Brookhaven, But Enid Can'T Touch Colors!

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Brookhaven, But ENID SINCLAIR Can't Touch COLORS Black & WHITE!

୨ hey besties!! today i'll be playing roblox brookhaven rp and doing fun DARES as enid sinclair with my bestfriend booshot as THING from the netflix series WEDNESDAY, BUT I cannot touch the colors black or white!! Good thing she loves bright, colorful colors instead of b&w!! I literally love this show sm and I already did this with wednesday so why not test ENID!! I hope you guys love this a ton!! LIKE AND COMMENT what I should do next!!


Wednesday DOES DARES:

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I'M gon na be doing dares in Roblox for Kevin as Enid Sinclair from Wednesday, but I can't touch the color white or black. See: let's go okay! Meg. Are you ready to give me some dares, I'm literally so excited so weird, oh, wait! You'Re ahead! I forgot you can't talk hold up. I got the magic potion. I stole it from Wednesday. Okay, there you go, you can talk now, hi hi there. Where is Wednesday, she told me she's going on a date with Xavier. So, like you know, I just have to be here: no, it should have been me. Go ahead, one thing's not gon na date a hand you little weirdo. I have dreams, so I'm stuck with you besides, if you're with me, I'm gon na get mini pedies, I mean your hands are kind of looking musty and Dusty. So I'll be doing you a favor, yeah Wednesday is way better than you you're cringe wow, so rude. Well, I guess I will give you dares everyone's there. All right. Follow me. Oh you look weird you're literally, don't make fun of me. Stop it. I will slap you in my big hand. No, if you do that I'll tell Wednesday and she's gon na hate you she's gon na get mad because she loves me. That'S the stupidest thing. I'Ve ever heard you'd be happy about that wow! Okay! What'S the first air you're gon na buy me stuff in the grocery store, come on boy, so I have a problem. What I can't take me around the store okay miles. You act like one too, do not drop me, though. If you drop me, I'm gon na tell Wednesday okay, I literally don't care, and you know what I'll do a wolf out and I'll stab you with my claws, all right get stuff for me now! Well, this is Pink, so you can have ice cream, even though I don't even know how you're gon na eat it, but okay Doritos, you can't get that because that's black and white, why? Why worst I hate you, you can have all of these things. Wait. Is this time black or brown? Oh wait. You don't even have eyes, you wouldn't even know. Who cares I'm just gon na? Do you like bananas? They kind of look like your fingers, because they're really big, don't make fun of me. I'M gon na tell Wednesday keep this up. Stop saying that, oh my gosh, you will not care. She does not like you. She told me she likes me more than every humans. He hate you. She talks about you, bad okay, wait! This has white. I can't give you that sorry, I can give you Reese's. That'S fine I'll, give you that you're. So annoying. Just get me! Stop! Okay! You can't get pizza. Wait. Does that just have white bro, it's so hard to control. Stop! Don'T I'm not trying it's yellow! Give me the pizza hand it to me: okay, fine! Oh my gosh, I'm safe. You almost killed me yeah good, I'm gon na have a list and I'm gon na write. Actually, no I'll have you write down on the list. You'Re at hand be useful. Go to the drinks, I'm trying you actually suck. What are you doing? I forgot I have to be nice. We are going to pretend we didn't hear that okay I'll give you a purple drink. You can have this, this doesn't have white or black. You can't have water, do you like water? No, I can't drink anything. Oh, it must suck to be a hand yeah your fingers are like gross like. We definitely need to get you so many patties poke. You can't have Coke. It has white and black. Sorry. Okay, we need to leave. I think I have everything we got. Ta pay. Actually you know what? No we don't. Okay, thanks! What'S my next, dare your hair is too colorful. We need to change that. Follow me. What do you mean it's too colorful? I think it's super cute also um you do realize before is white. Oh my gosh you're, so annoying hashtag, annoying, okay, okay I'll be small, because I know you don't really lift weights so you're kind of weak. I'M gon na drop you off the page. It'S a really soft hand. I mean your follicles are kind of