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Heyyyy my home boys & home girls! Im back with another video! Today I am going to ATTEMPT to lay a wig! yall think i did good? lol let me know in the comment box below. xoxo- Ki

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Go away can't control me betrays on my display teaching you can do and Vlog my name is AKA key, whatever y'all. Don'T call me I'll review, but thanks for watching hit that notification Bell to turn those notifications on don't forget to like comment and subscribe so yeah today, I'm liking a real Mellow Mood. I don't know why I'm talking about it! Well, I'm in a real Mellow Mood, but I'm about to dye my wig I'm about to die my wig My Best Friend's Wedding is on Saturday I'm not getting up there with a bright orange week. So I'm about to diet. I um spray. The lace with some got to be so my lace doesn't get dyed or tinted any more than what it already is, but yeah y'all miss my little gingerbread that I had for my birthday. That'S what it looks like so I'm about to do the um boil method. I have my water boiling right here right here and the color I'm about to dye. It is copper brown, so I still have like a little color. Y'All know I'm against going back black, even though my natural hair color is black. I still got like I'm not gon na lie to y'all and say that I'm never gon na dye. My hair again because I don't know black hair is very sleek and classy and it has been my gym, but I'm turning into a brown hair girl. I'M about to Daddy never tried this before, so we gon na try it together. I'Ve never applied my own wig, so we're gon na do that together as well. So let's, let's try it out. Okay, so what I've seen people do is it's, but for the dye, the two of them. So this is what it's gon na look like, I don't know, don't quarter die into the water and that's bottle number one. I don't even know if I need both of these bottles bring it out. Look at that and yes, Daddy. I don't judge me and before y'all judge me for using the pot just know this Mill is not gon na. Stick all right. So there's that so this is very dark, very dark. Okay! So now I'm gon na Stir It Up. Okay, so we can make sure all the color is evenly in the water. My hair might look black, so I'm gon na do a test strand first, so I can see if I wanted. Okay, okay, that's cute y'all see that it's gon na be real. Okay and like I said, I sprayed the lace, so the holders feel so you won't like that. That'S pretty cute, it kind of looks burgundy, oh my God, okay y'all. So this is what the wig looks like on the original dip. As you can see, the top portions didn't really change that much so I'm gon na dip it again because I like the color that it is at the ends, so I'm just gon na dip this portion. So I can get a little bit darker foreign, a little bad. I mean thank you and I'm mad that I had to mess up one of my white towels, but it's whatever okay yeah. I think this is as dark as it's gon na be so I'm gon na. Let it dry a little bit and then I'm gon na blow dry it out foreign, because y'all see my skin said. Curology is doing her thing. Okay, I don't know why. I always call stuff like her and him and stuff like that: we're gon na let the wig sit here, I'm gon na say like 30 minutes soaking the color, I'm gon na rinse it and then we're gon na come back because I'm gon na apply the week By the week and then we're gon na curl it up okay y'all, so I'm about to apply the weed to my head, I'm using this wig cap right here. This is just the one that the lady handed me at the camera ready to slide through so yeah. So one size fit all natural Brown. I think you should be cool. I don't know what I'm doing y'all. So this is a trusted process. Okay, I'm about to apply the weekend cut it over here. I could not find my got to be gel. I hate when you can't find something that you literally see every day. Thank you and I can't braid. So I did flat twists shout out to my fellow black girls that can't break wearing the same tribe, because I can't find the gel I'm just gon na go in with my bow hole. My edges are already pushed back and I'm not going to put the gel. I mean the glue and my edges, I'm gon na put it right right here, because, let's be clear, I, like my images, I like my edges, so I'm using the original bow hold. I don't like that, other one. It was like the sports one or something like that. I don't like that. One that means trash. I like the original all right, so it's about to go in I'm using y'all. As my dad look at this, my glasses are broken and your girl can't you see. I forgot: is that a quote: it's a club. It'S closed, it's disclosure, but it's gon na put it all the way down. It'S pretty pretty! Thank you. This is dead on my forehead, like none of my hair, this is dead on my forehead because I'm not playing like we already trying to grow the hair back. I don't need my Edge is gone like I'm not even about to play around and I'm gon na. Do more than one layer! This is my first time like really doing this from scratch. Well, technically, it's not from scratch, because I don't have to cut the lace on my weave because I've already worn the wig, but this is my first time applying it on my own. You know okay, so now I'm going to blow dry it because I'm going to do like three layers, because it's on Wednesday and I need my wig to stay until Saturday night, which means I'm going to probably apply it again or fix it. But I'm just about to you know and below that, okay y'all, so I have applied four layers of the glue. So now I'm going to cut these. Oh! This is really scary to me because for some reason that lady trust me to be able to do whatever. Okay, he's doing something wrong in my job. I'M doing these and y'all know I don't have no glasses on so if I could see, I'm pretty sure they basically grew a thousand times better. I'M just trying to get as close to the Airlines. I can we find out I'm about to be the wig friend the friend. That'S gon na lay the wigs okay Trade Services with my girls because he always be complaining about how nobody she had, no friends that could trade service with her baby, because I might be that girl. I might be that girl foreign, I don't know I might have. I might have sway, I might have slayed the ball cap, so here's the wig, it's not gon na, be this dark. It'S still wet. So it's not even like her. You still need it. Oh