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Foreign welcome, if you are new, if you are new to my Channel today, we're going to be viewing this beautiful wig from World new hair. I already went ahead and styled in all this stuff. So if you guys want to see how I installed this wig just keep on watching, hey you guys, so, as you guys can tell about today, it's tied on that stuff, we're going to drink a wig from World new hair. Now, before we get into this wig, I'm gon na just tell y'all, I'm very excited they sent this over, because I've been interested in a wig like this, even though I probably did have one like this already. But I'm I've been trying to do this style and I needed a curly wig and they came through because they sent me a curly wig. But excuse me that's besides the point, so let's just go ahead and get into the wig, so I'm not gon na lie. Y'All, this wig came with so many goodies. I was like, oh my God, it's just it's all this for me me little! Oh me! Okay, it was. It was all for me now y'all. Let me just um go ahead and open this now. This wig is 24 inches, but if y'all know most of wigs that say, 24 inches they really in reality, 26 inches because they'd be hella long, but um yeah, but let's just get into the goodies first and then we can get into the wig. So, let's get into the goodies, so the goodies that came are these edges? So you know it's been a trend. Lately I've been seeing the girls, let the edges down. They'Ve been fake edges, whatever float Show Boat to find your lost remote. Do what you got to do do what you got to do so I mean also comes with some of these and you know: they're cute little design, cute little design now time for the goodie bag um. What comes in here is a wig cap, um a pamphlet. Oh, this is cute, the cartoon is really cute and I love that she's. A black girl like this is super cute. This is super cute y'all. It just looks like this, and this is on the back. It just shows you um. I guess, like I, had to take care of your hair return to hair stuff like that, but baby. I won't be returning this week. Sorry, sorry, but um, let's just get into it, so um, I'm not even gon na lie. I don't know what this is for, but I'm guessing you with places. If you like spray something - I guess I don't know, but it also comes with a pink Edge brush y'all know my favorite color pink anyways. It also comes with a couple more items. Y'All, like I said this wig came stacked with goodies y'all. They came prepared. Now I don't know. Oh this goes inside your wig, so it's like a clamp that you can hook on. If you want a headband in your wig for um more support, it comes with that and then um. It also comes with some 3D mink. 3D hair lashes. But these just look like this and then it also comes with a world new headband which I'm going to use in this video, because I have one over here. But since this is new, I'm going to use this one. Because I want my lace to look really good, so yeah, let's just get into the wig, so this is the wig straight out the box. You guys, as you guys can see. This is like a ginger color, which is super cute, because for some reason I oh that thing just fluffy give me the lip I feel like this is going to look so good on my skin tone and lately like, if you be, if you be on Tick, Tock heavy you've probably seen a lot of girls with these type of um, wig colors and all that stuff, and it is so soft, like I said it says 24, but in reality you probably give 26 like just let y'all know that okay, but um yeah. So this is just what it looks like this. Is the cap construction you guys so um? Yes, you get a lot of parting space, a lot of lace to do what you want to do with this wig. It comes with a comb, a comb, a comb in the middle, a comb in the bottom and also comes with some adjustable straps. So I'm going to go ahead and get adjusted because baby. When I tell you, I'm ready to put this wig on, I'm excited like hella excited for this install, so I'm just gon na go ahead and cut this back lace off right, quick too. So this is the wig on you guys and I'm just go ahead and putting the crumbs in, like I said, I want to leave this wig on for a little minute, like a good little minute so um I went ahead and put the combs in now. The Combs aren't for everybody, because sometimes the Combs give like tension and all that stuff. But for me I ain't no wimp and after a while they're, not I'm not gon na feel the Combs so um. Let me just move back some, so this is just how long the hair comes. So yeah, it's a 24, it's 24.. So it's definitely a 24. but um. I love it. It'S I love how it's super soft and it it don't have no weird smell, because y'all y'all be amazed y'all to be amazed about how some of the wigs come and they had that weird smell and I'm like. Did you wipe your ass with this wig before you gave it to me, because what is going on but um, this wig 10 out of 10 recommend already and I'm not. I already have it installed so um. If y'all don't know um I go in and use my wax stick first to go ahead and get everything you know waxed and then I'm gon na go through and actually cut my ear tabs off before I go in with a hot comb, real quick, so yeah. Actually, I'm excited, I'm really excited y'all. Tell I'm hella excited y'all, so let