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This year there was no discount, like the girls, want to save some money. Okay, because I spent a cute little coin, a hundred dollars to be exact, because this was 25, 25 25.. Hey guys. What'S up welcome to my channel, it's Leia! If you're new, I want you to stop what you're doing and hit that subscribe button down below and if you're returning welcome back, I'm so glad you're. Here I have a natural hair haul for you guys, because over the past couple months, especially on Black Friday, I had to re-up on some of my favorite products and even some new ones. So I thought I'd get on here and share what I got. So, let's get into it, so the first round of products are from Mish. If you guys know me and have watched the videos on this channel that you guys know, I stand Mish, I love their products and what they do for my hair. The first couple, products that I got are from their juicy apple collection, which is limited edition. So by the time you guys see this video those products will not be available anymore. But from my experience with the brand, they re-release this particular collection once a year and it's normally around the Black Friday season. I picked up the juicy green apple, deep cleansing. Shampoo. Not only did I get one, but I got two. I love this shampoo. It does a really great job at cleansing, my hair, without stripping it and it it smells freaking delicious, just like apples, also picked up the Juicy Green Apple hydrating, deep conditioner and of course I got two. Your favorite thing only comes once a year. You got ta stock up. The only thing about the re-release of this line that I was disappointed in is that they didn't include it in their Black Friday sale, which last year they did so I was able to get these items for a discount, but this year there was no discount, like The girls want to save some money. Okay, because I spent a cute little coin, a hundred dollars to be exact, because this was 25 25 25., but I love it. So it was worth it next group of Niche products aren't limited edition. You can get them all year round, purchase these during their Black Friday sale, which they had everything 40 off. If you signed up for their emails and text alerts, you were able to get 40. If you didn't, I think it was 30. So let me show you what I got yeah, some of all time, all time for products, the cleanse moisturizing and cleansing sulfate free shampoo. I absolutely absolutely love the shampoo super gentle on the hair. You can use this every freaking week and your hair will not feel stripped whatsoever. It also smells amazing, like the blue, Scooby Snacks. I didn't know that they came out with bigger sizes, so this is actually one of their jumbo sizes. This is a 16 ounce bottle. So basically, two shampoos and one which is amazing. Next I have lavish, which is one of my all-time favorite leave-in conditioners, because it's very lightweight but very moisturizing. This thing packs a freaking punch. I also got this in the 16 ounce size and then I had to get my girl, my favorite deep conditioner or one of my favorite deep conditioners in dolge. This is their moisturizing deep conditioner. I freaking love her. She is one of my holy grow conditioners when I need that moisture. I got this in the jumbo size. The 16 ounce bottle and I'm super excited, and I'm really glad that they came out with these jumbo sizes, because this is all I need. This is like two of everything: y'all better come get y'all, one of these, it's a chicken salad and, last but not least, for me, I purchased their sharifin deep conditioner. This is one of their protein based deep conditioners, but what I really like about this is that it still has moisturizing properties, so it's definitely going to help you with getting that protein moisture balance. Normally, I use my Effigy two minute reconstructor as my main protein treatment. What I don't really feel like doing that, but my hair still needs a little umph, but I still want to give it a little moisture. I use a little bit of shrimp in and I got this in the eight ounce bottle because I don't use this one as often as the Endo. I recommend this deep conditioner to anyone who is a little bit on the fence about adding protein into their routine because, like I said it's going to give you that moisture, while still giving you that protein that your hair needs. Oh, that was not the last product that I got from me. I forgot I got one of their limited edition, deep conditioners. This is one that they came out with this year for the holidays. This is the their sparkling cranberry deep conditioning treatment is made with cranberry seed oil has vitamin B5 for strengthening and adding shine to the hair. I don't even think I smelled this smells like a light. Cranberry scent moving on we're gon na head over to the Shea moch Jacona, okay, because we need some shea moisture. Like I said, if you've been watching this channel, you guys have seen a lot of these products before, because these are my tried and true. So I had to pick up another shea moisture, Manuka, honey and referral oil intensive hydration, hair mask this thing is going to get you right every time when your hair needs some moisturization, when your hair needs to feel nice, silky and smooth. You better use. Some of this I also picked up a new product from shea moisture. Well, it's not new. It'S just new to me. I haven't tried it yet, but this is their Manuka Honey. Emma for oil, intensive hydration leave in milk. This product came out some time ago and I decided to pick it up because if I love the deep