The Most Natural Kinky Straight Lace Wig | No Baby Hair Needed | Ft Myfirstwig

Hi guys! This video is about The Most Natural KINKY straight lace Wig | NO BABY HAIR NEEDED | ft Myfirstwig I hope you all enjoy!

Things I like to use:

Stocking Caps


Bold Hold Active

Bold Hold Skin Protect

Coconut Creme Leave in Conditioner

Andis Hot Comb

Bold Hold

Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel, 6 Ounce (Pack of 3)


Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

Got2b Styling Spiking Hair Glue, 6 Ounce, 3 Count

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack of 6 (Used to cut lace)

***Used For Bleaching Knots

Clairol 30 Volume Developer

L’Oréal Quick N Blue

Protective Styles For Wig Beginners  




This wig is from:


-Hair Color - Natural Hair Color

-Hair Length - 12 Inch

-Hair Texture - Kinky

-Lace Color - Light Brown

-Cap Construction - 6" Deep Partline Glueless Lace Cap

Flyaway Tamer :

See more wig for beginners and tutorial tips:  

Music By LakeyInspired & Kiana Ledge

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel. I am kena and I am back with another video, so this air is from a company called my first wig, I'm sure you guys have heard of them before. If you haven't. Where have you been? Have you been sleep? I don't know so. The wig that I have is lower Asian, like Malaysia Audrey. I got here on YouTube. Yes, so y'all know I had to try this week because I absolutely loved her. So this is the kinky Bop middle parting, my hair lace front week. I have it in the color natural and it is 12 inches and the lace is light brown and this week has a 6 inch deep parts in space. Ok, so you know we love the present sizes over here. Ok, so this weekend with a adjustable elastic band. So you do not have to worry about someone on there because it already is attached, so you cannot beat that. I love that it already has this band because y'all this is what's going to get your wig back glueless effect, if you don't want to use any glue or a gel or anything like that, the elastic band will help you okay. So yes, right here, I'm just showing you guys what I am using to bleach my knots on my weak. You don't have to do this. This is just something that I decided to do. You can't just put foundation on the lace under the lace and call it a day, but y'all know I am miss extra over here. So I am going to be extra so yeah. I am just mixing this concoction up and I'm going to get it to a like pancake type of texture and yeah. We want to be big, but not too thick and yeah after that. I'M going to apply this to my lace and I am using a plastic butter knife, so that is the trick. That is the secret to not over bleaching, and you know messing up your wig get you a plastic butter knife and just spread it like butter very lightly, but it is so much easier to use this butter knife. We are applying the bleach to your lace. It just helps so much better and yeah. Try this out guys. I got this from among another youtuber. I cannot remember her name, but if I do, I will put it in the description box below so yes and I'm just gon na let this you know my lace for about 20 minutes and then I'm gon na wash it out with my trimmer light shampoo and I'M also going to condition this here. Also, oh one more thing that I forgot to mention to you guys is when I use the powder, the bleach, I use one scoop and a half of the scoop, and I did not measure how much developer I put in there. I just put it poured it in little by little and mix it up. As I went along, you know, I don't want to pour it too much so yeah. I always do that little by little and you want to keep adding a little bit as you go until you get the consistency that you want, like I say, a pancake batter, that's not like too soupy, because you don't want it to drip and be too. You know water, you don't want that. Okay, so yeah! That'S what I also do recommend you guys to use the same products that I am using in this video, because I feel like it gets your lace, a better look when you do bleach, instead of having that brassy type of looks so yeah. I do recommend these products okay, so this is how the lace is looking the hair online after I bleach them nicely looks so much more better yeah yeah so right here, I'm just showing you guys how the week is. Looking after I washed it like y'all. Look at this hair, I cannot even take it. This hair is so so beautiful. It is just so nice and it looks so so full but y'all. This hair is so light. It'S so so lightweight. It'S not heavy at all. It looks full. It is full, but it is so lightweight, so I did pluck the hairline just a little bit, but you do not have to do that because this wig is pre plugs already. So if you want to go and put somewhere, you can, but you really don't have to - and I am just using my hot comb just to press out those edges because we wanted to look sleek, you know. So what I decided to do in this video is not to use um. None of my boho luring being like that, because I wasn't gon na leave this week on long, so I am going to be using the OD but goody. What is that stuff? Fathers angle? What is this a party? Oh I'm, not shy in a minute right here I use my flat iron and I'm just going to string this hair out just a little bit yah. This hair was a little wet still when I was doing this, but look at it like that looks warm calm. So this is what I will be using the guys to be free spray and it has to be glued jail, and I'm just gon na apply that on my hairline a little bit above my hairline and I'm also gon na spray. Some of the freeze spray on my hair. It'S will and I'm gon na let they get a little bit tacky before I apply my lace. I did wait about three to five minutes before I did that and after that I was just gon na use my blow dryer here on Haight the heat, not the cool. I believe you can use either one, but my blow dryer just blows out hot air. Okay, so that's what I'm using and yeah yeah. This looks like my hair, like you cannot tell me, this is not my hair. I will not even believe you like seriously and y'all. I did record this video a few days ago and I am wearing this wig right now today and to speak, and this week is still one and it is not moving and y'all know I might be missing back with the UM got to be free spring. A guy flew because your girl week is still in tech and it's been hot outside. Do you hear me? It'S been scorching scorching, okay, so yeah! I didn't. I know what I want to do with this week. If I wanted to do a middle part or wet, but I decided to do like a little half up half down on type of style, but I don't know I'm just I don't know what I want to do. I don't know if I want to add some baby hair so wet, but you guys already saw what I ended up doing and I will show you guys how I did that in just a moment and I'm just one. I wanted to show you guys how it looks with the fret down the middle, and I could've made that a little bit more flatter with my Chris and calm, but I did not do that because I knew I was gon na put the 22. That sounds like. Let me just show them y'all be on see this. This is what whip out a stocking cap like that looks so so good this week is so bomb my first week. Y'All really did your job on this one. It looks so so good make sure you guys go check them out. All of that information would be in my description below. So yes, okay and y'all - I don't know I mention like all the stuff that came in the box with the week like this little brush came in the box also and some bobby pins and girl. Look, it felt like Christmas. It felt like Christmas. Do you mean so yeah? I am taking some of my Nairobi for me lotion and I am just whooping those little edges and I'm not gon na do too much just a little bit and yeah keep on watching. Okay, so right here, I'm just gon na put my little pony tail up, I'm just wrapping some rubber bands and popping in the thing on up here y'all. I thought this hairstyle was so cute for this week, because this hair looks so so natural y'all yeah. I don't even know I have been wearing this week for a few days now and a lot of people think this is my hair like, and I haven't even been telling them that it's mine, because I feel like it is okay, so you have makes you guys. Go check out my first wig, like I said all of the information will be in my description box below because they weeks is oh girl. May weeks is poppin. I know like and I like y'all. So yes, thank you guys so much for watching. If you haven't hit that subscribe, button make sure you hit it and leave me a comment below and it thumbs up and stay tuned for the next video. I bring afraid anyone dance that I see in my head. One more time fore. I go higher powers taking a hold on me and me. One name's got a same

Rockel London: You did a good job hun!

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July milky TZ: Where can I get that wig

Boo James: What temp u straighten the hair?

Tam Kam: Superrrr cute

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