Vanessa Party Lace

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so today's video is going to be me trying out this wig, and this is the wig that i'm talking about, and this is the vanessa party lace. This is the d j part fashion wig, and i got this in a pretty little color. Let'S just take it out and see, i love how thick these curls are like i'm trying to see. Hopefully this doesn't look like you know, but y'all know how i am. I love when you know i style hair up and it don't really look like a wig. This is something i want to do to this wig because i kind of feel like this is giving like a don't get mad, but i'm gon na old, lady wig and okay. So, as you guys can see, this is how deep the part is - and i really really like that about this week - because i'm just going to go in and put some concealer on there, and i'm just also going to be going in and plucking this here as Well, it does. It comes with three cones, i'm so excited, because the last couple of weeks that i had it didn't come with any home. So this comes with two combs in the front and it also comes with a comb in the back with the adjustable straps. So i am so obsessed with this color. This is like a brown dark brown and a light brown, and i am so obsessed with this. Let'S just go in and try this wig on. I really want to see how this wig looks. So, let's just try this wig on. Hopefully this wig is like tapered in the back and i don't really have to do as much to this wig. So let me just go ahead and style. This hair up for you guys and yeah. Yes, so yeah, you guys see how that part is going all the way to right here. I love how long that part is. I want to just leave some of my hair out on the side, so they cannot look like a wig, because i really really like this hair and i really don't want to look like a wig. So i'm just going to brush some of my baby hairs out on the side just to leave it. You know, so it can be like it's. You know a little bit of an invisible, invisible part, so i'm gon na be right back guys. Yes, i love this wig at this wig. I love how tapered this wig is in the back. Can y'all see that it's like the colors are blending in and it doesn't look like a wig. It'S not shiny. You know how synthetic wigs are really really shiny and they look like you know when you put the letters in it, it'll burn no, no, no! No! No! This is some pretty hair. The hair is really soft and it's full. It doesn't show any tracks. You know. Doesn'T show anything but the bad thing about this wig was when i was plugging through it. It was hard for me to plug through, so i literally had to use my um my razor comb just to go in and lay this stuff down, and it turned out pretty pretty cute. I love it. I really really love this hair, so much it's laying down and this wig is really really snug. It'S really really stretchy for those who, you know are looking forward to a stretchy, comfortable wig, and i really really love this wig. It has three combs in there and but guys. Let me tell you i did not use those combs. I literally just laid the weight down and you know tied it in a knot. My favorite thing to do is just tie my wig in a knife so that it can be snug on my head. You

KL Sunsets: You customized it just right, this is so cute.

Shyvon Jones: Cuteand that's a beautiful color.

Emmie Lashea Rose: that is. so cute

Phenomenal Sista: You're Gorgeous & she's Gorgeous!!! Can you share the exact color???

Odalys medina: Me encantan pero no sé dónde lo venden .

Jonique Grundy: Is this human or synthetic?

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