gross, I'm actually gon na slap you all right, so I'm gon na put you I can't subscribe. When I put, you then put you uh here. I look like a child here. You literally always do rude. At least I look cute. I have a hand, I'm not supposed to all right. I'M gon na go grab you a wig, okay, oh I get the jokes because you're a hand and you grab stuff. This would look good. Okay, put this on: oh, okay: okay! What is this hair? Do you like it? I look like a seven-year-old boy. I think you look very nice honestly. This is like an upgrade. This is a glove. No, it's not! You can stay with your ugly musty Nails. Get me out of here, I'm happy with that. You have to carry me out. You do realize that. So you like Wednesday, better than me, that's kind of mean yes, 100. Okay, stop walking over the one you're gon na drop me. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! No! Go on the gray Road, okay! Finally, I'm safe from you: okay, what's the next there, you know what you're gon na scoop it follow me. I can't walk in there anymore. Oh my God, I'm literally gon na drop. You stop! Stop! Please! Okay, put me on the table: okay, I'll put your table here, you go! Thank you. You see that book right. There yeah, I won't even take out the book five times, but if you touch black or white uh you're dead, Okay, well, guess what I'm not gon na haha, okay, the first one is blue: I'm safe, yellow purple. The fourth one is yellow and blue dope's on you. I win you're, so annoying! Oh, my gosh. Can you please just die already. You need to carry me out of here. No do parkour, no, I'm not carrying out a cream color! That'S nice! That'S literally gray! Yeah and that's not white or black, so I'm some ball out and not get me out of here. Wait! Wait! Bella'S back! Oh my gosh hi, Bella hi! This stupid Enid person is annoying okay, hurry up or no dog treats. I am back. Did you miss me? Oh, my God, you again: okay, okay, so I changed your hair, but honestly, I'm just gon na change, everything about you. What do you mean? You need to look more like better. The only reason why I look like this, because I'm new with this horrendous, his hair, all right, I'm not helping you, but I can't I can't make it hi. Thank you. Why are you so nice? I hate you change your clothes right now and if you get white or black, you die, please get white or black. Don'T look at me like that, you said I don't have eyes ew your eyes are ugly anyways, I'm Gon na Change. Perfect. I got a pink shirt, but what is that? Does it say baby? No, it says barbs like Barbie anyways time for pants. Let'S go, I got blue, but now I have bare feet so where are we going now, this time, you're 100 losing? What do you mean? Where are we going? Where are you taking me uh we're going to school? No, why are you taking me to look at your head? Dude, that's your fault! How is it my fault, you're stupid, like soccer, I'm pretty good at sports me and Wednesday. We went in the canoeing thing. Oh wait thanks! I get it because you're a thing: okay, we're gon na, have to try to Lodge the balls okay come on. I got this: I'm gon na win also for soccer you'd, be eliminated, you're, not supposed to touch soccer balls with hands shut up you're, not funny you're, not funny bro. Why can't I hit you yeah and you're, not good at soccer? Clearly, yes, I am two balls now: okay, oh my God! No you didn't touch me. No, it didn't touch. It was so close. I hate you wow, but you love Wednesday right. Yes, wow. You said that with so much passion 100, even though she's family, what that's weird you can't get me loser. You know what you're annoying I'm sick of you. I want Wednesday back, you cheated, you cheater. You know what I'm tired of you. Do you want Wednesday back? Okay, then I'm gon na give you twice again, but you have to say sorry there, I'm not sorry! I hate you yeah. Let'S go you suck next time. I wolf out you're, getting it okay, you're, so cringe you're, so cringe you! This book is pretty interesting. Oh my gosh Wednesday, I just had the worst day of my life. I had to hang out with Enid Wait, so you were the one that attacked Enid attacked. What do you mean attack? I didn't do anything to her. What did you do to Enid? If anything, she did something to me. She was annoying thing. What did he do to Enon? You know what I think. It'S time to mute. You thing bye-bye thing: bye,

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