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And because I want to be here before we get into the video make sure y'all like comment subscribe to the channel, follow me on Instagram and Tick Tock at monax bank. Today, I'm going to be doing a review on YG, wigs infant edges, fake baby hair. This is how they came so we're going to be testing these out today and I'm gon na see if I can make it do what to do, and then I'm gon na also be up installing this unit from YG wigs um. I have a unit like this from them, but this is their. This is their lace, headband wig in the kinky straight y'all notice, my favorite texture, the last time I did this unit. They sent it with the cheetah band and they sent me a black one. This time so yeah shout out to them and y'all see it does have the scalp, so it gives very realistic, so we will be applying this as well, but ultimately, I'm gon na start with the baby hairs. Now this is my first time ever doing anything like this. I went ahead and prepped my hair um. I, what I did was y'all, probably can see a line, but that's okay from my makeup. What I did was I slipped. My hair back really really slick. I put the wig cap on and then I tied it up. So that's why I just took the scarf on off. So I think for me from my liking. I am only going to maybe use two of them. My hair is really small and I don't want to do too much, but these are what they look like y'all. I don't know how this is gon na. Go. I'Ve never done anything like this, but I am going to hope for the best I'm gon na be using two of them. This is what they look like and obviously I am going to cut them. Yeah see cut the lace and I'm only going to do two, because just in case I don't know, I don't want to mess them all up just to help blend in with my skin tones y'all. I'M so nervous about this, like what the heck Dana came out with some lace edges see. The problem with me is y'all know I don't put my wigs all the way on my forehead. Okay, I feel like this is the only way this is gon na work for me is use got to be. I don't really like using this anymore. Um. Excuse me for excuse me, oh my gosh, for my lace. Wigs, but today I'm gon na make an exception. An exception because I don't understand how someone get this on here. I am doing this without a blow dryer, because guess who forgot to go get a blow dryer today when it was out my blow, dryer went out on me and did I go get and I have makeup on so that's why it's turning this color, oh and Then I put the lace scent and spray on there and then put the edges right up to my hairline but yeah. I went right to Target you guys and forgot. Well I drove past Target. Oh, I didn't go to Target yesterday and forgot a blow dryer. Oh my gosh and I went all to the two places that would have had child. What'S going on, I see I put the glue on well, that's not glue got to be glued, got to be glue. Gel born I'm gon na just bring it down like that wrong way, and I'm gon na take some glasses gluten-free spray. On top of that, oh shoot, this might be a vibe, it might work y'all. So what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na. Let this sit and then I'm gon na come back and then we're gon na work work it out. I'Ve been feeling like my freaking head that shrunk, because I know I got a little head, but it's like my hair bent. Wigs have been so big on me. Lately - and they didn't used to be like that, so I don't you know what's happening yeah like I've been tying it because they don't be as tight as I want them. I don't know if my hair just done my head is small, but it's like now. It seems like it's just real small, let's cut them, so, let's I should have probably did this before I cut it. So basically you guys I had to take a break from the edges because they weren't as secure. I should have let them sit a little longer with the band, so I decided to go ahead and straighten the unit. While I waited so yeah. If you do try these, you need to make sure they are like secure before like trying to like do anything to them, because they will slip off. Obviously, because it's like not being held down by like any supportive like um, wig, Combs or adjustable straps, or anything like that, so yeah, the hair straightened really really bomb y'all, know chicken straight hair popping. Basically, I went ahead and pulled the headband wig down on the edges to help them like be extra secure and now I'm just doing my part just you know straightening that I don't know why I'm gon na say flat iron, I'm doing the hot comb on it. So I can get my part straight so now I'm going to revisit these edges, you guys I'm not gon na lie. They gave me trouble, I'm not like the edge Slayer anyways when it comes to lace. On my natural hairline, I am y'all, know my natural hairline and just be laid. This was a bit difficult for me, but for those of you that are pro at doing wig edges, this may not be difficult for you, but this was the best. I could do so yeah, it's not the best, but just continue to watch the video and y'all will see how I feel about them towards the end. I just use a little bit of mousse and some gel to lay them down in foreign. I had to stand up so y'all can see the hair and for the unit is beautiful. I love kinky straight hair. It straightened out pretty nicely it's so flowy love this. The hair is beautiful. Now the edges yeah these not for me. I understand that there's like people that have alopecia things like that. That makes complete sense um. I think it's dope that they came out with this, so everyone can feel beautiful have edges. You know what I'm saying when it comes to your style, but for me this, I don't like them. I'M gon na be completely honest, like I would prefer this without it, like I'm literally gon na, take this off um, it's nothing against YG, wigs or nothing. The quality of the edges are nice, the poly hair, that's on the edges are nice and everything it's just not for me because I have edges, so I just I'm not into the whole like fake Edge look, but of course I wanted to try it for y'all And I'm gon na be honest. I don't like it you guys, like. I just have to keep it real like I love the wig. Absolutely do not like the edges like they're, just not for me but, like I said, I understand the purpose of them like if someone doesn't have edges. This is going to be amazing for you, because I do know some people do not have edges and I'm not trying to be funny or anything like that or, like you know, belittle anybody or make anybody feel bad, because if I didn't have edges, I would use These or I would figure out how to make them perfect for me, but me personally, they're just not my cup of tea. I don't like how this looks like I'm Gon na Keep It Real like yeah like I would prefer yeah. I will prefer them without it. Like for sure beautiful unit, no to the edges for me, so I'm gon na take them off honestly, I'm gon na take them off and show y'all how it would look without them. I just prefer it without them, so I'm just gon na keep it real. I'M not even going where it is out. No I'd rather wear my real edges, but they are just not for me. This just looks so much better for me now yeah. I would rather just wear the head yeah. This is way better for me, and this is the headband that they did. I can't even talk. This is a headband that they did provide, but um yeah. I love this. This looks way better way, better way, better way, better way way more, better way. Meme way more me y'all, why can't I talk today? Oh my goodness, but anyways, so I just want to show you all that so I'm gon na go ahead and get out of here, but all in all, I'm glad I tried it. You know some things are ahead and some things are a missed for some of us. Some people may love it, don't knock it till you try it so make sure you guys check out YG wigs everything about them will be in the description box below this beautiful kinky shirt unit that I'm rocking headband. So you ain't got ta, do too much to apply, it will be in the description box below so check there. I hope you all enjoyed this video. I hope it was helpful thanks for watching, and I will see you all in my next one bye

Belinda W: Hey Mona. Lovely lace front! Thx for trying the edges for US! Can you list the edges Velcro band (animal print)? Please and thank you!

Chi Town Chei: Heyyyy 1st cousin. Oooooo I need this baby hair. Chemo took me hair but it's tryna grow back

Good Vibes: Can i ask where u purchase the lace edges at??? U probably said where but im at work n i can't have my phone up lol

Lelaapple: Mona Girl lol!

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