Outre Batik Bundle "Parisian" Lace Front Wig | Color Dr2730

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Hair: Outre “Batik Bundle Hair” Lace Front Wig “PARISIAN” Color DR2730 – wigtypes.com


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I'm an everyday lady who like sharing my beauty finds and was pleasantly surprised when i received this Outre Batik Bundle PARISIAN lacefront Wig and it was actually better than pictured when taken out the package..

I am a true believer in a company keeping its word and delivering its promise to what is printed or shown on their labels and the Outre Batik Bundle PARISIAN lacefront Wig SUPER EXCEEDED my expectations.

TheOutre Batik Bundle PARISIAN lacefront Wig is easy to manintain, its curling iron safe up to 400 degrees and is made from 100% premium fiber. I must say it sure did exceed my expectations, which is why I am uploading this review.

Outre Batik Bundle PARISIAN lacefront Wig is super affordable and the quality of the hair is the same as the higher end brands of bundled hair but at a fraction of its cost.

I am a true believer in being a #BeautyFrugalista and love knowing I don’t have to break my bank for expensive hair when I can get the same quality at a more affordable price.

Thank you for taking the time to watch my video, it is appreciated!

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Outre or any of their subsidiaries. I have not been compensated for my posting my video nor was I given any product free in exchange for showing how i used it. I purchased the items mentioned & shown with my own money.


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Today, to talk with you about this outre race front, wig that I am rocking yes now to make sure that I get the name correctly. I want to read it to you from the packaging. I am rocking the out tray inspired by butt cheek bundle, hair line, but it is a lace front, wig, okay, the outre lace, front, inspired by petite bundle, hair line, and the name is called party CN, or at least that's how I'm pronouncing it party seeing this Is what it looks like when you get her in the packaging? Yes, this is what it looks like I'm Trey lace, front, wig inspired by the petite bundle, hair line. It is a l-shape part wig. It is a l-shaped part parting wig, it's curling on your safe. It'S flat iron, safe up to 400°, the color I'm wearing is D, our 27:30 that's dr 27:30, and the style name is called fodeez, seeing or at least that's how I'm pronouncing it. This is what it looks like in the packaging, and this is what it looks like when you get it out of the packaging, and I am just foo excited and I'm gon na sit back, so I could tell you some more about this way. Oh, let me tell you all: Trey has really really really impressed me when it comes today, but t bundle inspired hair line. Oh now, this wig looks like a sewing with a closure and in all my videos of me, rocking the outre batik bundle, hair line, at least the lace front, wigs. That is, I'm always saying it looks like a so in with a closer, because when I'm not looking at you, I'm looking this mirror right here, and that is exactly the feel of this. It'S like a is like bundle here. This feels like bundle here. Nothing about this wig says lace, front. Nothing about this. Wig actually says, wait, he'll know everything about. It, says good quality, hair! Oh wait! Let me give you some specs about it. Um it has adjustable straps in the back. Okay, it does have a adjustable strap. It has one comb in the nape of the neck. It has two combs he on the side, and that is because, if you decide to cut the lace, because you can, you can cut this place open and then you can wear your hair over it. I didn't do that, and I didn't want to do that, and I am NOT going to do that because I love her just the way she is. This wig is gorgeous in person. This camera is honestly not doing it. It'S justice that it deserves. Okay, ultra has also really been listening to the avid wig wearers community. Okay, and what I mean by that is look at this party glam dolls. This is insane when I got this unit, I didn't have to tweeze her. I didn't have to pluck her. I didn't have to do the pull method or whatever that new method is. I didn't have to do anything to the party. Okay, it is nice and wide like. It is look at that right there. Look how wide that party is. That is insane. I didn't have to do anything to the party other names, you know just add a little bit of concealer just to brighten it up, but for the most part, like I said in the beginning, this looks like a so in with a closure, and I keep saying That, throughout this video and any of my other videos are talking about the inspired bun do hill on its because if you was to meet me and me being african-american, and you meet me soon, as you meet me, you're gon na already know, my hair did not Grow out my head, looking like this, I don't know my head and grow up my head looking like this, but what she will say is damn how he looks nice. Okay, oh she's, rocking some quality here. This does not look cheap, okay and to say that this is a synthetic unit. It looks rich, okay, it looks rich now this is the front of the wig, because I know you wan na you know see the side see the back. So this is the front, and the way comes very, very long, in fact, I'm a stand-up. This is the front, and this is how long it comes. Okay, underneath my bustline way, underneath my bust line right here. This is the front of the way. This is what I mean. This is the other side. Okay and i'ma turn around. So you can see just how long this wig is because she is warm. She is very very long. She is very, very 102 m to the G, so that is it glam-doll. I just want to come back and share with you, this party, seeing at least after I want pronouncing it. This police in lace, front, wig unit, that's new, that's newly released by out ray, or at least its newly released to me finding out about it. But I absolutely love it once again. The color on market is D are 2730. That'S dr 2730. She has the dark roots and then it flows down into hombre 27:30 effects. So yeah, that's it. She is absolutely gorgeous. You are not going to regret getting this unit here, no you're not boom. So that's it if you haven't already done so, which I don't know what what you're waiting for visit the missile American website for more blog post keep in mind. I am on Facebook, I'm on Instagram and I'm on Twitter with more daily beauty alerts and fast food Lisa finds I'm gon na get out of here. While you enjoy your day - and I will see you all in another video and show you later

