hair| It'S Giving Sew-In

Hey y’al! I’ve linked the details to this hair below.

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Foreign, hey, y'all, welcome or welcome back to my channel. My name is Shanika e and in today's video I'm going to be reviewing this beautiful B part wig from parella hair shout out to harilla hair for sponsoring this week's video. If you did not know, this is a 24 inch V part body wave unit and it is gorgeous, so you can see the lace detailing on either side of The Parting. This is going to have a seamless blend, and this hair has a lot of body. It'S a very beautiful on the inside. You will see that it has Combs on either side of The Parting and combs in the back and adjustable straps. I always love to run my hands through the unit just to see if there's any shedding right off the bat and then, as you can see, there is no shedding for this unit. I went ahead and dyed the unit because I did not like the kind of Four Color. I love a nice jet black and this hair took the color perfectly. I did dye the hair using the watercolor method and I am obsessed also look at the beautiful texture of this hair. This is allowing the hair to air dry. I did wash and condition the hair and it is gorgeous. I mean I'm obsessed if I could wear it like this, I would and I will, but today I wanted to go ahead and layer. It up put some nice. You know cute bouncy waves in it, so that is what we are doing. Foreign go ahead and straighten the hair first before putting some Barrel curls in it, I'm just using my Conair flat iron and then I'm going to follow that up with this hot tool. Barrel iron. I believe this is a two inch. Then I'm going to use a little bit of heat, protectant shine spray from design Essentials and then you're going to need some type of holding spray. I'M just going to use this got to be because it is in the house you're going to need some clips. A brush and a comb and we're going to go ahead and get started, straightening the hair. I love to straighten my hair prior to curling it because it's going to give it a nice, you know kind of flowy bouncy. Overall, look! You can go in and begin curling it prior to trading the hair, because that will allow your curls to last a little longer, that's a pro tip but anywho. I am using the chasing method to straighten this hair for a sleeker straighter look now. I did only use one pass for this because I'm not wearing the hair bone straight. If I was wearing the hair bone straight, I would go ahead and make several passes through the hair, but that is unnecessary. I'M just knocking the kind of body wave texture out. So that I can then install My Curls okay, as you can see once the hair is straightened, the ends do look a little unkept, so we're going to go ahead and clean those up as well as adding in a few layers throughout the unit. These are going to be some very long layers just to give the hair a little bit of Bounce and movement foreign beautician by any means. Some may call me a kitchen beautician, whatever I like what I like. So if you need a tutorial or something on how to layer the hair, I will link a few in the description bar down below, but I normally just make sure to put the scissors at an angle and just kind of Glide them down and just eyeballing the Process as I go and then once I put a few long layers in the unit, I am going to go ahead and do an overall trim at the bottom you'll be able to see the difference of the weight of the wig after it's had a trim versus Not having a trim foreign okay, ladies y'all, don't all get on me at once, but your girl was being really really lazy. So I took out a sew in and I decided to just go ahead and keep the same braid pattern that I had for that sew. In underneath my wig, so that is a cheat code. Keep your braids girl, if you don't feel like taking them out. Just just keep them in make sure you, oil them you'll, be just fine. So, as you can see, I plopped the hair right back on. I went ahead and Blended my leave out and I think it looks really really good um very realistic. You can't really tell where my hair is and where the wig is, and that is what I love about a V part. It'S very seamless, undetectable and it gives sew-in vibes I'm going to go ahead and throw in a few bouncy curls into this unit. Now. The purpose of this is just to give the unit a little bit of body and a little bit of movement. I did not want bone straight hair today, so I'm going to be using the two inch barrel, iron from Hot Tools when curling the hair I like to kind of catch the hair as it comes off the iron and allow it to cool a little bit. In my hand, and then I will immediately clip it up with an alligator clip. For me, this step is very important to allow your curls to cool down, not only in your hand, but also in the allocator clip allow them to set, and then, when you rush them out, they tend to last a little bit longer and they're a little bit. Fluffier and cuter, in my opinion, foreign foreign, once I've completed this side, I'm going to go ahead and do the same thing to the other side. As you can see, I have taken out the clips. The first thing that I'm going to do is go ahead and spray the hair with a little holding spray, so we can get a little bit of longevity from the curls next, I'm going to add in a little bit more of that is design Essentials shine spray To the hair, just so it can look very Lively, shiny and healthy. The next thing I'm going to go ahead and take out the pins on the other side as well, and do the exact same thing all right. So I'm go ahead and show you guys a tip that I like to. Do I like to put a little bit of the oil onto my comb a lot of times your comb or your brush will put a lot of kind of static tension on your hair. So when you add the oil directly to the tool as it Glides through your hair, it's not getting that static and it's not allowing those flyaways and things to come through. Try it out and let me know what you think, but as I went ahead and combed the curls out, I was loving the finished result. However, I wanted my kind of framing pieces in my face to lay a little bit better, so I went in and added a little bit more layers toward the front of my face for sure all right, ladies, that is it for me this week. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed the finished product. If you did, please don't forget to give me a big thumbs up again. Thank you so much to harella hair for sponsoring this week's video. If you're interested in this unit, I will put it in the description bar down below, and I will see you all next week - bye, y'all foreign

Gee Collins: Beautiful wig! Love how you cut and styled it

Danielle: Love the finished look!

Erica Leffall: So so pretty! I like that the wig is not thick. It looks so natural!

Nancy Brown: Beautiful results.

Johanna C: I love it! Have you ever thought about doing hair?

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