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I got this wig very last minute. One because I needed this style for Halloween but debated if I liked this style enough to get human hair and two to try something different. This is definitely a more playful wig. The synthetic scalp definitely is a personal preference because it has the ability to make it look very real if you style it right or super cheap and wiggy. Because this is a bang and not a middle part I think it really works well. Would you buy this? Let me know, thanks for watching.

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Meiliprotea 26" Skunk Stripe Body Wave

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Hi, I'm just going to be doing a quick review over this wig that I got from Amazon um. It is a 26 inch, skunk stripe, um body weight, wig, um, synthetic black and red with a bang very cute. I got it for Halloween. It comes like this um covered up, I kind of have this thrown in with a bunch of other wigs. I had gone um this little thing inside no ways Las lace, but not like lace for a frontal um just like this, and it looks like there's like a synthetic like um. It'S like a fake scalp in there, which okay is cool um. Oh look like real scalp if you're looking from above, let's put this on and see what it's looking like, foreign, okay, I like it right off the bat, so the veins are kind of long, which I figure I feel like bangs always come long out. The bag looks just like the pictures, though, so I don't have any complaints, I'm gon na brush it up. The body wave is really pretty. Okay. Now we're gon na see how it takes to heat um supposed to be heat resistant, which means it should be able to withstand a flat iron. I love a curl so much I'm kind of debating. If I want to actually straighten this and do like a flip. Look or not yeah that deal well that did well, so you can definitely flat iron it with no problem yeah, okay, so boom. This is at three uh, not 300, but 400, so yeah, and this goes all the way up to 450., pushing out all the way up. It'S fine, the ends didn't burn or anything so so yeah hope this was helpful. Thanks for watching

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