Freetress Equal "Abree" Wig (Color 530) It'S Gawjussss!!!!

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I'm an everyday lady who like sharing my beauty finds and was pleasantly surprised when i received this Freetress Equal "Abree" Wig and it was actually better than pictured when taken out the package..

I am a true believer in a company keeping its word and delivering its promise to what is printed or shown on their labels and the Freetress Equal "Abree" Wig SUPER EXCEEDED my expectations.

The Freetress Equal "Abree" Wig is easy to manintain, its curling iron safe up to 400 degrees and is made from 100% premium fiber. I must say it sure did exceed my expectations, which is why I am uploading this review.

Freetress Equal "Abree" Wig is super affordable and the quality of the hair is the same as the higher end brands of bundled hair but at a fraction of its cost.

I am a true believer in being a #BeautyFrugalista and love knowing I don’t have to break my bank for expensive hair when I can get the same quality at a more affordable price.

Thank you for taking the time to watch my video, it is appreciated!

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Freetress Equal or any of their subsidiaries. I have not been compensated for my posting my video nor was I given any product free in exchange for showing how i used it. I purchased the items mentioned & shown with my own money.


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As you can see, I am back on my cherry cola. Dr. pepper raspberry is Friday, hair color, but this time it's with a nice short asymmetrical, very chic, very edgy cut Bob wig and it is my free trust. Equal, okay and her name is Aubrey. Yes, I hope I'm saying it correctly. Let me get the packaging and make sure I'm reading it to you correctly yeah. It is my free choice. Equal and her name is Aubrey, and this is what she looks like. I don't want to get the glare. This is what she looks like when you get her in the packaging. Her name is uh. Her name is a Brie. The color I'm wearing is 5:30 she's, curling iron safe up to 400°. This is what the packaging looks like, and this is what she looks like when you take her out of the packaging and o-m-g. First of all, I must have been the last one from underneath the rock to get this wig. I slept on it. I slept on it, I slept funny, I slept on it, but then I said what the hell, let me give her a try, especially after I've seen her popping up on YouTube. You'Re not started seeing a lot of other videos popping up with this wig and I was like. Let me let me give her a try, see what she's about so this is it Liam dogs, her name is Aubrey and she is my free tres Equis um. She doesn't have any combs, okay and she doesn't have any party space. So when you get out the packaging, this is all that you're getting. She does have adjustable straps in the back um. This is hung in the front. I'M gon na give you the side view. This is what she's looking like from the side, and this is the back view. Do you see this oMG? Look at that cut, doesn't even look like it's a wig. Now that's what I'm talking about. It is very rare that she'll get a wig that doesn't honestly necessarily look like it's a wig from the back. Oh Bree is everything that I was looking for. Yes and I was so impressed and I loved us so much that I didn't just get her once. I got her twice: yes, Ram Dass. I also got her in a color 1b, so you're going to see me pop up in another video or so rocking the 1b, the black color. But for now I'm back on my cherry cola, dr. pepper, inspired, hair color, and this is what it is. I mean she's on and poppin, and I wouldn't be the fab, a beautiful ELISA that I am. If I didn't do one better for you, if you're having a hard time finding huh, don't worry about it, I already linked it down in the description box below so make sure you check there for all the details, as well as the rest of the specs about Her, but this is it what you're seeing is what you're getting and oh mm-hmm I mean she's, edgy she's, she she's crazy, insanely, affordable and that's fine. This is that five thirty, I mean hmm, I'm about that five. Thirty life. I mean look at this. Look at this, she is gorgeous, I mean who do not sleep on a brie. That'S all I got to say: do not sleep on a Bree. This is what it is. This is how she's looking when you see her in the packaging right here, I'm trying not to get the glare here we go. Yep there we go. This is what she's looking like when you get her when you see her on the packaging she's cut short and trying to get nothing at the glare she's cut short in the front, the color I'm wearing the color that you're seeing is 5:30 and, like I said It'S that dr. pepper cherry cola, Burgundy raspberry type, hair color, and I am loving it, so that's it I'm gon na get out of here now before I go on. If you see what's going on back here, that's because that's the setup for my fab glam through release the spree that I have coming up to show you glam dolls by, I did a pretty summer spring and free summer haul, and everything on that rack that you're, Seeing back there, your girl, your girl, quarter, good frugal, it's a deal. I got everything for less than $ 300 back there, yes and that's a whole lot of outfits, so stay tuned for that. Video that I got coming for y'all, if you haven't already done so, make sure you visit the Miss lemon and website, keep in mind. I'M on facebook, I'm on Instagram, I'm on Twitter, but more daily beauty alerts and faster release defies and I'm gon na get out of here, because I got ta finish looking in the mirror at myself because, like I always tell you all, but I won't be looking At you look in this mirror right here and rockiness, Aubry I'm loving what I'm seeing, but I love what I see even without her, but still I'm loving. This hair color do not sleep on a breathe and just for one more time before I go, I'm gon na turn around again, so you can really get a chance to see her. This is the front she's super edgy she's super chic she's. Oh my gosh. Anyway. This is the front, I do the opposite, just the front, here's the side. This is the back again and that's the brief glam doll. So now let me get out of here. You go ahead. You check the info box for the details about this video. Make sure you visit the Miss glamour editcom website and I will see you all in another video shortly.

Lightnluvli Beauty: I had no clue how beautiful this unit is! I've seen it online and never clicked on her. Thank you for showing us this one! I need her!

Gemlover Allday: I have seen this wig on others THANK YOU for not molding it down on your head like others.Lovin the messy layered in the back look.ON POINT

arielle smithe: That color is amazing on you!!!

DeeDee: Very pretty! Love the color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M O: this looks soo good on you! Do you think this wig could also be worn as a full bang if cut? I have been searching for a wig with a full china bang that is just like this! 

B3autifuL1yfe: Luv this color on u diva & the style is very pretty, luv it

Cheryl4Peace: She is amazing! I want this! 

Redemption Beautique: Love your energy!

Mallory Neverson: I never tried a wig but I wanna try that one

momred205: She looks good on you, nice color for you.

nessa yumyum: Looking gorgeoussssss like yasssss girl get it .

Katina: Why did you stop doing wig reviews. I just found your videos and love them

new beginnings 4TyGrr: im fina get this girl!!! new subbie!

Sherley's_ livingahealthylife: She is gorgeous

- 𝘿.𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙨 -: Nice color

Vickie Porter: Really cute on you.

MS.DELO1051: great video, new subbie


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