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Gorgeous Long Synthetic Wig by Tress Allure! Monofilament!

Chanelle: Color SUNRISE!


Come on hi, this is Diane. Grace Gracie's wig Journey today is Wednesday wig review day. What I have on is Chanel by Trace Allure and the color is sunrise. It truly is a sunrise and I'm keeping this away for myself and by the way, all my wigs. I purchased for myself, 100 percent. What I love about this particular one is that it is it's the golden blonde, but you have the sunrise of some of the of red. That'S inside too, which is just beautiful. I'M going to take this off and show you how it's made, but I wanted to quickly review with you some important things that you must keep in mind when you buy Wigs Online. There are some top companies and in many of my week, reviews I always do put down the link to where I actually purchased this wig and all the different wigs. I have really narrowed it down to three or four companies that I actually do business with, but I wanted to let you know - and I have in some other videos shared with you like the little tag that comes on. Please don't don't cut that off until you're. Absolutely sure that you are going to keep your wig and I won't go into all those things you can find those kinds of details. Uh unpacking your wig on many of my other chat other videos, but let me just make something very, very clear: you have to really be careful when it comes to the fragrance or with the perfume, particularly with some of the wigs that are kind of, I would Say between four or five or six hundred dollars. I think that when you return that price of a wig, I don't know what they do behind the scenes, but they must put the wig in some kind of a machine that can pick up any kind of a fragrance, a baby powder, something as simple as something. If you put makeup on or I'm sorry a very light spray for a fragrance say in the morning and then wear that wig, it's going to get on the wig and you're not going to want to wash it because they're going to be able to tell that You washed it too. So if you plan on returning a wig, please be sure that when you receive your wig, that you have no perfume, no body wash no residual of any kind of a fragrance on you try the wig on wear it for the day or, ideally, just work for A few hours or just walk around the house and kind of on and off, I generally keep a wig no longer than 24 hours. Usually it comes in I pop it on I play around with it and then either the next day. I mail it back, but I rarely have to wait more than 24 hours myself personally and therefore it's easy for me to return. The second rule of thumb I want you to be aware of. There is a company out there, a wonderful company that makes their own wigs. However, they will accept a return, it'd be more or less a return for credit, and this normally for most people would be just fine. But remember I have been teaching you that every manufacturer, be it Jon, renau trace the lore uh Raquel Welch, each manufacturer kind of are very unique in the way they make their caps and their wigs, and we all have a certain proclivity one that we kind of Really go to a lot because they tend to really make wigs that really fit your particular your scalp, your size and everything is just perfectly, but this particular company has beautiful wigs synthetic wigs, no human hair but synthetic wigs that they make. However, from my own particular measurements in my head, it's just just off just a tad. It'S not quite like the Raquel welcher genre, no or even the trace Allure are some of my favorites or even Ellen uh Wiley. But I keep trying different wigs and I have to return them because their policy is once you get a wig. You can't return it for a full refund. You get the wig, but you return it for credit and I'm having a hard time finding enough product to actually that I will wear and it's just going back and forth and back and forth, and I finally I'm just kind of thinking. Maybe I'm just going to order a ton, a ton of shampoos, because the shampoo is a shampoo right and be using it. That way, so really be sure, you're very much aware of any company that you deal with and then the third part thing - and last thing I want to say, is there - is a company which I have ordered the wig from it took forever to come, because it Was being mailed directly from China now, maybe most of the wigs a lot of them are being made there or Indonesia, but a lot of times. The big companies here in the states will will order a bunch for inventory and then ship it to you and you'll get it within days within the US, but this particular company when I place the ad or I'm sorry when I place the order, it was coming From China, and then there was a delays. Finally, I got it like six or eight weeks later and I really didn't even the color wasn't even like what it was. You know from what I saw on their website and they're kind of a big company there. So be very much aware and cognizant of where it's being shipped from most of these big companies, they have inventory within the U.S, so you're not going to have to wait for coming in from somewhere else. You'Re not going to have to wait because they're getting the inventory, so those are just some key things that you need to be aware of back to the fun part. Okay, here we are with Chanel, okay, and you can see I I normally would pull it put a little bit more back with in the scrunchie. But let me kind of show you with it all down, and you can see this pretty red right here right and then down and I'm going to turn around real quick. So you can kind of see the colors. Do you see how it is, and it has a very big monofilament here, and that means that you can part it at all different kinds of styles? Okay, so let me turn it around. So you'll see see the back of how long it is okay, okay, there. She sits a few, a few pointers too for those of us that are baby boomers. We should never have hair falling down into our face that always should be back and and Slick. This is a little bit there. You go and and pulled back as well as for those uh, you young, beautiful girls, that this will look gorgeous on um. This is fine running around Bohemian look to a party or whatever, but in the in the business Marketplace, and that's what I do in my other Thursday classes, I teach international business protocol and how to be successful in the career Marketplace, for even for you, young women, With a long hair, no Bohemian earrings, no dangling earrings nope. It should be more like pearls very, very simple, and your hair should be always pulled back away from your face very Sleek, okay, back to Chanel, okay, I'm going to take Chanel off and show you how she's made - and this is what this is - the cap - that A lot of times, as you know, it's like a stocking. You can use this to put around your head, and this is how you would be able to secure your wig. I'Ve showed you in some of my other videos, um lots and lots of different products that you can buy, but anyway, let's get back to how she's constructed all right. So here you go right, it's all machine made and this the why this allows for a lot of air circulation. So it's a great wig and, of course, down the bottom. You have your straps, where you can tighten it if it seems to be a little loose down below. Also here's the monofilament, really a quite substantial size. How big that is this area here and then right around here has a little bit of a front very, very tiny, like a lace front, but very, very small, okay, very nice, very pretty all right, I'm going to shake it, and then you always open it up In the back okay, we see the little tag and put it down in the middle of your forehead. Then I always go to the sides on the side panels, so I know where the ear uh, with with the above the ear where the panel should fit to kind of Center it and then what I'm going to do here. I'Ll show you what I do here. Okay, then, you can see a little bit of the lace front here, I'm going to pull it back, just a hair to line up with my own hairline, pull it back, adjust it on the side to be level okay and there you go and then also I Just wanted to show you because of that monofilament was such a big size. You see how you see how this looks like your own scalp. You see right up there, okay and then this is the the red which is right here, which is beautiful. Okay - and let me just show you how it fits here on the side you see just down like that, okay and you would bring that down and then for me. I like to pull a bit just a hair, just a hair, all right and then we'll be back like this. Now this is parted in the middle. I usually have mine part on the side, but you can see how, with the scrunchie, you can put a scrunchie here or you could actually put you see just like that and you're kind of ready to go you're ready to go. I love it anyway. Thank you. So much for joining me, I hope you had fun um and always remember to be gracious and be kind and have a great day.

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