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Wig: Coily Headband Wig-HBWIG01

Hair Texture: Coily (3C-4A)

Hair Length: 16 inches

Wig Construction: Machine-made Weft

Cap Size: S

Color: Natural Color

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Beginner Friendly & Ready to Go

Full Protective Style With No Leave Out

No Worries about Hairline

Super Natural and Convenient With No Lace And No Glue

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Hello, everyone also hi to the ladies, I hope you're all doing well. Today'S tutorial is more of a review. Her given has sent me their easy to wear, headband, wig and I'll, be sharing tips on how to revive and style it a quick product description. This is a 16 inch coily, 3C 4A headband wig. With a small cap size. The package came with one headband, two extra Combs and a bag to store your wig in you have to wash it before. You wear it foreign, so it has four hair combs and an adjustable cap strap and the headband has a velcro attachment to revive it. I used my Tresemme conditioner click solstice. I soaked the wig in water for 10 minutes and applied to the conditioner. You can work through with your fingers or a white toothed comb. This will help remove excess or loose strands. There wasn't really much shedding or Fallout to define the curls I used onto Jackie's, curls and coils jelly. You can also use the soften free hair gel both are available at clicks. I applied this jelly in sections, twisting the strands to get them coily and well defined foreign looked when I was done. I allowed it to air dry throughout the day, so the first look at the middle part. I used my isoplast hair gel and my molding gel wax. I used minimal gel at the back just to stretch my hair out and to tie it into a low knot. The main focus is the front section. The back won't show. I went in with gel in the front and sectioned out here for the edges, and then I joined the two parts together using my Afro cone foreign foreign. I went in with the wax three times. I smoothed my hair with my nail brush foreign. I used my wax and gel to lay the edges. You can use water if the hair feels oily and I did the seam on the other side, and this is how it looks once dry. So this is how you attach it at the back. You can insert the cones to further secure it super easy and to just adjust the headband and that's it foreign. Look I tied the hair up. This is also super easy. I used the headband that they sent to add a vibe to it super cute. You can dress this up or down foreign. You can wear this wig as a full-on protective Style with cornrows cornrowing. Your own hair is not easy. I created bantu knots at the back and wore a wig cap to conceal them. The white product is leave-in conditioner and I used hair food to base my scalp and after that I laid my edges, foreign foreign. You don't have to insert that comb this time around and that's how you attach it. That'S about it. The curls are stunning once revived the quality is amazing. If you are someone who's always on the go, this wig is for you. The convenience is unmatched. All details pertaining to this headband wig and a link to her given hairs website are in my description box. If you have any questions, do ask. Thank you so much for watching and returning I'll see you on my next one. Please don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Bye.

MmaBK_Mrs G👑: Ya no, you make it look super easy! The day I try this, your clips will be on standby!♥️

Nosipho Ndlovu: This is gorgeous, please teach us how you learned to cornrow your own hair. Yours looks really straight and neat :)

Akhona Ndende: You are definitely in your own league your work is amazing I pray it gets recognized by big brands, definitely in your own girl era❤️❤️❤️

Naturally curly mama: The curls are beautiful you did an excellent job

Pinky Hooks: Thank you so much for sharing your tips! I almost was about to perm my hair after being natural for 3 years but then I found you 2 weeks ago and now I'm rocking my hair like a rock star!!!! Thank you

Tinta Manengu: Girl yes!!!!!!!!! you are finally doing promos. I LOVE IT.

Santina B: So soo happy to see you doing promos, love this for you❤❤

eelu aune: Okay, now that I’ve learned how to do my own hair from you sissy, someone needs to take me out abeg.‍♀️… You are amazing

Nthatisi Mphale: ❤❤I loved every look This wig is also giviiingg And your make up is well blended, I love it 100k subbies here we come❤

Maredith Thaele: Love it thank you for all your videos you are so good and give us so many styles

Teba Mpamonyane: don’t think you understand how amazing you are

Nsuku Gold: Wow Ausi you are the best thank you. Now I'm going to buy my very 1st wig, yes very 1st because of you.

Bridgette Peter: Wow this is so beautiful, thanks for sharing with us this information.

Darvla: Your Chanel has helped me style my 4c and I love you for that

Verna Williams: I love your tutorials.

Lerato Lee: I just love it how you lay edges clean clean clean

Ntombesizwe: this is so beautiful Nthabi , love it.

Sarah Suarez : You are amazing as always❤️❤️

Nyakallo Phila Bashele: Thank you for being awesome. I like before watching because I know its fire

Jane Atungo: Absolutely gorgeous ❤

Jesus Christ Lives: Looking good. Please also do the makeup tutorial, love your makeup.

Thobeka: Absolutely stunning

Naizabae Mokay: My fav you look amazing I need this wig please!

Mahle Jogee: You're truly amazing

Katlego Molokoe: Too creative

Liswaniso Sipatonyana: Hey hey I followed the link and I just wanted to find out what is the size of the wig cap you got? Thanks in anticipation Much love from Zambia

allkinofjennifer: I don't think you understand how helpful you are

Mother's who Empower other Mother's!: Beautiful hair.

Tshadi M: So here for this look… Re kopa makeup tutorials as well

Ellen Thandie Newa: Stunning

Portiah Dlamini: Stunning

DebraFlower Floral Design: so beautiful.

Ofentse Mello: Nthabi never disappoints❤ Hey sis my hair is thinning any recommendations? I could really use some help


Mrs M: I came running after seeing ur IG post ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Innocentia Nomzamo: So beautiful

Valdy Queen: Je suis la première et j'adore tes vidéos ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Charmaine Mashele: Beautiful sis

Fanny Kaufmann: Very nice

Oyama Mkize: ❤️

Busi Moyo: I enjoy your videos hey

Nompilo Shelembe:

NOMBULELO THULI: your face beats!..any change we can get a tut on them too?❤‍

thobile randima: Hey nthabi I work with a Haircare company would like to to have a chat with you how do I get hold of you privately?

Zizipho Taunyane: ❤

AmanaAfrica: Ngwana❤❤❤

Lindelwe Goba: I dont like when they send stuff because I am never able to afford the hair

Thembza Tshuku:

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