Wig Review Part 2/Paula Young Nora/Come To The Wig Review Party Party

Wig Review is Part 2 of a 6 part series on Paula Young wigs. This wig is a shake and wear and very versatile. If you like short hair and easy to manage you will love Nora.

*** correction***Color of Nora is SF12/28 Average size in Honey not buttered toast

Standard cap with Velcro tabs and great ear tabs for comfort fitting especially with glasses.

Top 5.5"

Crown 5.5"

Sides 4.5

Upper Back 4.5"

Nape 3.5"

****2.5 Oz****

Thank you to all my Posse and all my New Subscribers for coming to the Wig Party review and thank you to all who brought snacks. lol I love each and every one of you and so enjoy your comments.

Hugs, Barb/Babs/Sheriff Babs :)

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First wig today was Gayle by PY in the color Autumn Blend also Average size.

Below is the link for the review on Gayle


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Hello, my posse hello, all my new subscribers. Thank you thank you for coming by my home today for our wig review party. I hope you found the place. Okay, I put flashing lights outside. That'S a wig party, free snacks, wig party, free snacks. So you would find us better. So I'm glad you're here there are snacks on the table, of course, and we are going to be ready to rock and roll to see this next great wig that I'm going to review so stay tuned. So hi! Yes, here we go, we've got Marie s brought mimosa. Today, Mary read is actually bartending. Today I talked to loris the baking diva into bringing her crab cakes and on the other table. I have lasagna. If you want to mix it all so today, I am so happy that you came. I got the door open. It'S very dreary here, very dreary here fireplace on. We are ready to go. I am really excited to have you here today. I I love these wig reviews and I know by your emails and your comments that you enjoy wig reviews. Also, you know wigs are the rage whether you have thinning hair, whether you have you know just for fun. Wigs are the way to go. I just I don't know what my life was like without them I get out of the house so quick this morning we were ready for breakfast and 20 minutes with makeup and hair out the door. So, no matter what your reason is for wearing women, I'm just glad that you're here today and today, I'm really excited to show you this way. This wig has been in my cart for a year, probably a year. I have sent this wig to other. Some of my subscribers who had asked an opinion about a wig for them and I always sent them this particular wig, especially if they're short haired. You know people comes in many many colors. It does come in gray. It comes in a lot of colors, but anyway I I wasn't sure about her, because she is short - and I thought maybe she was too short and the thing that bothered me the most about this one was, I thought. Maybe the bangs were too short, and you know I'm all about the number 11s here. That'S the bangs have got to cover the number 11. So don't have Botox yet, but I have bangtong's needs Botox with bang talks, but the bang talks have to be low enough to cover the you know: the number 11s they're. So I debated because I didn't think the bangs were really long enough, but they they are. The one that they show in the catalog, which I will insert a picture here chosen in a beautiful red, and I really really thought that that this particular way was beautiful in red, and this one here is called oh and before I forget, I should have told You and I'm doing this for a reason today, I'm wearing Gail - and this is my old Gail. I cut quite a bit of hair off of her because I got a new girl for updos and, as all I do is have her clipped on this side and up - and I can - I can do one of these numbers. You know with my hair, and so I like that you know, but anyway my glasses are glaring, I'm sorry. So this is Gail and I want to show you you can go from long to short in just a matter of minutes and you know no matter. Your age, you know that I'm 76 next month, 77, I know and you can pull it off if you've got the look. The whole look, the clothes you know when you wear wigs, you got to consider what kind of clothes you wear if you're, still working what your environment is. You know I mean you, you, you just have to kind of wear your wigs. According to your your lifestyle, I mean you don't want to wear a big banana curl wig. If you know you work, you know at the gym or something I don't know. If you work and if you're retired like me, you can wear and I do. I trust me I do, but so you can wear long just you know, you've got to be able to pull it back, and you know this one here is always cute up even in ponytails, but I do love. I do love Gill and I have reviewed it before. I'M sure you've seen it if not I'll, try