I Bought The Most Rated Edge Control On Amazon For My Natural Hair

I BOUGHT the Most Rated Edge Control on Amazon for My Natural Hair




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This is whoa. Snow is wonderful. These extra control was gon na really work like these things. Gon na work, hey guys, welcome to another video for you guys and today, as you can tell by this title, as you can see by the title and the thumbnail, we will be trying out the most one at least match latte oat, milk, no sweetener anyways. So we have our Amazon package here, but before we get into the video make sure to give it a big thumbs up like this video right now, because I want to know if y'all really enjoyed the video and if I should do more, but there's different products. Okay, so before I show you the egg rolls I have my water to wipe off that stuff. My nieces are knocking on my door. I'M sorry, this hair coming, stop doing the video sorry we have our cotton pad, so we can wipe off the edge controls. I also added, I sneaked in a little inch brush that had a lot of stars. What this egg brush has some good views. So all right. So if you didn't know that I did do a video on the work shows. Yes, I did if you have not seen that it's going to be right here somewhere right there right there, so you can go check it out after you didn't watch this video. So that's the edge control I might put on right now. I'M actually kind of not low-key surprised what I seen of the most rated it's controls. This is on some fresh edges y'all. This is no product in here wow. This is the first one I picked, so I actually. Yes, I did get this from Amazon and this is style Factor y'all on Amazon, tripping y'all, see how this looks. Look at this I've never seen an Xbox like this before I thought you got it, but let me just tell y'all how buggy star is just edge. Control head okay before we get too excited, so this edge control hat has 4.5 out of 5 Stars. The first view I see it says 4C. Here it lasts a few hours but broke down on me. Midday best edge control, I've ever purchased. It works. Probably the only edge control that works for my coarse hair, so I Loki already know you know about this edge control because I use it, but I had to get it because why not? We already know how this works, but guess what we're gon na try anyways it comes with a cute nice seal on it just to keep it protected. If you go inside a hair store and your Ops controller has no coverage, do not get it because you never know what someone could stick in it. Okay, this is how it looks. It'S like a brown. I love the smell. It smells phenomenal all right, so we're gon na do a little twist with this one. I'M gon na use a soft factory and we're gon na pick another one just to see which one is better, even though they have good Stars. We'Re gon na see which one really is the biggest okay. This is called I Jackie, smoothing gel for smoother healthy edges. Well, this is the gel, but let me look at the reviews before we get all the way until crazy to this. Well, it has 4.4 out of 5 Stars good value for my money. I love this product. That'S amazing! For my 4C hair. I didn't expect to like this as much as I did. The smell is a little overpowering, but it's not that bad. Once it's washed out my hair the slip - oh it's different products on here because I'm like are you talking about the S controls? So I honestly don't know if this works or not, but from the reviews and some good reviews like I'm, not a Reliance, wow. Okay wow: what is this look at this y'all? What'S going on here? Open it up now! That'S what I'm talking about! You have that still look at this y'all whoa. I escort token that can do that. I guess this is not an S control, but this is smoothing gel, so I don't know if it's going to count or not. But since it's like for your edges, it says it literally says three edges you're just going to go with the flow. As you know, the consistency is very, very different. I did not expect this to be like a jelly. It smells like a hair product. It doesn't smell as good as this one. So keep keep that down and tracked. Let'S use our wonderful, beautiful Edge brush that I've seen that has lots of views on this brush. Let'S check that one quickly, so the this Edge brush has 78 views, but it had the most reviews out of every Edge brush I've seen on Amazon. So that's why I bought it 4.1 out of 5 Edge. I mean Stars, I'm sorry great product for my kids here nice brush for my edges, great product, very easy to use. So, by the way, I'm feeling it it doesn't feel as soft as that girl said it was, but everybody else said it's a good edgebrush. Oh yeah, that's a good Edge brush. The Styling of this brush is honestly beyond me. Have you ever seen an edge brush? This stylish before, let me know in the comments, because I think I'm the only one that's seen this, because this is crazy. I'Ve already know how this consistency is. This is like a thick consistency smells amazing to me. It smells like a cologne, okay, so you're gon na apply that same amount Edge to the each side. No cheating involved. So don't don't. Do me baby you're gon na do some some swoops, okay, nothing too crazy. You know we just want to see that if it's gon na lay down and stay down it works, but it doesn't work for me in the summer. It only works for me for the winter, so I haven't been using it lately because it's been trading on me. A little bit, I'm not gon na lie, so we got that down. I'M not gon na lie that looks really good. Gon na make a little. You know, I'm gon na get creative just a little bit, not too crazy um. I don't really use brushes for my edges. Not often because I like to you know, have control of my edges, but with a brush, you can't really have that control all right. So this is this style factor. I can just tell by the way. I I don't know I I know it's gon na stay down now we're on to at Jackie's. Now, honestly, I'm being real. I'Ve, never um tried. No, I did actually okay, I was gon na say. I'Ve never tried, like I'm Jackie's products. I'Ve