Sis Sister Wig Ari Color Sombre 350 *Divatress*

hey you guys this wig is from


Name: ARI

Color: SOMBRE 350

- Deep lace part

- Hand tied lace

- C part

- Heat up to 400 degrees

- Remy Fiber

- Care card

-a lot of other colors

- 3 combs

link to wig ARI somber 350:

link to wig ARI somber lily purple bob:










HEY LETS BE FRIENDS :-) and no I'm not crazy

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Hey youtube: I have a show on sale unit. This unit is from Diva Transcom and it's another re wig. The color I have today is a sound break 350 and I am totally feeling this when you guys stay tuned for more info ain't. This a pretty cool y'all. I think this color is so gorgeous on the inside. It comes with two comes on the front: one come in the back and that's the party of course, I'm going to plug that party and underneath it it comes with like. I can't explain it like a dark orange color and then on top you have the bright orange color. I don't know what color it is, but is pretty. This is what the wig looks like straight on my head, including with the lace and the curls, is so nice this how the curls come in the package. It is so pretty full and that's the partying again, and this is what the wig looks like shifted to a middle part and I'm not really filling the middle part, but the curls still popping, though okay, so I went ahead already and plucked apart and added some Maybelline mineral powder to the lace again just throwing you with the inside of the wig look like, and now I'm just gon na pop it on my head. I actually was going to cut this week, just like I said, with the other re wig I had, which was in the color Lily purple I'll leave the link below to that, but I actually like how this wig looks long. So sorry, you guys not today. This is Ari from diva Transcom and thank you guys so much for watching have a good day.

ZaziesFauxLoc: This is really cute! I love your reviews, Merry Christmas!

IsThatYourHairrr: Gorgeous color on you! Thank you for the review!

Carolyn Gamble: BEAUTIFUL! I love this color on you Kiera! :)

ZaziesFauxLoc: This is really cute! I love your reviews, Merry Christmas!

Sheena Mason: Slayed! Your review on the burgundy unit and this sombre 350 inspired me to purchase the unit. I posted a review on the sombre lily purple today. Check me out. keep slaying!!!

brittany patrick: Yes I love the color and style of this! The purple one had me a lil iffy but u freaked this wig! Definite buy

Veronica Garner: This a beautiful color on you. I think I might attempt to order that color and mix it with black! Have you rolled it yet, and if so, how long do the curls lasts before they fall??

Rnis' corner: the middle part looks good too! I'm tardy for the party but im bout to get this

Bree M: you slayed this

The Real With My My: Love the color and style girl! What's the difference b/w sombre and ombre?

SuperShopaholic21: This looks gorgeous on you! what kind of brush did you use?

Hillary B.: So cute!

Leanna Mctier: so beautiful on you and I love

sincerely shakiya: Yassss !

satona boston: you look nice in boyh colots! rock on!

Alaina: ok now! come through!!!

Rynne Carnivora: Thought she was your sister or some shit. Your face in this video looks rounder

satona boston: oops both i meant

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