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We specialize in delivering a highest quality non surgical hair bonding & clipping system at affordable prices in Delhi.

contact address;- RIZY HAIR SOLUTION 1st floor shree krishna tower, motilal road, Lalpura colony, sindhi camp, jaipur rajisthan 302001] 8929576395

contact address;- RIZY HAIR SOLUTION 1st floor trans yamuna colony phase2 opposite SAYYAD

highway road rambagh AGRA 8882017181

contact address: RIZY HAIR SOLUTION shop no : 1978 1st floor opp. Hamdard dawakhana, lal kuan, Delhi-6, near by Chawari Bazar metro station // 9599858612 011-42225757,

Though there are thousands of options available for hair patch in delhi but when it comes to best we are far away from others! We are the only one who is consistently providing best result in when it comes to non surgical hair patch!

Cost of non surgical hair patch is very less as compared to surgical! Results of our hair patch are instant in very less price /low cost! While you opt for surgical hair patch you have to wait for years for results even if you have best technician on the top of that results are not guaranteed there as you might have seen in many reviews of hair patch!

We are best option for instant hair patch in delhi ! We have many result proven video of patch in our channel you watch these!

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insta gram :- rizyhairsolution

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Hello guys, my name is Toby. I stay in the jury, garden from New Delhi and I underwent this hay transplant couple of times or who's Kivar. I felt he achieved confidence, i-i'm a ball, ah dang it or Escobar. I don't know what went wrong. Maybe, however, those changes or hormonal problems give it. You see, I didn't have that growth back and I used to search so many things may seem a lot of acoustic ocean. I'M a guy who's negotiation is a confidence Alicia. You know watching me: share a link in Germany receive an IP video. They keep. My I felt very motivated or mujhey lag again. I should come down here, should speak to him and find out what exactly you know you do to gain that confidence back cap offensive. Push of their work in China, maybe smile at the air escape a delegation, understand Balaji or finally, my hammer. I am, and I'm very positive about about. You, know the results and all that from you neglect. I agree. German HTTP here would be the Sun be funny or near the results by the vacay and we used by the Navy, Chile. I do believe in you, geege Shasta, here vehicle or very, very positive about that and hopefully yeah. I have given my finger cross. He after Giovanni Maya, Angelou Chava and then he made me, feel very positive. We are tension are low or my donkey. Hablo PRI, equal Cisco experience, go where it's not a heart transplant. A philosophy of push Milligan worried, Laney Ababa. You should come down here, you should, you know not any cracking up to ski videos- Tabasco. Equally, ever ow we have a live gia the book. You read sketchy over there, your name up there, musket ball, I'm sure both who shot game - okay, young in general, say - and you recommend him to many people who are facing this kind of balance like I am facing, or you chilly Mitchell County Ave, Parag, a experienced Array, thank you so much so guys copy this side again here you can see the result. What I expected it's more than what I expected, I I would say, determine expect kiosk each other. Would you be live on a both khushu or Maybach thanks to a net account is won by KO a genuine extra confidence. Even here, the positive is earlier alimentive. Good luck, pate 306, this current opportunity of pearls Camilla, I'm very thankful, I would say, keep it up. One by fi, common container or loco boo, a bachelor Jia, Jia, still chaotic until or many of you know me have an eye or a party experience the river on Hawaii simulate. The nature is not child in car attitude with the positive, a vocalization. Thank us.

Yateen ajmerra: Bhai ur creativity and product you use are really worth it ... because everything has it own role be it tape, glue or patch everything matters .... keep it up .... ...... YOU ARE A GEM RIZZY BHAI

VINAY SINGH: Hi Rizy, can u pls tell abt the starting price of hair patch & wht abt the monthly service charge??

Yashas Urs: Can u suggest good hair fixing centre in Bangalore who does same job like u.

Chandralal K: like i used to said before, that you are a veteran on your job. good job bro

Gm Verma: 3 months bad k logo k reviews ki video bhi.bnao...hit like guys if u agree

Irfan Ahmed: How many month does these wig lasts?

kamutam naresh: Super work bro..Can you open a branch in hyderabad?

Reynaldo Delos Reyes: Still available in Philippines?