me just actually go ahead and um you know. Do this pin the hair back first now, I'm gon na go through and um bring the wig down, make sure everything is where it's supposed to be. It was some hair in my um eyelashes that ain't gon na work so yeah, I'm just gon na, go through and cut these ear tabs off real quick guys. So my ear Tabs are cut, as you guys can see, and this is just how the wig is. Looking now, I don't know about y'all but um I can see, but I'm still just gon na go through and cut a little excess, more lace off you guys. So I can actually see like see for real and I'm just um. You know putting the lace in the trash can, so I don't have a thickness when I finish doing my hair, because you know I got stuff to do people to see and places to be so um yeah y'all. This is a ginger. Now the full details about this wig about the color and everything like that will be in the description down below so make sure you guys check that out. You know if you want to purchase a wig because word new hair. Never this this, I should say disrespect. They never disrespect me y'all and they never dis, disappoint me and, like I said, when I told y'all I was, I was excited to get a curl the wig, because I was like I want to try this style now. I already did the trendy Instagram style um on a different wig, but I seen like I'm heavy on Instagram, sometimes like I'm on Instagram and I'm definitely on Tick Tock, so make sure you follow me on those platforms because yeah well. Actually, I don't post on those platforms y'all I really just be on there watching and I'm realizing I'm talking so much y'all like I'm talking so much, I'm so sorry, y'all but um I'll be um watching a lot of stuff on there, and you know I see The pretty girls they be doing, wig and style because me for real Tick, Tock, it's mostly wigs and funny videos like I'm, not being a lie, and I don't. I actually love watching wig reviews on Tick Tock because I just feel like it's that's where the wig videos should be perfectly because that's I feel like that's where everybody is but um yeah and they're quicker, like the videos, are super quick and they're, not talking like. I am for so long but um yeah, so I'm gon na go ahead and y'all gon na see this down. Y'All probably already seen the style, but it's okay, but um right now, I'm just going through and plugging. This is totally optional because, as you guys can see, the wig still has um. It still wouldn't look good now before y'all be like Eva. You didn't do nothing to the ladies blah blah blah. I'M gon na go in and do that before and after so um give the girl some time. Please, like only got two hands so now I'm gon na go in and actually um. You know get this right and if y'all wonder why I got one lamp on. I don't know that's just how that's that's just how it is at the moment. Okay, so um now before y'all, get on me and be like Eva. What are you using? You never touch what you're using I'm using my cream foundation stuff. It looks like this. You guys and it uh it didn't come with this, but I bought this and I got this from my um local beauty supply store. Now I really don't know what color I am I, but, as you guys can see, you can see what side I've been using. This side, and I'm just gon na, go through and do this now what I realized a little bit goes a long way as you guys can see. I only wipe my hand in that thing. Well, the brush in that thing once and it goes a long way and I'm also going with it once my hair is done like once my lace is melted because, like I said you want to look good now, as you guys can see, it still looks the Same because, if y'all didn't know nothing, colored hair really doesn't matter but um, I'm gon na hush and just go ahead and start this wig. So I'm gon na probably girl. We didn't come for the chit chat, but okay, I'm gon na hush. Still a wiggle monkeys. My channel potato flesh Mama house with the horses foreign, so I just went in and you know, wet the hair up a little bit, so I can get that you know more defined. Look but I'm not going for a drench wet. Look you guys so yeah as you guys can see they're. Not even even let me just wet this side up a little more but um. I'M gon na take a little trick that I've seen on Instagram, because you know what I feel like the social media is a good place. Sometimes because you find out different things. You could do, but I've been doing this and if you knew then today's your lucky day, because you're gon na find out some new stuff that I'll be doing with my wigs to make my wigs look like scalp and make them look hella freaking good, because people Be thinking I go to a professional baby, I am the professional. What are you talking about so um? As you guys can see, this is the lace up close get into it, get into it. If y'all hear noise, it's my little puppy in the back, who really ain't a puppy because he big, but he a puppy so yeah but um hold on. I got ta find my um razor. Now personally, I ain't gon na lie. Sometimes I don't understand the whole hype about the razor because they don't really be like I don't understand, but I'm not gon na lie the razor. Do she will get you right if you have a um, if you want a perfect install wig? Well, I think I just cut myself, so you want to go in you guys, and