Its Giving Scalp | Outre Perfect Hairline Hd Lace Front Wig Evona

ITS GIVING SCALP | Outre Perfect Hairline HD Lace Front Wig EVONA

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And welcome back to the channel, so, as you guys can see today, we are doing a quick review of this beautiful wig that I have on my head right now. This is, of course, a perfect hairline. Uh wig you guys this is Ivana, so it is still the Ivana wig and, as you can see on the box, the wig is super cute. It has really really good reviews. This wig right here is a fully hand-tied 13 by 16. So it goes from ear to ear and it has a little bit of space back here. For you to be able to do a straight and a side part, it is a soft HD, transparent lace. I love this lace because it's not super thick. It is soft. It is transparent and it's easy for you to manipulate mold when you put on like the spray, like I use, Evan's um spray for my wig to put it down and it like sticks without any problems whatsoever. So love it. It comes with natural baby hairs. I'M not really a baby hair girl. I'M gon na try some baby hairs today to kind of see, but I usually don't do baby hairs. It comes with an elastic band which is new, like none of my wigs before I had in last band in it and I'll show you guys in a second exactly how, like the hardware inside of the wig looks, but I've never had a wig before from them. That had it, so that was something different, pre-plot hairline and then heat styling friendly. So you can put heat on this. That'S usually how I revamp my wigs. I actually have a video of me revamping a synthetic wig, so if you guys want to see that I will put that above, so you guys can go and check that out. But for me, since I did get it out the store, it did cost me about 90. Something dollars, and I know that's insane. I know you guys are like oh, but I feel like they've, been going up a synthetic wigs, synthetic wigs when I first started like wearing them and I kind of got into them. They were not this expensive. Like a lot of the synthetic wigs I got. I may have spent like 50 60 70 at most, but I feel like now since, like synthetic, wigs are blowing up on Tick, Tock and stuff they're like just blowing that price up, even more, which I'm like hey, get your money sis, but I'm gon na go Ahead and take this off really quick just so you guys can kind of get a close-up of what the wig looks like all right. So we got it off looking crazy or whatever, but since this was supposed to be black - and I don't really know what color I have I'm, assuming that this one is maybe the occasion spice or the ginger mahogany, I'm gon na put it up. So maybe you guys can take a guess of which one you think this wig is, but I'm thinking it's like, maybe that Ginger mahogany, that kind of is the one that it's given, because it has like the orange at the bottom. It'S a really pretty orange. I'M not gon na lie to you, but I assume that that's what that is, because I just originally wasn't. I wasn't you know, planning on getting this, but anyway, let's show the inside really quick, so the inside for people who are new to synthetic wigs or this brand in particular it is 13x16. So it's ear to ear has about a one inch width right here. This is before you cut it after you cut it, it's gon na have less, but, as you can see in the middle, the lace does go pretty deep to give you about six inches so that you can, you know, do a middle part, side, part, Etc. Now, inside of these wigs pretty much every synthetic wig that you get you're gon na have combs in them. I'M not a comb fan because I feel like Combs, just Aid to like hair loss like you're, already sometimes prone to hair loss with synthetic wigs, depending on how you're doing it, how often you're wearing them - and I don't really like the Combs like usually I'll. Take the Combs out or I'll just lay them flat so that they don't like stick into my hair, but they do have for those. If you do like Combs two on the kind of like the near your ear and then they have one right here on the nape of your neck, which I personally recommend to take that off, because you gon na be bobblehead in the back your head. The next thing that they have that they usually don't have in wigs is this black elastic band. I have had a lot of different, perfect hairline, wigs or just synthetic wigs in general, and none of them came with this, like none of them came with this black um strap right here, because a lot of them nowadays come with these little bra, strap mechanisms back Here that you can take and that you can basically like hook into these little slots right here, which I love that, because it's like it, doesn't really get in your hair, your hair doesn't get tangle with it. It doesn't really pull out your hair or any, but basically what they have is they have three levels of protection, so they have the Combs, they have this band and then they have like the bra strip mechanism on it and then, as far as color goes as You can see for the color right here. It is super orange, but a lot of that orange is towards the bottom. So in the beginning, it's very kind of brownish. It kind of looks like a reddish brown in a sense because it does have some of that orange mixed into the brown at the top. But it's super orange back here. It'S honestly pretty cute for a fall color. It is very Brown in the back as you can see, but I was just a little nervous. You know I'm not gon na lie. I'Ve never had orange hair. I'Ve had red hair before never had orange, and I was just super curious to how it was going to look on your girl because yeah now, I'm gon na go ahead and actually put the wig honestly. You guys, of course, can see what it looks like. I don't use the ball cap method. I'Ve done it before and I feel like if you don't know how to get it super smooth and super laid on your skin. It'S gon na look crazy with this, because the fact is HG underneath HD lays like whatever is underneath it. You are going to see it like. You will see it. So it's like if you don't know how to lay down a ball cap lace cap. You know I'm talking about real real smooth, don't recommend doing it. I just recommend slapping it under your head and calling it a day because I've done it before and I've laid it and then I literally had to take it off because it was just looking crazy. So I just put it directly on I spray, my ebb in you know I let it I let it dry a little bit spray it again. Let it dry spray it, and then I put my band on, let it sits underneath the dryer. I have like this little portable dryer and then usually after that you're good to go and you can cut off the lace and everything so we're gon na go ahead and do that and slap this on the head, all right, y'all and so here is the final. Look of me with it 100 on the hairline looks a little light and I think it's because of the lighting, because I swear to y'all in person. It just does not look like this at all, but we got it on if you guys want to see how I had installed it. I do have a YouTube short that I'm gon na post um and it probably will be up by the time I put this video up there so go check that out, and that shows you the process that I use to put it on. But honestly it looks so much better than I thought it would. Look. It'S not. As I don't know it's just not as bright as I thought it was going to be. I was super scared because, like when you first look at it in the package, it looks orange y'all like I'm, not gon na. If you don't get this color, when you first get it, it's gon na look like ma'am like it's gon na look orange, but it actually turned out pretty cute and it's like a nice fall type of thing like it's, not bad at all. Okay, let me turn down the light, so y'all can see it like in real time. So this is like how it looks see. I told you, I don't look as bad. I think that light kind of makes it look even worse, but this is like real lighting. Without like the ring, light Studio lighting - and it looks so much more Blended than when you have the ring light on and the ring light makes it look so much more bright than it is, but I hope you guys enjoyed this if you guys have any questions, Make sure you comment down below and let your girl know we'll be doing some more wig videos. I just have been trying to find some good wigs, because I've been going through these wig stores y'all. The wigs that I like are the good wigs. They don't be there, I'm like. Is it a wig shortage going on like what's up with the wig, so when I do find good wigs, I'm gon na start actually looking on Amazon more because Amazon be having some stuff that I really really like so make sure y'all. You know subscribe to your girl, so you can see those videos as well as the other things that I do love y'all. So much. Thank you for the support. So we are on the road to 2000 and I will see you guys up in the next video

whosshei: Ya'll this was supposed to be in the color 1 ya'll know ima Jet black mami BUTTT im not going to lie it turned out mad cute!! If you enjoyed this vid❤❤eo make sure to like, subscribe and comment below what your thoughts are and what other wigs i should try! More videos coming very soon ! Love ya and see you in the next video ❤❤

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