Rahul Verma: Hloo rizy sir I m from jaipur and I want to know its hair patch cost and durability and maintenance

Mohd Junaid: You r great brother plzz open the branch in Lucknow

sanil raj: It's all ok . Rizy but we want to see 2nd time servicing video

prasenjit mondal: Can you open one Branch at Kolkata

Bloger DADA: Awesome work

Travel Bug: Do you have some thing for natural type hairlines

Secret Superstar: i need your contract bro!

Flavin Martis: Superb Bro ♥️

Masum Ahmed Barbhuiya: Wow

Raju poultry🐣🐔 vlogs: Amazing sir it's natural hair..

Tech G: Osm

Mikkili Anil: Super... sir please open branch in vizag

Anilsagar 5789: Nice rizy bhai. Is patch ka price plz, M Coming on November 1st, Sunday open hoga na aapka shop

Yogesh: Sir , how to wash hair weekly twice or 1month one time My doubt is it is removeble or not permanent tell me sir and tell cost also

spn king: Price

Arsh Sheikh: Bhai ghusl aur namaz ki waja se glue me nahi use kr skte..aur clip me look acha nhi aata...... kya sirf tape me lag sakta hai aur...daily remove kar skte hain nahate waqt..??


TABREZ ANSARY: I am from nepal bhaijaan how much the cost

A k music kashyap: Nice working

Sabu sree: super work look like natural

Guljar Ansaari: Bhai aapki wig nhi lagba payege bhaut mehngi h laif 10 15 saal tak honi chahiye

MALLEPOGU PULLAIAH: Super hair style

SM Jubayer: nice

Kiran Chatterjee:

Nitesh Kumar: Bhai aap side ke sabke baalo ko black hair color karte hai . Kya aapke paas diff colour ke wigs nhi hai jaise dark brown, light brown

Sachin Singh Rajawat: Mast

Baleshwar Mandal: Sir aapka address Kya hai

Ashish Singh: Bhai clip wali patch nahi lgate

sachin atri: particular ya patch kitna ka ha

Arjun Gole: Bhai idhar bhi aao jara Maharashtra side

Irfan Momin: Kitna kharcha aayega

abhay patil: Mast Work hai

R.H. S.: Best hair technician rizy sir heads off

Prasath N: Masss bhaiya....! cost bro?

Raja Khan: Sir ek bar hum wapas aa gaye hai. Pure details me bataye kiya kiya karna pare ga. Please sir

Aman Srivastava: kitna khrcha Ata hai

Tour with Atul: Yar sab log bolte hai yaha pe branch dalo, waha pe ek branch open karo. Yar ye Rizy bhai aap sab ke wajah se har shehar me branch nahi khol sakte. Isase accha hai ki aap unka time lo. Train ticket book karo delhi ka. Visit karo.patch lagao, delhi ghumo, dusare din wapis aa jao. Bas 2 din ki to bat hai. Aapke hair ek ke liye. 2 din ke liye unko puri branch aapke shehar me kyu lagwane bol rahe ho. Service to aapke yaha ke salon me ho jayegi. Our agar lagwani hai branch to inveatment karo unke sath, de denge rizy bhai franchisee....

pritam information: bhyia plz num dijia

S U: Bhai hair patch kisine khicha to nikalne ka darr rahta he Kya

MNM INDIA: Wigh Pata Chal Raha hai,1st time Rizy Kai kaam Mai,

Arshad Ayub: Rijwaan sir delhi m aap ki shop kaha p hai full address do bhai plss.... mujhe aana hai

Bihar Boy Roy: Bhai review dikhao ye sub baht channel pe dekh liya

jassi ssingh: Bhai seb new h yr koe old Banda apna experience share kre

R _______: Rizy bhai new type hair this???

ashish siwaniwal: Rizy bhai iske saath swimming kar skte hai ??

Naveen keshri: भैया हेयर वीविंग में भी यूज़ करता हूं मुझे मेरे इस स्केल में खुजली बहुत होने लगती है उसके लिए कुछ उपाय बताएं और स्केल में बहुत खुजली होती है और मैं 3 से 4 दिन में ही कृपया भैया मुझे बताएं मैं क्या करूं मेरा मोबाइल नंबर 999 3 44 33 28

RajThakre maratha king: Ek number

Dadri Modifier: Jaldi aata hu bhaijan m aap k pass.

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