you know just like you. This must be a new razor because the way she just sliding through and cutting me it's just ridiculous. So, as you guys can see, this is one side and um you get into it. Y'All y'all see it so I'm gon na do the same thing that I did to that side to this side. Now everybody goes in their own way when they go in with a um razor me, I'm just not trying to cut myself, so I'm gon na go in the safe way. I guess I don't know, there's no specific way to cut your lace off everybody's gon na. Do what they want to do and all that stuff and then you going with your scissors to um, get up real close on the um on the parts that are um. You know that are not glued. You can go in and glue them down, but me I just like to cut the excess lace - that's not even glue down, because I don't even want to have to do too much. But you know some of it. You'Re gon na have to glue down like some of this over here. I'M gon na have to glue down there's no way, I'm gon na cut. All of this. You know I don't have any hair over there, so um this hair or is my lashes. I think something stuck in my lashes now, let me tell y'all this is the little trick. I got this from my local supply store as well. Now you can use any, I guess like spray hold or whatever you want to. Oh this, how the lace look once the um stuff is cut any hold stuff you want to, but I use this and I go in with my blow dryer on very hot and y'all gon na see how it's gon na look in the end. Y'All gon na see so um you go in spray. It now also spray this in sections unless you're, using like a glue. That'S like a strong, strong glue like I went in with this right here, so you don't go spray. Your whole head, because it's gon na start sliding I just wan na. Let y'all know that yeah, and this also, I like this better than this to spray around it, because it just it don't make my edges are crunchy. For some reason I don't know, but I'm gon na go ahead and do this and I'm gon na show you when I'm doing what it look like. So once I'm finished with that, you guys can see. This is how the lace is looking now um. What you should do is go in immediately and tie this down, but what I'm gon na do is actually go in with my um, my stuff, that I said I was going to use and just dab a little and we just gon na basically go ahead and Blend this in and make it look like scalp and one thing I love about the cream y'all. I can still go on my makeup and it doesn't look weird because I'm not gon na lie like sometimes when I go on with this, and I do my makeup. It looks like it, my lace be looking like something's on it, but, as you can see, when she going with this, you guys you can't even tell nothing's on your legs. Now I'm gon na go ahead and tie my lace back down, but before I tie that down, I'm just going to go through and go ahead and do my middle part, because this is a part of the hairstyle. And I just want to go ahead and have this are already ready? Oh, I love the party space on this by the way too. Also another thing I want to say before I just start styling, my hair again, the hair does not bleed. The hair is not bleeding, as you guys can see if it was the bleed. It would be all on my robe, because I have a white rope, so that's a plus because some colored wigs do bleed, and this is not one of them. Thank the Lord because I don't want to buy another robe. I personally like this rope, so yeah but um. I'M just gon na go ahead and get into um the process and everything of me doing my hair, I'm gon na go and actually put some makeup on. My part, because you guys can see she's white, my scalp looks white and I'm not white foreign. I just want to come in and show you guys how your lace would look once you tie it down. Do you guys see this? What lace, y'all, literally? What lace? Now I'm going to do my edges off camera because sometimes they give me a hard time and personally I don't want this video to be already longer what it is, because your girl been yapping yapping up but um. I just wanted to show, go in and show you guys, and I just went in with my gosh dog and I just went in with my cream on my part to just make it look. You know very realistic and natural and all that stuff, and, to be honest, I think I did to do now right. Here'S gon na be dark because that's what my real hair is, but I also have some concealer I can go in with too, which I'm gon na go in with as well, because you can never have it, you can never. You can never like you can't overdo it. I'M gon na lie. I was gon na lie, you can't overdo it, so don't overdo it, but um yeah. So I just want to come up and show you guys. The lace like you can't even see where it starts or ends. Y'All see this okay, you guys just made it to the end of this video. So this is how my hair turned out. I did switch it up in the end because I want to try something different, I'm still going to have the updo, but also just put out some little braids. So I haven't seen anybody with this yet on Instagram, so I was like evil spice it up, but um other than that. You guys mentioned in video, like I said, make sure you check out World new hair description down below, and I will see you guys in my next video and I love you guys. Bye foreign

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