to remember to link it below. So you can watch that wig review anyway. Excuse me: I dropped my other wig so anyway, this one here is called Nora and she is SF 1228 cute little purple box of Polly, young and she's, so stinking cute. I don't know why I didn't get her before she's short. I got mine in butter toast, of course, butter toasts are really coming in light lately. I don't know why they're very very light to me, the color. I did get one that I was going to review, but unfortunately I had to send it back. So I will replace it with another one and I'll go over that with you at another time, but this little puppy is the cutest little style short style. Talk about shake and go. This is your girl. I mean she is absolutely amazing. She is yes, Norah she's super baby, fine hair just got those Kanekalon, fibers or whatever, but they're very, very soft fibers. The time you see with the it's the top is 5.5 inches. The crown is 4.5 inches. The sides are poor. 4.5. The upper back is 4.5. The nape is 3.5 and it's 2.5 ounces, ounces, Pennsylvania. I have to watch ounces and she is absolutely adorable. I mean when I first took her out of the box. I still have the tags off. I will take the tags off before I try it on. When I first took her out of the box, I was thought: oh she's kind of short. She is a little short back here. I do might wear my own hair out in the back a little bit because I like a little bit at the nape, but so I mean look at this. It'S it's totally shaking we're guys and messy you can. Where do you see it on? So I am going to show this on you and, like I said this is buttered toast and I do like buttered toast because it graduates to darker in the back. It looks a little reddish on here, but it is not it. It is really a pretty brown, and so without further ado, I want to show you how you can go from long hair to short hair like that to short hair, just like that anyway, this is just shook like this and out of the box. Now, like I say, the the butter toast the light colors in these wigs are a little a little light, a little shiny because it is tends to be a little shiny. I don't worry too much about the shine. I hairspray it put hairspray on it and let it dry and then comb it through and it kind of dulls it done they dull down so fast. I don't even to worry about the shine now. If I was going out right now, I probably have $ 2.00 done she's a little a little shiny a little bit. So I'm on my stool. Maybe she would look better without the aqua earrings. I don't know I'll leave him on for now, but she might look better with just maybe a small dangle earring on and not such a bright earring. Let me change my earrings up. Okay, these are kind of my long gated earrings. I go to earrings my CVS. Earrings but they give a a different look now I think if I was when I wear this, I will pull my own hair out of the back. It'S a little short for me for me at the nape, but then it depends too on your neckline. You know your neckline and your clothes make all the difference in you know how your neck looks. Your chest area looks, you know it makes total difference in in your wigs and your style goes. So I think if this was like a v-neck like this and higher in the back, it would be maybe okay. But for me I think I will pull my own hair out on the sides a little bit and a little bit, but you don't have to. I mean it's like so cute. Let me show you: this is shake it out of the box now this is my right, I'm on my swivel chair, and this is the back look at the curl on this look. This is my left. This is my chins ya. Know somebody got mad at me because I pointed out my Chin's. They said oh you're, so only forget pointing at your chins, but anyway everybody has their thing. You know we all see ourselves differently, but this is her. This is called Nora and I just think she's adorable and Suzie Q for those that follow Suzie Q, Suzie Q. This is the wig that I sent you with the color in the catalog. That would be perfect for you and her name is Nora and she is. Is $ 44.99 in butter toast, I think darker colors might be a little bit cheaper. The butter toast is $ 44.99 and I just think she's darling, I'm. I may just get her and a another color. I think for just short here. Like I say it's a little short for me here, but that's just me my preference, but I mean just shook she doesn't need any trimming. Bangs don't need any trimming, I mean you can fluff her. She stays one thing about synthetic wigs that I like. I love my jamie-lynn that I did my last review on the Versa. Fiber is a little tricky for me to get it to hold up to be full one of my subscribers said to shake it upside down and spray it, and I did that, but it's hard versa. Fibers got a coating on it, that's hard to really hold up, but these regular synthetics can