Wig Review - New Color 613/1001/R18 Picture Perfect - Tressallure - Exclusive Offer Inside!!

NEW COLOR! & EXCLUSIVE OFFER INSIDE! - Let's look at New color 613/1001/R18 by TRESSALLURE

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*This wig was provided to me by TRESSALLURE to provide this educational wig and review of this wig. But this is my own thoughts and opinions.*


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Foreign with Christy today I'm doing a video again on picture perfect. I love this wig. I'Ve shown this in a brunette. I'Ve shown it in a red and I'm showcasing it to you in the new color uh tressallure sent me this piece to show to you. I'M doing lots of content on this piece, so for the week of December 19th, through the 23rd 2022, you can save 35 off any Tressa lore wig with wig studio. One with the code Trestle lore 35. down below is how you uh is that link in the description trust alert. 35. Thank you trust the Lord for sending me this piece. I was really excited to pick this color and be able to Showcase this color to you. One if you've seen my other picture, perfect reviews or if you follow me on social media, you know that picture perfect is one of my most favorite wigs, it's a heat friendly wig, which is taught typical for me. You all know that, but I find that the chess Allure heat friendly fibers do really well and they really take that heat maintenance really well and they last long with care, the lace front, the monofilament top and The multi-directional Parting you can do with this is just Very realistic, it's lightweight light density, no permatease in this wig. It is just like wearing bio hair for me and that's why. I think I love it so much and it's that length that I kind of always wore typically with my bio hair, because I could never get it to go longer and I didn't want to go shorter. So this is about my average length that I would have my hair when I had my bio hair, we're going to really focus on this color. It'S a new color by tressallure. This color is described as vanilla blonde, with Platinum, white and rooted ash brown. So you're not going to find that harsh Dark Root that you might with some blondes, and so I think a lot of ladies are going to like that. For that reason, and they do a really great job of still not having that root harsh with having some of those lighter colors in there foreign. What I love about this is you're, getting that warmth in there and that cool in there, and it just gives you the Perfect Blend of dimension, but that vanilla blonde almost gives a little bit buttery. But it definitely has that Platinum mixed in there with those pieces. All along this Cap Construction is amazing. It has that Temple the temple lace front, a full mono top. You can part it any direction. Velvet felt ear. Tabs velvet felt extended nape with the metal adjusters here and the velcro Adjusters. Let'S go ahead and put this back on. Thank you, Tressa Laura for sending me this piece again, guys, don't forget to check out wig studio, one down below how you can save 35 off any tressallure wig with the code tresalore 35. Only during December 19th, through December 23rd, 2022 with wigstudioone.com. I hope this helped you please leave a comment down below if you plan to take advantage of this cell. Please leave a comment. What you thought about this wig, if you like this color, maybe what is your favorite Tressa lore wig, and your favorite tresa lore color I'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to see more content like this, please click the Subscribe button. You can click the Bell button to get notifications when I do Post new content, so you're able to see all my videos and opinions on the different wigs that I review don't forget to shine bright, love, others and be kind, see you next time. Bye.

Clara: Pretty style and colour

SicilyJo: Color and style looks very nice on you! How is the fit? Did you find it a face flopper out of the box?

Roberta Nor: Do you have a video on Big Time? Thanks!

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