Full Lace Wig How To Blend Your Colors

blending colors in a full lace wig ventilating

Hello youtube: it's your girl, amarie! I want to come to you guys, um with a little project that i'm working on and i kind of need. You guys help. I am going to have a little lace, wig party here at my house, i'm going to invite, like maybe 10 of my co-workers, or you know - 10 um. You know young, ladies to come out and kind of show them what i do. I'Ve been doing this for like um two years for any means i'm not acting like i'm perfect, and i got all the answers and stuff like that. And my thing is, i'm a little old-fashioned because i'm afraid of color and in order to be successful in all areas, you've got to be open-minded and when it comes to the color, i'm kind of scared of blending colors. Because i don't want to really make a wig that nobody had a request for - and i wind up sitting on it and have to discount it because nobody's interested in these colors. I seem to young lady paige and she has some beautiful colors beautiful, um uh. We use actually tracks, but she blend the colors together so cute and it was very beautiful, so i kind of need you guys help. So if you guys can leave me a message or comment kind of help me come up with some ideas. If i say my party is going to be in june, i think around june 5th - and i kind of wanted to have some summer comes, but this is one i kind of came up with from looking at the young. Ladies page, this one is a 1b and a burgundy, and then i i gave it more burgundy toward the back, but the lighting in my room is kind of bad. You guys really can't see, but when the sun hit it, you will see more of the burgundy. So um i'm kind of interested in some nice fun summer. Colors, like i said i have to be um, open-minded because you know everybody don't want the standard. You know the 1b or you know just a little bit of number four. I need to be more creative, so i kind of need you guys help. So if you guys can um, send me a message and um just you know, to help me be creative and i'll um give you guys a shout out and let you know let them know who helped me come up with those colors and different things like that, Because i've seen some girls with the red, the blue - i don't i don't know if i want to do any blue because i'm going to freestyle and i'm going to make it. So i really don't want to make something that i'm going to wind up being stuck with. I am i'm definitely making it and being able to sell so um, i'm not going to limit my age group. You know be kind of open-minded, probably the youngest, that i probably invite - maybe uh 18 19 plus because i do have younger. Ladies, that's interested in the full-length week thing, so i just kind of need you guys help and uh. Thank you guys for even watching my page and stuff like that. Um checking me out, like i said, i'm a beginner, i'm learning um, like i said, i'm very open-minded. I see some time i can get thumbs down, but i'm willing to grow. So if somebody do give me a thumbs down, can you kind of give me you know if you have time and let me know why, so that if there's something that i'm doing that, maybe i can make some corrections. You know so you know to make it you know worthwhile kind of for everybody. So, thank you youtube like i'm working on some colors and i don't know, i think my taste is kind of boring because i'm more or less focusing on what i like - and i can't focus on what i like all the time i got to give you know The public something that they like, so you guys can help me come up with some colors and you know a nice way to make and, like i said, i could definitely let them know who uh came up with the idea. Shout you guys out, let you know, let them know that this was. You know, um the colors. The color thing was, you know made by whoever you know the person is that come up with some great ideas like i don't really want to do. No blue! Nothing! Crazy but something that you know from 18 to as well as maybe 40 to 50 years old somewhere in that age. So thank you guys so much god bless bye!

msgreene1973: 1b and 27 is a beautiful blend as well

CARMELLAGABOR: I love it ,and 27 and 30 and 613 and 27 mix is always popular in the summer hope these help

Deborah Jean: Hi, How about number 2 and 6 blend together it is a nice color it is not crazy looking nor too light. You would have to use a hackle I dont know if I am saying it correcltly, to mix the hair.



epd0126: just a thought...the type of woman that spends over $200 for hair does not really rock trendy theatrical color.. leave the extreme colors for a different vendor,,stay classy

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