i connect alone or whatever you say it. I don't know you can pop them up. You can spray them with a little bit of water, run your fingers through them and they're like perfect. So this is Nora. This is part 2 of my wig series of six and next week of the week after I will bring you another one and I really hope and she does come see. Oh, she does come and silvery moon in gray, if you're interested in her very easy upkeep. So easy up cake keep she's a shake and we're for sure. So I hope you like this wig review and I hope you got some snacks and we're gon na do part three in a couple weeks. So I need to know what snacks you're bringing in a couple of weeks I mean I have to fill the snack table for you. So I'm glad that you came today and next week we might talk about a few things about aging. I'Ve got some people that have talked to me and and we're gon na do some skin routines for you too, because you know I'm always asked about my routine. I don't have. I don't have a facelift, I don't have Botox yet I don't have you know fillers. I don't have any lasers done and I'm gon na show you how I keep my skin intact at almost seventy seven. So I hope you stay tuned and next week also we're going to do a Valentine collab with 11 other channels and I'm gon na do that with Bella. I think I told you before my granddaughter who's 10 and we are gon na. Have some fun I'm going to show you some easy Valentine's next, because I'm all about ease and easiness. I don't. I don't just do things hard. We do things like really easy here. Easy recipes, easy, wigs, easy transformations piece of cake. We got it down to a science here, so I hope you stay tuned and I hope you guys have snacks and thank you so much for coming by, and I hope you, like Nora, she's, probably a big change, to see me from long to short, I'm sure, But this is her and I think she's super cute super super cute and I will see you next time. I love you guys. Thank you. Thank you for subscribing to my channel. Thank you for all your great comments. Listen, I don't know where you guys come from. I don't even know if you know how funny you are, but I'm telling you all of you if you want to have a comedy, show, grab yourself a cup of coffee and read some of my comments. I actually peed my pants and that's kind of not very difficult to do these days, but I laugh so hard at your comment. I I have the biggest comedians for subscribers of anybody. I mean you're all crazy funny. So just read the comments like I do. Sometimes I sit in bed at night and matthan go. What are you laughing at and I go? Oh, my god. My comment, listen to what she said, listen to what she said, you're also funny anyway. I love you. Thank you. Keep the comments. Coming, have any questions. You'Ve got my email, you know what to do. I love you I'll see you again soon. I mean Norris a bite. I am adding this at the end because I thought it would be cute to show you, because I looked at the other video I'm summing and this wig Nora wasn't as fluffy as I think she could get, because I just shook it and took it out of The box, but I did fluffer a little bit more. I wanted you to see the height on it and what you could do, I did add some of my own hair out in the back, which I think I didn't curl it or anything and blend it. But I think it looks much better on me, dressier earrings, and to show you the difference in short, hair with a different neckline on like a nice black dress if you're going out. So I didn't get a chance to show you. So I am adding this on at the end of the video, but I wanted to show you because you know when I got off the video that I made. It was good, but it didn't show as fluffy as she really gets and if you like being here like me, you would like that and you could always tuck it behind your ear. You know on one side and you could do one of those, so I just wanted to show you a little bit with a different neckline different earrings, maybe a little bit of your own hair on, if you so choose and a little more fluff to her, how Full that you can get her and some of my hair in the back is not curled here. Anything I just haven't hung out and I did cut my own hair, so it is kind of short in the back and I didn't have a real fluffed like really cuz. I just shook it and put it on for you, but I wanted to show you a different look with the same wig Nora and I say peace out.

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American Made: I'll bring baked ziti next time..lol..

Laurie Shafer: Bangtox, lol!!

Barkha's Channel: Nice New friends

Carol Mullins: LOVE your SENSE of HUMORJUST like ME in MANY waysI gotta BE ME !!!3.12.22

Mary Ellen Libonati: Wig prices?i don’t like shiny. Aqua is your color

Kim Hayes: Who is Gail by?

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