TheHeartsandCake90: Now this is beautiful! Love this color and style :)

Coretta Nicole: This unit is gorgeous. Looks wonderful on you. Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly Archabell: Thanks MzGlamourAddict for another fabulous review. This unit did not disappoint. I got her in a 1B & she is just as fabulous as you said she was.

IamLuluJay: Thanks for your review. I have been looking for someone to review this wig. Your enthusiasm is great. I just ordered two of her. I love this color as well. She looks good on you too.

bthequeen: Just bought the exact 1!!! Thanks to your review can't wait to try it on!!!

curlsbygrace: The coloring is absolutely beautiful and it flows beautifully I just worry about the fullness but love this on you!

Naturalbrownt: I love this style its so cute and looks great on you tfs and subbed

Treasure Borde: Love it! Just got the Brazilian and im in love

Carolyn Gamble: Simply Gorgeous! :)  I have been searching for a positive review on this unit! Thanks so much! :)


Paris Monelle: FABULOUS!! I love this and you so much :) Do you have an update for us regarding this unit? I think Im gonna have to buy her

Digital Mechanics: I like this wig also, I have ordered 3 wigs previously from them already,you get it in 2 days I will be ordering the "tahitian and the Parisian" thanks looks good on you.

PlatinumRedd: Sis loving this color on you. This unit is fabulous!!!

Diva4Lee: The wig and color looks beautiful on you. I must get this unit.

Lola Hernandez: love that unit mama and your so charismatic.... very wonderful to watch! new subbie here!

Tranquility: I have actually had my natural hair this color...which is a story within itself lol. I dyed my hair blonde a long time ago. But I didn't know you are supposed to use a toner lol. So my hair was SUPER blonde initially. Ppl looked at it like ...well uh, it's blonde lol. Then once the color toned down after a few washes then they started to give me compliments on it LOL!

Tranquility: Hey doll I have a question, do you see any tracks on the back? On the top closer towards the roots. I have never had this issue with Outre, but I know with some companies when the hair is straight and then goes into curls, some companies skimp on the thickness. You mess around, go outside on a windy day, and everybody can see all your hair business lol. Ty hon

Monica .Grayson: Your energy is amazing you should go into radio personality love the energy Many Blessings

Rasheka Bianka: Ohhhh this is niceee ima have to go buy her ! Lol

DivaNurse68: Gorgeous on u ,thanks for vid.

50LittleMama: I am a Freetress woman but you are making me purchase this wig tomorrow.

Carmen Pittman: did you ever straighten it ?

Mz Delcia: gorgeous unit

momred205: Nice, she looks good on you.

kindachanel lovely: Is it thin?

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