tried her products before, but that it's been a long time like. I should use my regular comb, so these are white balls, but and also with this Edge brush. It'S like flexible, like y'all, see that hopefully that's just healthy doesn't break, but it feels flexible all right, Auntie Jackie's, oh whoa, whoa whoa. I thought it was like a jelly. It'S like a look at this like a cluster. Okay, it's not as thick and firm as the um style Factor, but let's give it a try. Oh okay, I got a little. I got some um hype for this. Okay, people said it's wonderful, it's gon na add some more by the way, a little tip in front of that you don't have to add lots of product for something to work. If you have to add lots of products, I mean that's, not a good product. Okay. Okay, I think that's enough and then I think I'm gon na go with I'm gon na. Do the same thing: okay, wait. Wait, wait! Wait because I like the feeling, like I know if an edge control is going to work and it's not gon na work. This is giving me some good vibes, I'm not gon na lie like hold on hold up. I don't know, I think I might talk too fast um. This looks like it has a lot of oils in it for me using lots of oils for your edges or have like a product that has a lot of oils. It'S not, as I know for sure, that's not gon na work on my edges because I don't know: okay um. No, you see this. It'S coming like it's curling up already and look at the style Factor. The stock Factor hasn't curled up once, but it's cutting up a little bit. You see what I'm seeing this. This is done. It like literally it's like it's literally curling up on me right now so style factor for me is the winner, but I don't know if that's the winner for the whole thing. They said that these are the good products, the best products, the most rated products, but for me, it's not really, as you can see, it's cutting up, while I'm talking my rating I'll, give this a six - and I give this a four, because it's not doing nothing. Moving on to the other Edge, okay, we're back to um square a, and we have some Auburn style and rinsed off all right. We actually have three more left. I'M not gon na lie two of these eggs. I have left I've already tried and I've already. I already know how they work on my hair, but I haven't used them a long time, so why not just give it a try? We have instant control Edge and braid gel maximum hole works like no other, so it looks okay. So, let's see what the reviews and how many stars this had 4.4 out of 5 Stars. So I see that a lot of people on this on Amazon use it for like braids and stuff. A lot of people use it for their edges too and perfect. For straight backs again, people use it for braids pretty good, but can leave a white cast, but this is what I'm reading for the good reviews. She'S still giving a four great product works. Great, no flaking. It was giving me some good views and then gave me some bad reviews, but, like I said, these are the edge control. They had the most views and the most stars. So that's why I picked it up. Okay, let's open it, the packages is cute, I'm not gon na lie um, but I wish they would call it an edge control, not a gel, because um me. If I was buying this for myself, I wouldn't got it because, instead of gel - and I know it's - that lots of jazz does not work for my hair - the smell it smells like - I don't know it doesn't really smell good to me. This gave me very kind of scary Vibes because it has a cold in it, but yeah. I know about y'all know when I know about the holes kind of creep me out, but it didn't have no seal on it. So that kind of creeps me out, but um - We're Not Gon na use this anymore, because nobody got time to campus and I'll we're gon na stick with our ones that we know okay. So let's just scoop this up, let's see what we got. Okay, this is giving me a grease. It'S giving me grease: okay, um greasy box, let's start laying it on there laying in our head also the texture of it. It'S like a stickiness, but it's not as thick that I like my Edge controls, but people said it's good. So, let's give it a try, we'll, never know until we find out okay, so we're gon na do like a little squeaky line here. Okay, y'all, I'm gon na be gon na see girl live hold up because I'm kind of out okay. This is sticking down like some goodness that I'm talking about now. This is the episode that I want on my head, whoa. Oh my look at this y'all. Are you dumb? Are you freaking, dumb right now? This is given I'm liking. This did the consistency it feels like it wouldn't work, but it's still like sticky I'll wait. Hold up. Can y'all see that um. Look at that y'all We're not gon na get too high. That'S going to the other Xbox one. I'Ve used this before. I don't know if y'all remember. Oh, she is bomb. It'S just look at this. It'S just giving. I love it, that's why it is control for relaxed and natural hair. I love how you put the relax on there because at the end of the day, if you do put them in your hair, guess it's gon na work and if you have natural hair, it's still going to work. I love it. It'S not too crazy. You don't have too much words on it. Okay, let's just see what how many views they have. So this extra had 4.4 out of 5 stars with that. That is really good. It said yes, finally, a product that said what it said would do and does no flaking carrying nice hold and smell my absolute best edge control. I have put my family in onto this. Thank you, but somebody said it turns your hair white. The smell is wonderful. Wow yo the smell smells so freaking good y'all. It smells like a candy. That'S all I'm gon na say the color is clear. Okay, I've used this before I don't know. If y'all know, I don't know if y'all remember it's clear, the texture all right. Let'S add this on this side of the head: oh whoa, I love the whole, though all right go. Let me stop. Let me hold you and I know I'm always getting your hopes up high but hold up. Let'S just do the engine to see what it's really talking about. You know what I'm saying it's. It feels like it's given the