Low Hairline On Sides Frontal Wig Install

If you have a low hairline this video is for you.

We used the Bol Hold Skin Protect, Bold Hold Liquid Gold, and Bold Hold Gelly to acidse this meleeed frontal wig Install.

Bold Hold Skin Protect

This Skin Protect does it all!

It protects you from the Bacteria in your sweat as well as block sweat to make your Lace installs last LONGER!!!!

Always use a Bold Hold Skin Protect with your installs.

1. Apply to clean skin before using your Bold Hold Adhesive.

2. Clean the skin using facial wash or makeup wipes

3. Apply Bold gold Skin protect using a towel. Dab on never wipe on. You only need to 1-2 layers

4. Allow to completely dry before applying Bold Hold Adhesive

BOLD HOLD LIQUID GOLD Temporary Daily Hold

1. Use on clean skin(use general face wash or makeup wipes) Never use alcohol to clean skin

2. Use Bold Hold Skin Protect if you plan to wear more than 2 days

3. Apply thin layer, partially dry

4. Lay your Lace on top dry with warm dryer, do not press in to prevent white cast, you may lightly wipe with towel after drying.

5. Please see our YouTube for more instructions


Things to always remember:

Our products do not contain toxins such as ACRYLIC, DMDM(formaldehyde) No Latex or ALCOHOL, Safety is our top concern

Always follow manufacturer instructions on products no matter your expertise.

Using Products that contain Dmdm and other forms of formaldehyde in conjunction with lace glue can cause irritation.

Bold Hold lace Gelly

Glueless Temporary Lace Hold

The Bold Hold Lace Gelly is the best lace holding gel on the Market!

It’s great for holding your lace as well as sculpting babyhair for your hairline on extensions or your natural hair!

1. Apply small amount of Bold Hold Lace Gelly to hairline

2. Allow to partially dry you may use a warm dryer

3. Lay your Lace on top and proceed to dry with a warm dryer. Do not press while drying. You may wipe any remainder residue after it’s completely dry.

4. Last Tuesday down and proceed to style your hair as desired.

Please see our Youtube for more visual instructions.

SHOP #boldhold www.thehairdiagram.com & listed DISTRIBUTORS ONLY!

Only purchase AUTHENTIC Bold Hold products from our Distributors linked in highlights & on our website.

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All right guys, this is my daughter Ashley. She has a low hairline on the sides. We actually have to bring the wig forward so that we can mimic her hairline, I'm going to remove that hair from the middle, and this is something that I show on my YouTube make sure you check out my YouTube. She actually put hair in the inside and sprayed it with hairspray to prime it and now she's going to do her application using the boho Liquid Gold to ensure that the liquid gold does not turn white or flake on you make sure you're not pressing with a Comb or your hands, please make sure you dry it completely before you tie it down now we're cutting around her hairline. Please make sure you check out my YouTube. We have more detailed videos there she's going to take the bowl whole lace jelly to melt her hairline. This really is a game changer. You can use it on glue applications as well she's going in with a little makeup and then she's tying it down and look at her she's, so cute, oh, my God, can y'all believe I Got ta See

msjuicycouture22: Ashley! ASHLEY! Yasssssss for us low hairline having peoples! I nvr noticed she was apart of the club. Auntie Mika always having her slayed and laid!

M Lastname: Such amazing work

Cynthia Jones: Looks amazing! Was a bit confused when you said she put hair inside the wig....may I inquire why?

Jo Williams-?: I enjoy y’all and love love love your work

Tammy Boyd: Beautiful


B H: ❤❤❤❤ what type of wig is that ? I love it

Shonny Ogunfiditimi: Cute!

Denise Moore: ❤

Jean Nieves: Artist

lisa bell: ASHLEY

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