conditioner so much, I'm pretty sure I'll love to leave it, and then I had to go get some products for my yellow organic smile. She not Organics. No more she's, just my uh great black Friday 10, or something like that, but this is from their mango and toasty line. I don't know if it's available on my yellow site, but I do know that it was on Ulta and normally Ulta runs sells periodically. So I think I did get these on a cell. I think it was like buy one get one 40 off, so I had the mango and toasty nourishing shampoo. I have the nourishing conditioner. I have the nourishing styling gel and the nourishing leave-in conditioner and if you guys want to see a full review on this, please let me know because I've been using these products for a while. I'M not going to tell you if I like them or not, but just let me know if you want the review ah and then my most exciting thing other than my Mish products. I got some products from melanin Hair Care. Finally, I know I'm late to the party didn't get these during melanin's Black Friday sale. I heard from my good sis Mona: did the Black Friday sale that they were offering was a little but anyways? I picked up the melanin leave-in conditioner. This is their multi-use conditioning leave-in. Can I read this? Is their multi-use softening leave-in conditioner and it has nourishing Baobab oil Baobab? I think it is Baobab, I'm not tripping turnip root and pro vitamin B5. In this I was reading the back of the bottle and you can pretty much use this for whatever you can use it as a conditioner. You can use it as a leave-in. You can use it as a Styler. We love a multi-use product. Actually, what does it smell? It smells like peppermint like spearmint gum. That'S nice and milk, a Milky spearmint peppermint thing like a boba tea, and this is 16.1 fluid ounces. I'M saying this because, if you know melanin is, is expensive, it's it's some money, but it's 16 ounces. So I do appreciate the fact that they have these um higher price products, but you still get a good amount of product for it. Next product that I got from melanin is fairly new to the collection. It is their Plumping deep conditioner. It has hyaluronic acid biotin, fenugreek, pumpkin and bamboo. It'S supposed to help silken soaking soaking. Is that a word it's supposed to help make the hair silky and strong, and what really sold me on this product was the fact that it said Plumping and had hyaluronic acid in there. I used hyaluronic acid on my skin and it makes you know. I know y'all see this youth, this plump this hydration, so I can only imagine what it does to the hair and if you guys want to see me try this again. Let me know leave me a comment down below that. You want to see a review. I'M gon na do the review anyway. For these, so you ain't got ta, say nothing, never mind. Last but not least, the clothes of this haul. I have some of my favorite natural hair accessories from one of my favorite Brands. Glow by day. They make bonnets, shower caps, heated, deep conditioning caps, hooded, deep conditioning caps, scarves pillowcases, I might be reaching on the pillowcases. I don't know I feel, like I've seen pillowcases on there, but if you need some accessories for your hair, this is where you're gon na go. I got these accessories on Black Friday. They were buy two get one free, I believe so, of course, I had to pick up some bonnets. I love me some glow by day bonnets. So here's one of them. This is in their Geo prints. What it looks like outside of the packaging and all of their bonnets are reversible, so if you tie to the print you can flip it inside out and boom, you just have a plain solid color hold on. I want some. I want some spice don't play with me, but not with me and then, of course I got another Bonnet, I'm currently using this one. Now this is called free spirit. I believe nice pretty pattern and then, of course, you can reverse it to get a nice little navy, blue color. What I love about these bonnets is a number one come on now and number two. They are satin lined and I'm not talking about that beauty store Bonnet polyester. I'M talking about satin, that's silky! That'S smooth that you ain't gon na have no frizz on your hair today, because I got you covered, and I also love that this Bonnet stretches so far. Like literally I can have my hair in a puff in this Bonnet will cover my whole entire head. I can have my hair in full blown big afro wash and go, and this Bonnet is going to cover my whole head. I love these bonnets. These are the only bonnets that I purchased now. This last item is a new one for me, but I decided to go ahead and purchase a shower cap, and this is also in the free spirit pattern, and what I love about the shower cap is that it is satin lined on the inside like what so You don't even have to put like a little plastic thing because normally, when I take a shower, I don't got my place to catch no more because I threw them out because I got this one, but normally when I take a shower right, I'll put the Bonnet On okay and then I'll put the plastic cap over the Bonnet and that's how I'm getting in the shower with this, this is the Bonnet in the shower cabin one. Y'All better come get y'all one of these. Yes guys! That concludes my natural hair haul. I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up. Let me know what you guys have been getting your hands on whether you purchased it on Black Friday a couple months ago. Let me know what products you guys have been picking up. Thank you. So much for being here and I'll see you guys in the next one peace.

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