same, exactly consistency as the other one, all right y'all. So it's been like one minute. I'M not gon na spend one minute something's going crazy. The instant control, my hair is literally turning gray. I don't know if I can see this junk. Do y'all see the color this it's turning gray, I'm not go! I'M not going crazy right now, it's literally turning gray. Am I dumb I'm I'm not going crazy, it's turning a different color. I know I feel it's about to start turning white because it's turned like it's really. I know y'all can see this on camera. She is bomb it's flying up. I can feel it and I can see it it's it's um about to start curling up. I'M very disappointed very sad because I thought like at least it's gon na work. No wait what boy! No! But it's cool yeah! We got one more to try and now I'm gon na put all my hope into it. She is bomb she is bomb, sorry she's, she's, starting to curl up like I know, I'm not going crazy things she's starting to curl up and it's turned into it's. Turning a different color like I can see it, I know I'm not going crazy, um the insta control, I'm not going to see this flying up like it's, it's doing, okay, but I is turning a different color like it's. Turning like a gray color like it's about to turn white um, she is bomb is doing the same thing. I don't know if you have to tell, but I feel like it's like turning a different color. I don't know if I'm going crazy when I activate these I'll, give this a 7.5 and I'm gon na give this a 6.5 on to the next comment down below what would you rate the packaging of them all? Okay, we onto the [ __ ] all right. Next is stroller: oh I've got to tell you how the prices and stuff of um the price is gon na be on the screen. That'S very unprofessional, sorry y'all! So the next extra control is called Carl's daughter, black vanilla, that's the scent, I guess edge, control, smoother for dry, dull and brittle hair and inside a packaging looks the packaging is giving I'm not gon na lie it's in cursive and I see how she's really looking In the inside, it doesn't matter what how they look at the outside matters. What happened inside right? Okay, don't do the bar cover. Oh, I can smell the smell it out of the packaging, so this packaging looks very small, clear low-key. The color throws me off. It has 8445 000 reviews 4.2 out of 5 Stars still good, not bad, but it says disappointed what half jar of product smells great lackluster holds keeps my flyaways at Bay. I didn't see this one. It says made my skin burn break out, I'm not allergic to anything, not have representative skin after wearing it one time my forehead bursted at acne. Come I'm scared to use this now baby, I'm not going to tell you a lie. I'Ll always tell you a joke. I would never tell you a lot, let me tell you something: these are all the episodes that I've that that had the most out of every extra I've seen on Amazon, okay, now I open it. I can tell what they were saying: a little bit half jar, but this time puts me a bad view. This supposed to be good, but the snap smells good. Now they were throwing that it smells like a jet. I mean um a grease like your mom, using your hair. Like I said, it's really like a grease um, let's see the consistency. Now I don't know if I'm gon na put this in my head, because that comment kind of scared me as you see. Okay, it's very clear: oh okay, it's not bad or nothing. It'S giving me it's not a thickness hole. It'S giving me like an oil, I'm gon na try it on one section of my head, because what that person said it said that their hair was burning. I don't want that to happen. It breaks it out red, that's kind of scaring me so we're gon na add a little bit. We ain't gon na go too crazy, we're going to add some right here and see what it gives foreign. Oh! No. I can just tell about applying it y'all look at it. It'S lifting up y'all see that now this is like an oil-based um edge control. As I ran, I like to stop I'm gon na play almost on on all of my hair. I'M gon na be I'm gon na, be fair. I'M gon na be fair. I'M gon na be fair, all right all right! This is her. No, it's curling up and it's an oil-based edge control, because I can smell all the oils in it. It smells wonderful, don't get me wrong. Black vanilla recipe blended with aloe honey, natto, no silicone, she's, very oily one and she's lifting up, look, see it she's lifting up so that doesn't work on my hair, particular um. So overall I'll give her a 5.5. The smell was amazing, but it doesn't work so well. Y'All I've taught all five of these episodes on one of my heads. Okay, let's have actually let me I'm kind of get nervous. Let'S just get take this extra off our hair now, so I'm not trying to break out whatever the person said in the comments. Thank God I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. Somebody just won't be touching no more but um. I had to review this for y'all because I just thought it was very necessarily like in y'all asked me to do it, so why not? So we are all done with the reveal of all of the edge controls. All five. We tried all five and um the one that I'll say you should still go buy. I'M like I'm just doing honest the way I should go by actually, probably the S booster, that's. This is the one. I trust and it's the one that works for my head. Um, but if you would like to go, try these ones just because off the reviews, you could go, try them. I hope you guys doing this video. If you like this video, I enjoyed it comment down below if y'all should do more and what else I should review here, why it's, like strawberry view, brushes the best brushes or the worst brushes, so I reviewed the worst Edge brushes comment down below what I should Do because I wanted to know, I want y'all to tell me okay, all right. Like always, my videos, all I want to do is be yourself and be random. Comment down below what episode that you used by the reviews that I told you and by the product of how it looks okay, I love that so much and I always say that

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