it's weird right way here. She too, she cute she's cute. The name was Charlie when you know she was Ginger, but now we got ta give it because Charlie Charlie had her last dance the other day when we went grocery shopping. I don't think I did today too big. So this is what the wig looked like before you did. I did this. That'S what I'm talking about. That'S what I'm talking about today here a bit. I, like it only Arabic and I'm going to apply the glue like side at a time, because I only one-sided time because I only have one clue so flip it. Let'S leave it like that, expose the hairline that way when I do blow down it's gon na be like right here. Can I catch my truth? Okay, so now I'm gon na go in foreign, but whatever blow dry. That'S my focused face now that I got the glue tacky, I'm going to pull my wig down place. It is I hate when I'm doing my hair and my mouth is like hanging up a lot. I can't understand it. Oh, I can't stand looking at that footage. So um my mouth, because I don't like this blade, I'm just going in and like rubbing it in yeah this this way is Buddy like stuck I'm not gon na, say where's the lace be here. So this is what my girl is looking like: she's still wet to it, so I'm gon na calm, her out and then blow dry her. So you can see what we're working with color wise like this is like utilities like, okay, let's get on to the blow dryer, you know how you are foreign play in blow dry, so this is what the color looks like still has like some dimension in it. It'S not all one color, and I like it it's kind of like in this brown. It'S like that type of brown that I got it like, but you see when I flip it back. It'S like a little bit lighter kind of give me a little skunk strike. I, like I, like I, don't know she still doesn't, have a name, but you know rest in peace to Charlie. My girl is gone, but she has evolved okay, but right now I have my hot comb sitting on the stove getting hot, so I can go in and like hot comb, my roots out and then I have to cut and curl her. I really don't want to cut it, because I kind of like the length that is but have to get the stuff for the wedding, so yeah I'll cut her up. I'M gon na cut her up and I think y'all it's kind of crazy. How the wig looks. Thicker now than it did wait when she was Ginger said orange color, it looks a lot thicker. It is a lot silkier, it is shedding, but you know what am I gon na do about that? Nothing, so you're just gon na let her she yeah. So I have to put her up until, like I don't want to put this short, I need to look at the picture, but I don't want to cut her very short. Wan na probably cut it up to like that way when it fall and it couldn't it's gon na be like right there. You know I'm probably cut this much off, which the ends are Raggedy anyway, so I'm gon na definitely have to cut it. So yeah, I'm probably gon na collarbone. I'M gon na go ahead and do it because if I don't do it now, I'm doing now. I ain't gon na cut it, so I'm just gon na go ahead and do it. Okay, longer first ciao sure trying to be cute. Oh she's still cute. She might be even cute her she might even cuter. I, like I, like I like: okay, okay, I like it, I'm gon na, do some face framing a layer all right, so I'm gon na have sleepy it's gon na, be like remember it's harder, it's hard, it's hard as hard as hard as her feelings. Y'All. I don't know why, but I'm feeling it so clumsy today. So now I'm going to fire up winner. I have like bone Shield here here. I am feeling this. I am feeling this smoking taco, okay y'all, so I went ahead and flattened the top with my legs. Curled the first side of my hair, so what I'm doing is mimicking the picture of the hairstyle that we got to wear. So I put a picture of the hairstyle on the side somewhere. So y'all can see what I'm trying to achieve keywords right: okay, because yeah I'm that girl, but sometimes when they come to hair. I don't know I'm not a professional, I'm, not a professional, but what I'm doing is taking pieces of hair and curling them backwards, because the girl here is like flip backwards. So, in order to achieve it, yeah that way the hair Falls back, not my flat iron going off, I'm probably trying to see a little bit when my hair is finished. I'M gon na go make some tacos so yeah, I'm gon na finish my hair. Let y'all see what it looks like after it's finished foreign. I have been telling myself my whole life. I don't know how to do hair. I don't know how to do hair, and I know how to do a little bit of hair. Literally, everybody in my family know how to do hair, so I should you know. I know I got their jeans too, so I haven't been a little bit more faith and you come yourself y'all, but yeah, I'm gon na let the flat iron heat back up and I'll show y'all me curling their hair a little bit starving. I don't think I had such a typical girl why we do that yeah we throw ourselves all day anyway, till we starve it. I'M starving to eat thing right, so we might justify. If I let you not enough tonight, foreign you do this. For me, at least that's what my hair looks like right now, thanks I'm mad about that freaking hot comb, you see like the little yellow pieces in my hand, I mean it's not that noticeable, but I never see but yeah. This is how my hair looks. I don't know how it looks from the back, and so this is my mirror. This is the hair. How did I do y'all? There'S no filter on here. This is just straight from the camera. I feel pretty no makeup on just my Burt's Bees and you know me but y'all I really like it. I think I you know tried to get as close to the picture as I could. I think I'll show y'all, but if not I'll insert the picture again. Thank you. This is just me doing it by myself, but, like I said it is going to get re-curled on Saturday. I'M feeling myself feeling myself no Beyonce saying anyways y'all, I'm starving, so I'm gon na go cook. I really don't feel. Like being all you know, it's dedicate with my cooking in there because, really honestly, I am just cooking the meat for real for real, because I chopped up everything in the last Vlog and it's only a couple days later. So with that being said, I'll come show. Y'All, what the tacos look like and that's it, because your girl, hungry I'm hungry so y'all, I'm a hot second cause, I'm about to go Brown, this meat up and shout out chat, chat out. Okay,

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